Find your Real Estate Dream in Beaufort, NC

Beaufort NC real estate and a touch of history to boot

Living in Beaufort North Carolina

Looking for a home with historic southern charm? Look no further than Beaufort North Carolina, voted the coolest small town in America in 2012 by CNN. Beaufort, NC real estate comes packaged with character and porch rocking chairs a plenty. There aren’t many places where you can stroll the streets and walk in the same footsteps as infamous pirates like Black Beard. Or saunter your way to the waters edge, where quaint shops and delicious restaurants dot the waterside.

The authenticity of these historic pillars is maintained by a committee learned in Beaufort’s architecture, right down to the paint colors that were and are still used. There are currently over 100 historic homes in Beaufort, dating back to the 18th century. Owning one of these gems is a privilege. Purchasing a home in Beaufort, NC is more than a transaction. By becoming a member of this exclusive neighborhood you are woven into its rich history and are now pledging to preserve it.

Whether you are buying real estate in Beaufort that is sparkling new like Front Street Village or looking for something more Black Beard’s speed, you won’t be disappointed when you relocate to one of the coolest small towns.

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