Things to do in Beaufort, NC

While Beaufort, North Carolina is rich in history and offers a variety of attractions and tours for the history buff in your group, let’s say for the sake of argument that your travel companions are maybe a little less enthused about old buildings and old boats, and instead hear the siren call of water sports and deep sea exploration. No problem – they won’t miss a lick of that in Beaufort with the following sampling, by no means a definitive list, of opportunities for adventure on the high seas.

Discovery Diving is located at 414 Orange Street in Beaufort. They will take you wreck diving, as this part of the world is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” because of its many hidden shoals and treacherous currents. As one of the largest scuba diving operations on the eastern seaboard, Discovery Diving also offers classes, charters and retail facilities, and an annual treasure hunt in October.

Water Dog Guide Service offers light tackle and fly-fishing charters, and you can reserve your excursion by calling 252-728-7907. Crystal Coast Air Tours take off from Beaufort Airport and soars over islands, inlets and estuaries. Tours start at $100, call 252-728-2323 for more information. AB Kayaks on Front Street can be reached by calling 252-728-6330 for a variety of kayak rentals and tours. Port City Tour Company, the same folks that conduct the Beaufort Ghost Walk, also run the Shackleford Wild Horse & Shelling Safari. They can be reached at 252-772-9925.

Island Ferry Adventures has a few tour packages, among them the Dolphin Watch in a 42-passenger catamaran that glides gracefully down the Newport River. The company claims that it knows the exact spot to join the dolphins in their romp every morning and has even named a few of the more familiar fins. Obviously one of them would have to be Flipper.

Parasailing & Kayak Tours, a Beaufort company offering watersport adventures, can be reached at 252-728-7607. Outer Banks House Boats is located at 324 Front Street and can be reached at 252-728-4129. They will rent you a houseboat and put down anchor for you anywhere you want, from Harkers Island to Fort Macon. Then, they will lend you a 21-foot skiff so you can get out and about.

Cape Lookout with its 160-foot lighthouse is six miles offshore, accessible only by boat. Lookout Cruises will take you out to Cape Lookout on a day excursion and serve you a catered lunch. Call 252-504-SAIL for more information or to reserve your trip.