Great Grilling Gadgets

Today’s grilling gurus use much more than the basic tongs and spatulas. Whatever you want to grill, chances are there’s a new advanced tool or a collection of grilling gadgets designed to help you cook it.


Stainless-steel or enameled porcelain grids sit right on top of the grill rack for easy grilling of vegetables, fish and burgers. Small holes prevent bite-size pieces of food from falling through while the smooth surface is perfect for cooking delicate fillets. Some models have a raised edge to push the spatula against – making turning easier.

Grilling woks are designed to sit atop the grill rack for stir-frying vegetables. These woks have tall, sloping sides for quickly tossing vegetables over the coals.

Both of these grilling gadgets allow chefs to diversify their menu with Asian, farmer’s market or vegetarian inspired flavors.

Wire baskets

A hinged wire basket is a good investment for cooking smaller cuts of meat, seafood and vegetables. A long handle makes turning the basket easy; a small clasp locks the basket closed so food stays in place. Baskets come in many shapes and sizes. Chrome and nonstick finishes are available.


Flip, turn and skewer in style with an array of top-notch tools. Long handle barbecue accessories protect the cook from the grill’s searing heat. Wooden or plastic-coated handles stay cool to the touch.

Still, it’s a good idea to use heavy-duty oven mitts while wielding tools over a hot grill. Two-prong skewers grip kabob pieces so they won’t rotate around the skewer, ensuring even cooking time for each side.

By utilizing these great grilling gadgets, chefs all along the Crystal Coast will ensure that their guests will enjoy a unique meal that’s miles above the standard hot dog and burger fare. Become a grilling expert, and pick up one or all of these grilling gadgets before your next Emerald Isle vacation.