Child Proofing Your Home

Lots of perils that can injure children are lurking in our homes. The following tips for child proofing your home will help make your Crystal Coast residence of vacation home safer.

  • Put safety stops on all cabinet doors and drawers. Knobs should be too large for children to swallow.
  • Store chemicals, cleaners, medicines and liquor in upper cabinets – locked and out of sight.
  • Provide safe storage for sharp objects such as knives and scissors.
  • Cover sharp corners on counters, tables and hearths.
  • Place all electrical outlets, especially those near water, on a ground fault circuit interrupter (it instantly shuts off electricity if there’s any leakage of current).
  • Keep cords for draperies and mini blinds out of reach.
  • Buy hardware that limits how far windows can be opened.
  • Set water temperature at no more than 120º
  • Install hardware on the bathroom door that can be unlocked from either side.
  • Install windows and mirrors with protective film that prevents shards from flying when broken.

Beyond these tips for child proofing your home, visitors should be sure to bring along everything they’ll need for a great vacation at the beach. Check out our tips for vacation planning for more information on preparing for a stay on the Crystal Coast.