Garage Sale Tips

When you’re having a garage sale, little things make a big difference. These simple Garage Sale Tips can add a lot to your profits, while making sure that your Crystal Coast garage sale is an easy-going event:

  • To get the best prices for your items, you need to display them in the best possible light. Launder linens, polish silver and make simple repairs. Investing a little elbow grease can pay big dividends.

  • Separate your goods into categories and lay them out so they are easy to see. Books and record albums should be positioned spine up so the titles are visible. All items should be assembled. Store items in clear plastic bags instead of cardboard boxes.

  • A trip to local garage sales or a second-hand store can help determine appropriate asking prices for products in your area. Additionally, make sure every item is priced. Customers will often pass over unmarked products instead of asking their cost. Be prepared to haggle.

  • Clean the garage, doing your best to remove unsightly stains and odors. Install the brightest light bulbs allowed.

  • Have mirrors and a dressing area available for customers to try on clothes. Position appliances near an electrical outlet so they can be tested.

  • Provide coffee and other beverages. Set up some lawn chairs to give weary customers a place to sit. A brief rest or a cold drink can refresh shoppers and make them more likely to buy.

  • Most importantly, be friendly. The more helpful you are, the more you’ll sell.