Fast Housecleaning In Record Time

Cleaning – really cleaning – your entire house was once a springtime ritual. Now laborsaving equipment and products make it easier to clean year-round, and a Fast Housecleaning can be just as productive as a weekend-long project.

Regular “as needed” Fast Housecleaning is the best method because it’s the most efficient. Saving jobs for one big binge in the spring or fall takes more time in the long run. Following these daily and weekly fast housecleaning guides will help keep your home in tip-top shape year round.


Clean up clutter as you go and wipe up spills as they happen. Encourage family members to pick up, hang up, put away and clean up after themselves. Wipe sinks after every use and clean the shower or tub.

Load the dishwasher as soon as possible, or put dishes in the sink to soak until you can wash them.

Get rid of rubbish. Place a trash compactor in the kitchen near recycling bins or in the garage to save on trips to the curb and reduce the volume in landfills.


Clean your own way, but do it regularly. Your schedule should include dusting and vacuuming of walls and woodwork. Wipe door jambs with a detergent solution, dust windowsills and remove fingerprints with a spray cleaner.

While vacuuming, clean up any spots and stains you may see on the carpet. Use a disinfectant in the kitchen and bathroom.

Try to clean one large appliance and one out-of-sight storage area once a month.