Displaying Artwork

Don’t get nailed with extra holes in your walls and poorly arranged pictures. Consider these tips for displaying artwork before hanging your favorite pieces.

Consider an Arrangement

If you have several smaller items or a large wall on which to showcase your artwork, an arrangement may work best. Artwork can be grouped by color, subject matter, or by matching frames or mats. Consider varying the sizes and shapes of items to add interest to an arrangement.

Create Order

To keep a grouping from looking disorderly, create a geometric shape with the outer edges and plan for at least one or two straight lines to run through the arrangement when displaying artwork. You can achieve cohesiveness by hanging items relatively close together so they seem like a unit. Make sure one item doesn’t overshadow the others. Items arranged in a V or inverted V shape lead the eye in a smooth fashion.

Location Counts

Pictures should be at either standing eye level or seated eye level depending on the room. Place pictures where they won’t be obscured by the head of a sitting person. It’s also best to mount items no more than one foot above furnishings. If you need to hang a picture higher, fill the gap with a vase or other decoration.

Put in on Paper

Don’t start hammering until you have a plan for displaying artwork. First, trace around the frame on a piece of paper, mark where the hook is, and cut out the form. Place the paper on the wall and when it’s where you want – nail it!