Spring Cleaning Tips

An annual or semi-annual clean sweep can do a world of good, and these Spring Cleaning Tips will help homeowners ensure that their house shines throughout the year. Spring cleaning typically entails moving furniture, cleaning under multiple surfaces, and basically checking under every nook and cranny to ensure a home it at its sparking best. Though a lengthy project, spring cleaning can provide a much-needed boost for properties that are for sale, making them shine for scheduled real estate showings.

Whether you’re planning to move or just want to organize your household, now is a good time to “weed out” unwanted items.

As a rule of thumb, discard anything you haven’t used in 12 months, especially clothing you don’t wear or items your children have outgrown.

Throw away broken-down, worn-out items. Get rid of old magazines by offering them to a hospital, school, nursing home or daycare center. Recycle newspapers or use them for lighting fires or covering things while painting or cleaning. Dispose of all expired medications by pouring them down the toilet.

Call a local recycling center if you have paints, chemicals or other toxic materials to dispose. Items that are in good, clean condition – clothing, furniture, accessories, appliances – can be sold at a garage sale or donated to a charity. Some agencies will even pick up donated materials.

By following these Spring Cleaning Tips, homeowners can make sure that their home shines for guests or for real estate showings.

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