Spacious Decorating Tips – Decorating For Living Large

It doesn’t take an unlimited budget to make your home feel more expansive, thanks to these helpful Spacious Decorating Tips.

These spacious decorating tips avoid large projects like breaking down walls or adding an additional room or two, and instead focuses on the little decorative touches that can be accomplished within hours, if not minutes.

Try these inexpensive Spacious Decorating Tips to make your rooms live bigger, and create a open flow of space that will surely catch a potential buyer’s eye.

  • Paint walls and ceilings with soft whites, pastels and neutrals to reflect light, making the surfaces recede from view and seem larger.
  • Paint woodwork, trim and doors the same hue as the walls. This makes them “disappear,” which in turn takes the room seem unbroken and larger. Bolder colors can be used in furniture, artwork and accessories.
  • Light rooms with recessed features that add brightness without dangling in view.
  • Use the same floor, window and wall treatments in adjoining rooms to avoid breaking up the spaces.
  • Keep furnishings in scale with the rooms. In small rooms, use slim rockers, open-back chairs or a simple sofa or love seat rather than overstuffed furnishings to avoid overpowering the space.
  • Knick knacks should be sparse. Rotate between display shelves and storage.
  • Use mirrors and metal surfaces. They bounce light deep into the room, making it appear larger.
  • Use glass-front or mirrored cabinet doors to make spaces feel large and uncluttered.
  • Tall plants, artwork, pedestals and vertical stripes emphasize height. You can also draw eyes up with a flower arrangement on top of an armoire or breakfront.
  • Don’t fill every bare spot. Let the space speak for itself.