Living near the Beaufort Historic District

Imagine being surrounded by centuries-old homes that stand side-by-side with chic waterfront restaurants and maritime-themed boutiques – this experience is waiting for you when you purchase a Beaufort NC home in the famed historic district.

Also known as Downtown Beaufort, this corner of the community is one of the most coveted and visited regions of the inland Crystal Coast. Boasting a collection of charter boat businesses and on-the-water tours, local marinas, and a colorful array of unique shops, dining options, and attractions that are clustered along Front Street – Beaufort’s main drag – the historic area is famed as both a beautiful vacation spot as well as a charming place to live.

So what is it like to live in Beaufort NC’s iconic downtown? And what kind of Beaufort NC homes for sale are available in this area? Chances are the lifestyle – and the available Beaufort homes for sale – are more diverse and enticing that you already envision.

First, a bit of Beaufort NC History

Originally named “Fish Town” when it was first established in the early 1700s, Beaufort soon became a hopping coastal port as North Carolina became colonized. The official town of Beaufort was formed in 1709 – making it the third oldest town in the state – and by the American Revolution, it was also the third largest port in North Carolina.

The current layout of the downtown area, which is a collection of 12 blocks that are congregated on the edge of Taylor’s Creek, was originally laid out in 1713 by an early developer as the “The Plan of Beaufort Towne.” Most of this original area still remains – with all its borders intact – and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

While Downtown Beaufort would never expand in the ensuing centuries like the southern port towns of Wilmington and Charleston SC, the community would nevertheless remain popular with visitors and mariners alike, and would gain a resurgence of attention in the late 1990s, when wreckage from Blackbeard’s flagship vessel, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, was found just a couple miles away from Beaufort Inlet.

In the 2010s, Beaufort would make national headlines again, this time as one of the coolest places to live and play on the North Carolina coastline.

Downtown Beaufort Real Estate

The original town layout coupled with homes and cottages that have been around for decades, if not centuries, have created a unique real estate market in Beaufort NC. Buyers who are surveying the Beaufort real estate market can expect to find a wide range of properties that include historic residences, (including some that are listed on the National Register), waterfront villas, towering retreats, and everything in between. Prices for Beaufort NC homes that are waterfront and in the heart of the downtown area may be a little higher than properties on the outskirts of town, but buyers will be treated to a wealth of amenities that are all within walking distance, thanks to ease and convenience of the more than 300-year-old layout for the town.

Living in Downtown Beaufort NC

There are two big factors that lead buyers to look at Beaufort NC properties for sale in the heart of the downtown area – convenience, and the waterfront. The main road that follows the borders of Taylor’s Creek, Front Street, is lined with small shops, restaurants, boat tour, and watersports businesses, as well as attractions like the North Carolina Maritime Museum. Because of this central collection of sites and activities, visitors who purchase a Beaufort NC home in the Historic District will be just a few minutes’ walk away from veritably everything they require to enjoy a vacation-like experience on a daily basis.

Ready to Live in Beaufort NC?

The best way to learn more about properties for sale in Beaufort NC is to start with the Crystal Coast Multiple Listing Service (MLS.) This handy tool allows potential buyers to review hundreds of Beaufort NC properties for sale with just a couple clicks, and our user-friendly online search allows you to streamline your results by a seemingly endless number of filters – from number of bedrooms, to amenities and property types.

Ready to learn more about Beaufort NC homes for sale in the historic district and beyond? Then start your search, and start making that dream of a coastal life that’s surrounded by water and history a Beaufort reality.