Bluewater Marketing Team

Bluewater Marketing Team

about bluewater marketing

With over 25 years of experience and the continued study of current travel trends, we excel in the understanding of our target demographic and identify their wants and needs. We believe that when a strong focus on building the brand and an endeavor to strengthen the relationship with our guest come together incredible things happen. For our Bluewater Marketing department, bookings are what make us tick.

Our Bluewater Marketing Department takes pride in being able to share the beauty of our unique coast with potential visiting guest. We like to take it one step further and have our homeowners expect nothing but the best, with an exceptional marketing strategy we guarantee to have guests coming back again and again each year.


  • Print advertisements in the top regional and national newspapers and magazines
  • Online exposure with listings and clickable banner ads
  • Regional television commercials and radio advertisements
  • Target specific e-mail blasts
  • Vanity Vacation Guides filled with area professional photography
  • Social media strategies with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn
  • Local public relations and sponsorships throughout the community
  • National and Regional Travel Show Expos
  • Extended efforts to amplify Bluewater Vacation Rentals online presence and increase search engine optimization
  • Online bookings and real-time availability
  • 24 hour reservation call center


We might talk a big game, but we have the metrics to prove it.

  • In-depth analysis of online and phone generated revenue
  • Unique online domains and toll free numbers to track which outlets are bringing the most vacationers
  • Unique demographic capture – storing detailed guest information for more effective marketing
  • Online dynamic coding
  • Lead management by tracking phone, email and internet booking leads

The technologies and processes embodied by Bluewater, directly benefit you. We have been proven time and time again to boost occupancy and increase revenue for you, our homeowners. We are a proven marketing team that specializes in maximizing your rental income by booking more guests.

Over the years, beach enthusiasts visit the Crystal Coast each spring and fall to enjoy the beautiful weather, secluded beaches and the unbelievable fishing. We make every effort to maximize our off-season occupancy, catering to potential guest by offering monthly rentals, flexible partial week rentals and providing a concierge service that specializes in weddings, corporate retreats and events.

The vacation rental industry is highly competitive and we are constantly evaluating our marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. For more information about the Bluewater Marketing Program, please call or e-mail Jordan Daniels, Marketing Manager, at 252-354-6136 or