Cleaning Blinds and Shades

Purchasing window treatments can be a major investment. You can protect this investment by engaging in proper maintenance and making sure you use the proper method for Cleaning Blinds and Shades. Blinds and shades will stay in shape if you dust them monthly with a soft cloth or vacuum’s brush attachment. For heavier dust on mini-blinds, use a finger-like brush designed to clean five slats at a time.

Clean stained-wood blinds with furniture polish.

When metal or plastic mini-blinds need a more thorough cleaning, take them outside and wash the slats with a sponge and soapy water. Then, hang the slats from a clothesline and rinse with a hose. Shake off excess water, drain rails and towel dry to avoid water marks and rusting.

If you can’t take your blinds down, fill one bucket with a solution of grease-cutting household detergent and another bucket with water. Working from the top down, wash both sides of each slat, then rinse using a second sponge dipped in plain water. Dry slats with a towel.

Fabric roller shades should also be taken down for a good cleaning. Place the unrolled shade on a flat surface and sponge with lukewarm water and mild soap, trying not to soak the fabric. Work in sections, removing excess moisture with a dry cloth.

Hang the shade at the window, pull it down to full length and let it dry. Then, roll the shade to the top and leave it for a few hours to give a crisp, ironed look. Some non-washable shades can be cleaned with wallpaper cleaner, others need dry cleaning.

By following these steps, Cleaning Blinds and Shades will be an effortless and efficient process.