Crystal Coast Gardening Tips

For a beautiful first impression for buyers and vacation rental guests alike, be sure to utilize these Crystal Coast Gardening Tips.

This collection of Crystal Coast Gardening Tips covers every aspect of the coastal and mainland North Carolina landscape, from planting the perfect perennials to creating an herb garden that will delight owners and guests alike. Gardening is a favorite past time for NC residents, and it’s an activity that can appeal to everyone, from retired residents to kids who want to play in the dirt.

While the Crystal Coast has its own unique considerations, including an abundance of sandy soils and salty winds, owners can mediate the affect of these unique weather conditions a number of ways. Used raised beds to protect from saltwater flooding, opt for lower plants for less wind impact, and don’t be afraid to add in some beautiful native species to the landscape. These are typically salt tolerant, and add a pretty, natural appeal to your yard as well.

Make sure to check out these Crystal Coast Gardening Tips and other great tips below to make your house a perfect home. Whether you love grilling, gardening or are health conscious and environmentally saavy you’ll find all the information needed to help around your house.