fireworks along the crystal coast

Where You Can Enjoy Fireworks Along the Crystal Coast

Come enjoy fireworks along the Crystal Coast with us! We are completely thrilled that we will have fireworks for the Fourth of July this year. We’re sharing which towns are hosting celebrations and where you can watch the fireworks along the Crystal Coast.

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

January 2024 Events on the Crystal Coast

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

NC Coast January Events 2024

All of the January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast will have you ready to kick off the new year with a splash! We’re all about starting the year off right, beating those winter blues with the blue water of the ocean!

Dive into the Crystal Coast vibes as we ride the winter wave of awesome events! From cozy beach bonfires to quirky local festivals, January here is anything but hibernation-worthy. Get ready to swap snow boots for flip-flops and join the coastal crew in embracing the cool and colorful happenings that make this month uniquely Crystal Coast.

Read on because January is jam-packed with excitement – our coast, our events, our adventures!

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

Let’s start with New Year’s Eve Festivities!

Ringing in the New Year on the Crystal Coast is like stepping into a coastal fairytale. As the clock ticks down on December 31st, you could have your toes in the sand, and the ocean breeze whispering promises of a fresh start.

Join the local festivities. When the sun rises on January 1st, there’s no better place to nurse that celebratory cheer than with a stroll along the shoreline. So, here’s to New Year’s Eve under the stars and New Year’s Day with the waves – Crystal Coast style!

We know New Year’s Eve is technically still December, but we simply could not talk about these events since they trickle into January. This list of January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast is a great way to start the new month and new year! So, take your pick!

crystal coast real estate

Beaufort: Buccaneers Pirate Party

Set sail for a Buccaneer’s New Year’s Eve like no other! Forget the Big Apple’s ball drop – Beaufort’s got a swashbuckling twist. Picture this: grab your trusty lawn chair, circle ’round the fire pit, and indulge in mouthwatering s’mores and steaming hot cocoa. All hands on deck as we countdown to the legendary Capt. Shack’s daring plunge off the icy plank into the depths of Taylor’s Creek!

It’s a seafaring celebration you won’t want to miss on December 31st. Let the pirate party begin!

Fort Macon: Cannon Blast

Get ready to welcome the new year with a bang at Fort Macon! The party starts with live entertainment at 6 PM, and the cannons will unleash their thunder at 7 PM sharp. Remember, roads close for safety at 6:45 PM, so be on deck in time! Feel free to make the night your own by bringing along folding chairs and picnic supplies for maximum comfort.

It’s a celebration that combines history, spectacle, and your personal touch – see you there!

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

Morehead City: Crab Pot Drop

Head to Downtown Morehead City (700 Shepards St) for the Crab Pot Drop, where the fun kicks off at 5:00 p.m. with kid-friendly festivities – think games, music, face painting, and coloring galore. The little crab pot takes its plunge at 6:00 p.m., setting the stage for an evening filled with downtown delights.

Explore the shops and savor a delicious dinner, all building up to the grand finale – a dazzling display of fireworks and the epic drop of the large crab pot at the stroke of midnight. It’s a family-friendly celebration that promises a memorable start to the new year!

Newport: Pig Drop

No worries, this isn’t a real pig drop. Picture a neon beautiful pig dropping down to ring in the New Year! Join the festivities at Newport Community Park (200 Howard Blvd) for the Pig Drop – an evening filled with music, hot chocolate, and cookies! The fun kicks off at 5:00 p.m. and wraps up at 6:30 p.m.

It’s the perfect recipe for a cozy and delightful winter evening. Come for the tunes, stay for the warmth, and enjoy the sweet moments as we bid farewell to the year!

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

Bogue: New Year’s Eve Bash

Get ready to rock the New Year at Bogue Sound Distillery (108 Bogue Commercial Drive)! The party kicks off at 7:00 pm and features live music from the Southern Hellcats, a cash balloon drop, a midnight toast with champagne, and a post-midnight snack extravaganza.

Don’t miss out on the Pony Up Pizza food truck serving delicious bites from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. It’s a night of music, celebration, and tasty treats to welcome the new year in style!

Salter Path: Cheer in the New Year!

Get ready for the 2nd Annual Cheer in the New Year bash at Homer’s Point Marina and Pub in Salter Path (160 Shore Drive)! Fuel the fun with fantastic eats and icy brews to keep the party alive. The band will be jamming from 8:00 pm to midnight, ensuring non-stop excitement. And when the clock strikes twelve, join in for a sparkling champagne toast.

It’s a night of great food, cold drinks, live tunes, and a toast to welcome the new year in style!

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

Emerald Isle: New Year’s Eve Bash

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style at 77 West in Emerald Isle (309 Mangrove Dr) with the Dakota Blue Bash! Enjoy the live performances by Dakota Blue and special guest Lonnie Britton starting at 8:30 p.m. Plus, savor the delicious offerings from Stoney’s Wood-Fired Pizza, serving up mouthwatering pies from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. It’s a night of great music, delectable eats, and a fantastic way to welcome the new year!

New Year’s Day: January 1st

What better way to kick off the first day of the year than on the vibrant shores of the Crystal Coast, embracing a medley of exciting activities!? Spend the first day of the year filled with nature, creativity, and coastal wonders – the perfect recipe for a memorable start to the year on the Crystal Coast!

Fort Macon: First Day Hike

Start the new year with a refreshing First Day Hike at Fort Macon! Four ranger-led hikes kick off from the Visitor Center at either 8:00 am or 3:00 pm, offering two options for each time slot. Choose between a short nature hike on the Yarrow’s Loop trail and inlet beach (covering about ¾ of a mile) or a longer 3.2-mile journey around the Elliott Coues Trail. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, bring a water bottle, and, perhaps, some bug spray.

crystal coast hiking

Atlantic Beach: Penguin Plunge

Dive into the chilly fun of the Penguin Plunge at the Circle Regional Access! The event starts at 1:00 p.m., with on-site registration opening at 10:30 am. Get ready to make a splash and welcome the new year with a refreshing dip.

Morehead City: Chilled Out Snowman

Embrace your creative side at the Chilled Out Snowman Door Hanger Workshop, an adults-only painting party at Wine and Design. The workshop begins at 6:30 p.m., so arrive 15 minutes early. Remember, it’s BYOW/B (Bring Your Own Wine/Beer and Snacks). Secure your spot in advance as walk-ins aren’t accepted.

Bear Island: First Day Hike

Embark on an island adventure with a First Day Hike on Bear Island in Swansboro. Join a park ranger on a ferry ride to the island, learning about its habitats and wildlife. Seating is limited, so sign up to explore the beach, enjoy wildlife watching, and maybe even bring back a beach souvenir!

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Other January Events on the Crystal Coast

With each passing day, the Crystal Coast beckons with opportunities to experience its charm, making January a month brimming with coastal magic and endless possibilities. Let’s unravel the gems scattered across this coastal paradise throughout the month. We are inviting you to create unforgettable memories and embrace the beauty that defines life on the Crystal Coast.

Beaufort: DryBar Night at The Periwinkle – January 2nd

Attention all Dry January participants! The Periwinkle invites you to a special DryBar event every Tuesday in January. Embrace the booze-free bar experience and join us for a delightful and refreshing evening. It’s the perfect way to stay on track with your Dry January goals while enjoying the lively atmosphere at The Periwinkle. Cheers to a vibrant and alcohol-free Tuesday!

Morehead City: New Year’s Resolution Fun Run – January 2nd

Thought the list of January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast were all about working out, and strenuous activities? Come on! This is the NC Coast, after all. We’re all about self-care while having fun!

Jumpstart your New Year with a burst of energy and support the West Carteret Booster Club at their New Year’s Resolution Fun Run in Morehead City, NC (28557). Set for January 2, 2024, at 9:00 AM, this Saturday event offers categories for individuals, a race-only option (sans shirt), a kid’s race (5-10 years, no shirt), and even a group category.

Lace-up your running shoes, embrace the spirit of resolutions, and make a healthy, active start to the year. It’s a fantastic way to combine fitness, fun, and community support!

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

Peletier: Crystal Coast Bridal Showcase – January 14th

Join us at the Crystal Coast Bridal Showcase and discover the best wedding vendors the Crystal Coast has to offer. Take a guided tour of the stunning venue: 213 West Weddings & Event Center! Whether you’re planning a wedding or a special event, this is the ultimate destination for inspiration and connections with top-notch vendors. Don’t miss out!

Beaufort: NC Whales – January 25th

Explore North Carolina’s diverse whale species with biologist Keith Rittmaster at the NC Maritime Museum Heritage Series. Learn about common coastal whales, handle related display items, and delve into marine mammal conservation. Admission is free, and no registration is required for this engaging event in our museum auditorium, highlighting North Carolina’s maritime history and coastal environment.

Newport: Flights & Bites – January 25th

Embark on a flavorful journey with Shortway Brewing’s head brewer as you explore a flight pairing experience. Dive into the intricacies of Shortway’s delightful brews, learning about the key ingredients that create their unique flavors. Discover how to elevate your palate by expertly pairing beer with cuisine.

Priced at $36 per person, including a 20% gratuity, this event kicks off at 6:30 PM, so be sure to arrive on time and prepare for an hour of immersive enjoyment. Hurry, as this exclusive experience is limited to just 16 people!

brews and bites

Experience January on the Crystal Coast

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast are a treasure trove of diverse experiences waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a local seeking new adventures or a visitor eager to discover the coastal charm, this month has something special for everyone.

From engaging events and outdoor activities to unique culinary experiences and cultural delights, the Crystal Coast warmly welcomes all to start the year with a blend of excitement and relaxation. Embrace the coastal magic, create lasting memories, and savor the vibrant offerings that make January a truly remarkable time on the Crystal Coast.

January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast

Whatever your preference, this coastal haven invites you to revel in the beauty, diversity, and warmth that define this unique corner of North Carolina. Cheers to an unforgettable January on the Crystal Coast! Need the perfect place to stay during your favorite event? Head this way to find the perfect vacation rental on the Crystal Coast!

Crystal Coast Events Year Round

Beyond the exciting January 2024 events on the Crystal Coast, this area boasts a year-round calendar brimming with adventure. From beachside festivals and culinary adventures to outdoor explorations, there’s always something happening in this coastal paradise.

Dive into the full spectrum of events waiting for you by checking out our comprehensive events calendar of recommended activities. Your next adventure on the Crystal Coast is just a click away!


The Best Property Management Company

Top 10 Ways to Choose The Best Property Management Company

Are you an investment property owner or considering the vacation rental journey and looking for the best way to choose the best property management company? Stick with us. We are the experts and we’re sharing the Top 10 Ways to Choose Your Property Management Company. After all, your property manager is your sidekick in the world of vacation rental ownership.

How to Choose the Best Property Management Partner

Are you ready to discover a sea of happy clients, emergency response plans, tenant screening excellence, and flexible, customized services? You are going to want to work with a passionate team that treats your property like a treasure. Your ideal property management partner awaits – let’s go through the Top 10 ways to choose the best one!

1. Communication is Key

When you are choosing the best property management company, you want to look for a company that treats communication like a beach sunset – clear, consistent, and beautiful. You want updates on your property to flow in like the tide.

Bluewater ensures transparent and consistent communication, keeping you in the loop with the ebb and flow of your property’s performance. You get a real person, not someone who has no idea where your property is.

The Best Property Management Company

2. Tech-Savvy Solutions

Opt for a management company that’s riding the wave of technology. From online portals to digital marketing, ensure they’re making your life easier with the latest tools.

We’re riding the wave of technology, we leverage cutting-edge tools to streamline processes, from online portals to digital marketing, ensuring your property stays ahead in the digital landscape.

3. Local Expertise

Your ideal property manager should know the coastal terrain like the back of their hand. Experience in the local market means they understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your specific area.

As coastal locals, we understand the unique intricacies of the area along the Crystal Coast and the surrounding mainland areas. Our Bluewater team provides invaluable insights into maximizing your vacation property’s potential. It is one of the top reasons we are considered the best property management company.

The Best Property Management Company

4. Happy Clients, Happy Life

Dive into reviews and testimonials like you’re hunting for seashells. Happy clients (and happy guests) are the pearls of property management, and you want a company with a string of them.

Our string of satisfied clients and vacation rental guests speaks volumes about the dedicated service and positive experiences we consistently deliver.

5. Transparent Fee Structure

No one likes hidden fees – they’re like unexpected rogue waves. Choose a company with a straightforward, transparent fee structure that won’t catch you off guard.

Bluewater offers a clear and transparent consultation approach, ensuring you have a straightforward view of your investment without unexpected surprises, the way other companies do.

The Best Property Management Company

6. Emergency Response Plan

Storms happen, both figuratively and literally. This is the case, especially on the Crystal Coast. Ensure your property manager has a solid emergency response plan in place to handle unexpected situations promptly and efficiently.

Bluewater has a robust emergency response plan in place, ensuring your property is well-protected from hurricanes and during unforeseen storms.

7. Flexibility and Customization

Every property is as unique as a seashell. Your management company should offer flexible services tailored to your specific needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Bluewater embraces flexibility, offering customized services tailored to your specific vacation property needs, because no two destinations are alike.

The Best Property Management Company

Navigating the legal waters of property management can be tricky. Ensure your chosen company is well-versed in landlord-tenant laws to keep you sailing smoothly.

We’re well-versed in the legalities of vacation rental and vacation rental guests. We are licensed property managers who take each booking as seriously as you do. The best property management companies do not hesitate to answer any questions about regulations for vacation rentals.

9. Passion for Property

You are going to want to pick a team that’s not just in it for the business but has a genuine passion for property management. Enthusiasm is the wind in the sails that propels them to go above and beyond.

Beyond business, Bluewater’s passionate team treats your vacation property like a destination dream, to create an unforgettable experience.

The Best Property Management Company

10. Vacation Vibes Compatibility

Seek a property management team that understands the essence of your vacation property. They should not only manage but curate an experience that aligns with the unique vibes of your getaway spot. Because it’s not just a rental; it’s a destination dream.

The beauty of the Crystal Coast speaks for itself, but we, the Bluewater Team, all have a love of this area. We know the importance people place on their vacations. For many, it is a significant investment. We want to provide the best experience during their vacation getaway possible. This experience trickles into your property. Guests who have a fabulous beach experience continue to repeat the tradition year after year!

The Best Property Management Company

Who is the Best Property Management Company on the Crystal Coast?

Now that you have seen the Top 10 ways to choose the best property management company, know that Bluewater is the answer to all of the key points we have gone over. At Bluewater, we’re your coastal confidants, offering a seamless blend of services that make your vacation property journey truly extraordinary and profitable.

Selecting the ideal property management team for your investment home goals is undoubtedly a significant decision. With an extensive track record of almost three decades, our team at Bluewater comprises authentic local experts committed to consistently surpassing your expectations.

When you join forces with us, your property aspirations become our unwavering mission.

Head this way to learn more about Bluewater Property Management and how we can partner together to maximize the potential for your vacation rental!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What sets a vacation rental property manager apart from a traditional property manager?

Look for experience specifically in the vacation rental market, as it involves unique challenges and considerations compared to long-term rentals. Fortunately, at Bluewater we have teams that serve both industries, each specializing in their own wheelhouse.

How can I ensure my property is well-maintained under a property manager’s care?

Inquire about their maintenance protocols, frequency of inspections, and how they handle emergency repairs. A proactive approach to maintenance is crucial.

How can I assess a property manager’s communication skills?

Ask about their communication processes, response times, and how they handle guest inquiries and issues. Reviews from other property owners can provide insights as well.

beat the winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues on the Coast

Ready to beat the winter blues with a splash of seaside fun with Bluewater? Buckle up for a blog post that’s all about swapping snow for sand, frosty winds for salty breezes, and gloomy days for radiant sunsets.

We’re diving into the ultimate guide on how to turn your winter woes into beachy wows. From bonfires on the shore to catching waves in the winter chill, we’ve got the lowdown on transforming your chilly season into a tropical adventure.

So, kick off those winter boots and get ready for a dose of sun-soaked escapades that’ll have you forgetting all about snowflakes and embracing the beach life with open arms!

beat the winter blues

Beat Those Blues this Winter

Beach vibes are not just for summer! We’re going to share ways you can make the most of your winter escape on the Coast. You know what they say, “A day at the beach is better than a day anywhere else!” This rings true any time of year!

Sun, Sand, and Vitamin Sea

The NC Coast experiences cold winters, sure. But, on some winter days, you can exchange your winter coat for flip-flops. There have been a few winter holidays where guests are rocking swimsuits, sunscreen, and a beach towel in their hands.

We cannot promise this all winter, but the sun works some magic on winter blues. During cold winter days, the sun is your new best friend. It is working overtime to kick those winter grays to the curb. It’s not just about getting a tan; it’s about soaking up the kind of sunshine that transforms your mood from “meh” to “oh yeah!”

beat the winter blues

The secret sauce? Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin! As you bask in those beachy rays, your body is soaking up this essential vitamin, which boosts mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. It’s like a natural mood enhancer served up by the sun, and trust us, it works wonders. So, say goodbye to winter gloom and hello to the beach therapy that’ll have you radiating sunshine from the inside out!

Beachside Bonfire Bash

Gather some pals, build a bonfire, and cozy up with blankets. There’s nothing like the crackling sound of a fire and the salty breeze to lift those winter blues.

A bonfire at the beach isn’t just a bonfire; it’s a sensory experience, a gathering of friends, and the crackling warmth of the fire working together to create an atmosphere that’s nothing short of magical.

beat the winter blues

It’s in these moments, surrounded by the warmth of both friendship and the fire, that the winter blues melt away. The salty breeze becomes a refreshing reminder that, even in the chill of winter, the beach has the power to ignite joy and create memories that last far beyond the flickering flames.

So, grab a marshmallow, share a story, and let the beachside bonfire be the heartwarming highlight of your winter escapade with Bluewater.

Winter Watersports

Spice up your beach day with some thrilling watersports. Whether it’s surfing, paddleboarding, or even a chilly swim, the adrenaline rush will kick those blues to the curb. All you need is a wet suit. By the way, surfing on the East Coast is one of the best-kept secrets for adventure enthusiasts.

Glide across the water’s surface, the board beneath your feet, offering a unique perspective of the coastline. All you need is a wetsuit! With each paddle stroke, the worries of winter are replaced by the tranquility of the sea.

beat the winter blues

Feeling bold? Take a dip into the chilly ocean waters. The initial shock gives way to a refreshing embrace, and soon you find yourself swimming against the tide, surrounded by the vastness of the sea. The adrenaline rush kicks in, and suddenly, the winter blues are nothing but a distant memory.

Tropical Tunes and Beach Blanket Vibes

Create a playlist of your favorite tropical tunes and pack a beach picnic. Good food and good music have magical powers to lift spirits. As you lounge on the beach blanket, taking in the breathtaking view, each bite you have in your basket becomes a culinary journey. A tropical playlist complements the flavors. After all, good food and good music intertwine into a sensory experience lifting your spirits to new heights.

winter vacation

Our Bluewater Beats: Summer Vibes playlist is the perfect way to complement your winter beach vacation! Those musical summer vibes can even get “Old Man Winter” grooving!

Beach Yoga Bliss

Roll out your beach towel and strike a pose! Yoga by the sea is not only great for your body but also fantastic for clearing the mind. Namaste those winter blues away.

As you move through the poses, you’ll feel the gentle breeze on your skin and the sand beneath your feet, adding a natural element to your practice. It’s not about perfect poses; it’s about the joy of stretching and breathing in the salty sea air. Trust us; your body will thank you for it.

beat the winter blues

And here’s the secret sauce: Yoga isn’t just a physical workout; it’s a mental reset button. With each breath, you’re letting go of winter stress and making room for a clear mind.

Capture the Sunset Magic

Winter sunsets by the beach are pure magic. Grab your camera (or phone) and capture those breathtaking moments. The colors alone will transport you to a happier place.

It’s not just about capturing a photo; it’s about preserving a feeling. The vibrant colors have a way of seeping into your soul, creating a memory that you can revisit whenever the winter blues creep in. Be sure to dress warm. Winter nights can be chilly, especially as the sun goes down. Read more as we share what to wear at the beach in the winter.

Furry Friend Fun

Don’t forget your furry pal! Pups enjoy the beach any time of year! The joy of a happy, frolicking fur baby is infectious and guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits. Bluewater Vacation Rentals offers plenty of pet-friendly options for your winter getaway. Check out the vacation homes where dogs stay free.

beat the winter blues

Join Bluewater in Beating the Winter Blues

As the sun dips below the horizon and the waves serenade the shore, it’s clear that beating the winter blues with Bluewater is all about embracing the sun, sand, and that glorious Vitamin Sea.

From the thrill of watersports to the tranquility of beachside yoga, each moment spent in this coastal haven becomes a remedy for the winter doldrums. So, whether you’re gathering around a bonfire, capturing the magic of a sunset, or simply letting the salty breeze whisk away your worries, a Bluewater Vacation Rental has proven to be the ultimate antidote to the winter blues.

Here’s to trading snowflakes for seashells and making every day a beach day—because life is one fantastic adventure waiting to be explored!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Is beachside yoga suitable for beginners?

Yes, beachside yoga is accessible for all levels, including beginners. The beach provides a serene setting for yoga practice, and the sound of waves can enhance the meditative aspects of the session. It’s a great way to relax the body and clear the mind.

What gear should I bring for a beach day in winter?

Essentials include warm clothing, a beach towel, sunscreen, a camera or phone for capturing moments, and any gear needed for specific activities like surfing or paddleboarding. Dressing in layers is recommended to stay comfortable in changing temperatures.

How can I organize a beach bonfire, and are there any safety considerations?

Check local regulations regarding beach bonfires, obtain any necessary permits, and choose a designated fire pit area if available. Safety measures include having a water source nearby, keeping a safe distance from flammable materials, and properly extinguishing the fire before leaving.

Simple Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

A Simple Gingerbread Cookie Recipe with a Coastal Twist

Hello, fellow cookie enthusiasts! We are here, bringing you a delightful coastal spin on the classic gingerbread men with a simple gingerbread cookie recipe. Let’s dive into this easy, yet oh-so-flavorful recipe that’ll add a touch of seaside charm to your holiday festivities.

‘Tis the season to welcome the sweet symphony of Christmas cookie delights, and what better star to grace our festive trays than the iconic gingerbread cookie? Decked out in adorable icing faces, candy bowties, and buttons, these charming cookies steal the show with their festive flair.

But hold onto your holiday hats because we’re about to sprinkle a touch of coastal magic into this beloved tradition. Picture the whimsy of gingerbread meeting the breezy allure of the seashore, creating not just cookies but edible masterpieces infused with a coastal twist. Get ready to set sail on a culinary adventure where the warmth of ginger meets the cool embrace of the coast!

Crafting Coastal Cookie Cuties

Our journey begins with the basics—soft, perfectly spiced gingerbread cookies. Start by combining softened butter, brown sugar, molasses, an egg, and vanilla extract. Gradually introduce a mix of all-purpose flour, baking soda, salt, and a symphony of spices: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Chill the dough for at least 3 hours, or let it rest overnight for a burst of flavor.

Riding the Flavor Wave

While many recipes opt for tons of flour to combat sticky dough, we’re taking a different route. A bit of patience—chilling the dough—ensures easy-to-make gingerbread men bursting with flavor. Picture a perfect blend of spices with a subtle buttery note that balances everything out beautifully.

Rolling with the Tides

When it’s time to bring these coastal cuties to life, generously flour your workspace and roll out the dough to a quarter-inch thickness. Now, the fun part—cookie cutters! Whether it’s gingerbread men, mermaids, seashells, or waves, let your creativity flow. Bake for 8-10 minutes, and voila, you’ve got a batch of perfectly shaped cookies ready to charm.

Coastal Creativity Unleashed

Embrace the coastal spirit by decorating these gingerbread wonders. Dive into the world of edible art—icing faces, mermaid tails, and fishes. Go traditional or add a seaside twist with mermaids and seashells. The choice is yours!

Sealing the Coastal Culinary Deal

As you relish the coastal vibes, remember the key ingredients that make these cookies a hit. From softened butter to the essential molasses, each component plays a crucial role. Dark brown sugar adds a depth of flavor, while the mix of spices creates a symphony for your taste buds.

Savoring Every Bite

Allow your cookies to cool completely before diving in, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth experience. These coastal delights, with their firm yet tender centers, will keep you coming back for more. You can store them in an airtight container for up to two weeks, maintaining their freshness.

Simple Gingerbread Cookie Recipe – Complete!

There you have it—simple gingerbread cookies with a coastal twist, bringing joy to your holiday table. Dive into the magic of the season with these flavorful treats, and let the coastal charm elevate your festivities. Happy baking!

Serving Size:
1 Cookie
3hr 30min
Easy! Beginner Friendly


  • ½ cup unsalted butter softened (113g) 
  •  ½ cup light or dark brown sugar tightly packed (100g)
  •  ½ cup molasses (120ml) 
  •  1 large egg
  •  2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  •  2 ¾ cups all purpose flour (345g)
  •  ¾ teaspoon baking soda
  •  ½ teaspoon salt
  •  2 teaspoon ground ginger
  •  2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground cloves
  • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • cookie icing (homemade or store bought)


  1. Blend together softened butter, sugar, and molasses using an electric or stand mixer with a paddle attachment until the mixture achieves a creamy and well-combined texture.
  2. Incorporate the egg and vanilla extract into the mixture, stirring until well-combined. Don’t fret if the mixture appears piecey or seems to separate; this is normal, and it will harmonize when the dry ingredients are added.
  3. In a separate medium-sized bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, salt, and an aromatic blend of spices including ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.
  4. With the mixer set to low speed, gradually introduce the dry ingredient mixture into the butter mixture, ensuring the dough becomes smooth, cohesive, and fully combined.
  5. Divide the resulting dough into two parts (we recommend using a spatula, it might be a little sticky) and tightly wrap each portion in plastic wrap. Refrigerate the dough for a minimum of 3 hours or, for optimal results, leave it overnight.
  6. After the dough has chilled, preheat the oven to 375F  and line a baking sheet with parchment paper (alternatively, you can bake cookies directly on an ungreased baking sheet).
  7. Flour a clean surface generously and lightly dust the dough as well (refer to the note for guidance).
  8. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough to an approximately ¼”  thickness. Use  a cookie cutter to cut out your desired shapes.
  9. Transfer the cut cookies to the prepared baking sheet using a spatula, ensuring they are spaced at least 2 inches apart. Place them in the preheated 375F (190C) oven and bake for 8-10 minutes.
  10. Allow the cookies to cool completely on the baking sheet before diving into the delightful decorating process.

Coastal Comfort

Whether you’re unwrapping presents in a cozy coastal cottage, basking in the festive waves of holiday cheer at home, or simply craving a delightful blend of warmth and spice, this gingerbread cookie recipe is your key to seasonal bliss. The aroma of ginger and spices will fill your space, creating an ambiance that effortlessly bridges the gap between vacation vibes and the comforting familiarity of home.

If you’re a local looking to infuse coastal charm into your traditions or a visitor yearning for a taste of the seaside during the festivities, these gingerbread delights offer the perfect balance.

what to wear at the beach in winter

Winter Chic on the Crystal Coast: What to Wear at the Beach in Winter

Vacationing on the NC Beaches in the cold season, and wondering what to wear at the beach in winter? Let’s embrace the chilly vibes with style. Winter beach fashion is actually a thing! A cold beach doesn’t mean cold fashion. Stick around to find out the best outfit ideas for cold weather here on the Crystal Coast.

We will share with you the best tips for bringing your winter chic to the NC Coast. While we’re at it, we’ll help you with all of the places to hit up on the Crystal Coast for unique finds. Now, get your beach bag ready for the best clothes options!

What to Wear at the Beach in Winter
You just may find that a hoodie and shorts are the perfect beach attire in the winter.

Stay Cozy, Look Cool on the Crystal Coast

Winter has a way of casting its charm over the coastal landscape, bringing a chill to the air and a serene beauty to the sandy shores. But who says beach days are reserved for summer sun?

Winter vibes on the Crystal Coast are an adventure in itself. There is so much to do, and lots of events on the NC Coast this time of year. The holidays are the perfect time to spend on the Crystal Coast.

You are definitely going to want to know what to pack if you visit, or what to wear if you are already here.

become a local

Layers of cozy warmth, boots leaving imprints in the cold sand, and the subtle melody of the winter waves make for the perfect beach outfit. We’re spilling the beans on how to navigate the winter beach scene with style and flair.

From the hidden gems of Crystal Coast boutiques to the art of shopping small, we’re setting the stage for your most fashionable winter escapade. So, bundle up, beach lovers – it’s time to discover the art of Winter Beach Chic!

The Best Tips on What to Wear at the Beach in Winter

Here are some tips to keep you warm and fabulous on the Crystal Coast! Remember, the best beach outfits are cozy and comfortable, not just chic and cute- though that helps!

Layer Up, Babe!

Opt for chic layers – think cozy cardigans, stylish scarves, light sweaters, and trendy jackets. It’s all about warmth without sacrificing style. We love a statement sweater like the ones offered at The Pink Iris in Beaufort, NC.

In the words of Stephanie Passmore, founder of The Pink Iris, “Our mission is to provide a shopping experience where ANY woman can find something she absolutely loves.”

What to Wear at the Beach in Winter
A lightweight sweater is perfect for winter walks on the beach.

Crystal Coast Consignment Boutique Magic

Hit up the local consignment boutiques; they’re a treasure trove of unique finds. From knitted wonders to beachy accessories, you’ll discover pieces that scream ‘you.’ Gigi & Company stands out as an elegant consignment destination for women and children’s fashion, proudly showcasing renowned brand names in the heart of downtown Morehead City.

Small Shops, Big Statements

There’s something truly magical about supporting local businesses, especially when it comes to curating your winter wardrobe.

When you choose to shop small, you’re not just selecting clothes; you’re investing in stories, craftsmanship, and a piece of your community’s heart. These local boutiques on the Crystal Coast aren’t just shops; they’re treasure troves of unique finds waiting to tell your story.

What to Wear at the Beach in Winter
Ankle boots like the Linny H2O Boots at The Posh Pelican are waterproof. Perfect for the coast.

The personal touch that comes with shopping small is unparalleled – it’s a connection between you, the creator, and the coastal spirit. So, as you explore the boutiques lining the streets, consider it more than just a shopping spree; it’s a journey into the soul of the Crystal Coast, one stylish piece at a time.

Boot Up for the Sand Runway

Step into a winter wonderland on the beach with a bold statement: boots aren’t just for snow; they’re the unsung heroes of your winter beach ensemble. The practicality is evident in every step, shielding your feet from the chill and providing that essential traction on the sandy runway. This is especially the case when you opt for waterproof boots like the Linny H2O Boots at The Posh Pelican at Atlantic Beach.

Yet, it’s the style they bring to the table that truly elevates your winter beach look. From ankle boots that add a touch of casual cool to knee-high stunners that command attention, boots become more than just footwear; they’re a fashion statement against the winter breeze. So, before you hit the beach, lace up those boots, channel your inner beach fashionista, and let your footwear do the talking.

Winter at the beach just got a whole lot more stylish.

What to Wear at the Beach in Winter
There is a plethora of finds at Crystal Coast consignment shops.

Mix-and-Match Magic

The key to a hassle-free and stylish getaway lies in your suitcase. Forget the notion that winter packing is all about bulk – it’s about curating a collection of versatile pieces that dance effortlessly with each other.

Consider a chic sweater that pairs seamlessly with your favorite pair of jeans or skirts, a cozy jacket that transforms your beach look from day to night, and accessories that play the role of outfit alchemists. By focusing on these versatile essentials, you unlock a world of outfit possibilities.

Cameo Boutique in Swansboro has lots of options from jeans to tops that can be layered under a cute jacket.

winter vacation

So, pack smart, think mix-and-match, and leave space for spontaneity – because the best beach adventures often begin with an unplanned twist of style.

Cozy Accessories

Don’t forget to accessorize! Accessories are the crescendo that adds that final touch of harmony. Chunky scarves – more than just a practical shield against the cold, they become a statement piece, draping you in elegance as you navigate the coastal chill.

These accessories aren’t merely functional; they’re the secret ingredients that transform your winter beach look into a masterpiece of style. The playful beanie, the chic gloves, stackable bracelets – each piece compliments a winter beach outfit. So, as you gear up for your beach stroll, remember: accessories aren’t just add-ons; they’re the storytellers, adding a touch of winter glam to your every step.

What to Wear at the Beach in Winter
Bluewater Realtor Sherry Stanley is not only an amazing real estate agent, but she is also a model and frequent shopper of Cameo Boutique in Swansboro.

Beachy Blanket Essentials

When it comes to beach picnics or bonfires in winter, a cozy blanket becomes more than just an accessory; it’s your ticket to snuggling up in style. Envision spreading out a warm, inviting blanket on the sand, creating a comfortable oasis amidst the coastal breeze.

This isn’t just about practical warmth; it’s about transforming your beach experience into a scene of comfort and chic relaxation. As you and your companions gather around, the blanket becomes a communal centerpiece, inviting everyone to share in the warmth and joy of the moment.

But here’s the bonus: that cozy blanket isn’t just a functional layer; it’s a fashion-forward backdrop for those impromptu photoshoots. Picture capturing candid moments against the backdrop of soft fabric, the winter beach hues enhancing the aesthetic of every frame.

So, when you plan your beach outing, don’t forget to pack that cozy blanket – it’s not just a comfort item; it’s a versatile piece that adds a touch of style to your beach memories.

What to Wear at the Beach in Winter
Beach picnics are possible in the winter; you just need the perfect blanket or warmth mat for sitting.

Winter’s Warmth with Crystal Coast Fashion Flair

The Crystal Coast has proven to be a treasure trove of winter fashion inspiration, from the quaint boutiques that line the streets to the unique pieces that tell stories of local artisans. So, whether you’re strolling along the shore, cozy in your layered ensemble, or capturing the essence of winter with a beachside photo shoot, one thing is clear: Winter Beach Chic is not just a style; it’s a statement.

Winter at the beach doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Embrace the chill with a wardrobe that’s as hot as a summer day. Stay warm, look cool, and let your winter beach vacation begin!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific winter colors or patterns for beach fashion?

Winter beach fashion can include cool tones like blues and greys or even festive patterns. It’s about expressing your personal style! There are no rules when it comes to beach fashion on the Crystal Coast!

Can you really enjoy the beach in winter?

Does the ocean have waves? Absolutely! Winter at the beach, especially the NC Coast has its unique charm. With the right attire, you can have a cozy and memorable experience.

Are beach boutiques open during the winter season?

Many boutique owners on the Crystal Coast embrace the winter months. Locals have to have clothes, right? Check with local boutiques for unique winter finds and/or special hours.

nc coast december events

December 2023 Events on the Crystal Coast

nc coast december events

NC Coast December Events 2023

December is a month full of festivities and celebrations, and the NC Coast has no shortage of exciting events to ring in the holiday season. From dazzling Christmas parades to lively New Year’s Eve parties, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this picturesque coastal stretch.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, the Crystal Coast offers a perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones that last a lifetime. So, without further ado, let’s explore the top December events on the Crystal Coast and get ready to have some fun!

NC Coast December Events

Christmas Parades on the Crystal Coast

Light Up The Night Christmas Parade December 1st-

Join the town of Atlantic Beach as they light up the night with a spectacular parade of lights starting at 6 PM. As the parade ends, be sure to visit the Fire Department so the kids can meet Santa and enjoy cookies, hot chocolate & photos, all free of charge!


Crystal Coast Christmas Flotilla December 2nd-

Get ready for the annual Crystal Coast Christmas Flotilla! Everything from Yachts to kayaks will be decorated and lighting up the Morehead City waterfront at 5:30 PM and the Beaufort waterfront at 6:15 PM. It’s a lovely evening event to spend with family, enjoying the kaleidoscope of colors reflecting off our beautiful waters!

NC Coast December Events

48th Annual Newport Christmas Parade December 3rd-

This year’s Newport Christmas Parade theme is “Christmas on the Farm,” so let’s kick off the holiday season at 3 PM with a Newport, NC country parade of fun!


2023 Morehead City Christmas Parade December 9th-

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the annual Morehead City Christmas Parade – a festive tradition that brings together people of all ages! This year’s parade will be held on Saturday, December 9th, starting at 11:00 AM. It will run along Arendell Street, eastbound, from 17th to 6th Street. So, get ready to bundle up, grab a seat, and enjoy the creative floats from local businesses, community groups, and performances from nearby school marching bands and dance teams. And the parade’s highlight will be Santa himself making an appearance – a sight sure to delight children and adults alike!

NC Coast December Events

December 1st:

Town of Newport Tree Lighting Celebration 2PM- 4PM-

Santa is coming to the Town of Newport for the tree-lighting celebration! There will be hot chocolate and cookies, and Santa will give candy canes to all the children. This event is free to attend, so bring the family for a festive and fun holiday event!


Christmas Tree Lighting@ Katherine Davis Park 5:30PM-

Hosted by the Town of Morehead City, this event is perfect for folks of all ages. Bring the whole family to enjoy music, games, hot chocolate, and even some holiday magic. You might even get a chance to meet Mr. & Mrs. Claus! The festivities start at 5:30 pm, with Mayor Jerry Jones leading the crowd in lighting the tree promptly at 6:00 pm. Be sure to dress your best and enter the best-dressed contest, and, of course, don’t forget your smartphone or camera to capture the perfect photo opportunity in front of the beautiful tree!

NC Coast December Events

December 2nd:

Emerald Isle Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair 9 AM-

The Emerald Isle Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair is the perfect event for those who want to get a jump start on their holiday shopping and support our local businesses! With more than 30 vendors, you will surely find the perfect coastal treasure for that special someone. The fair is free, open to the public, and held in the heart of Emerald Isle at the Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation Dept.


Breakfast with Santa! 6 AM-

Breakfast with Santa at the Bridge Downeast is a fun and festive event for the whole family! Kick off the holiday season with a pancake breakfast and a visit from Santa. 

NC Coast December Events

Island Santa Bar Crawl 10 AM-

Dress in your best Christmas costumes, and let’s crawl for a cause! There will be games and a costume contest, and the whole crawl will benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation!


Elf in the Woods 7 AM-9 AM-

Join us for a magical morning with your toddler! Rise and shine for a morning of holiday crafts and reading “Elf on the Shelf.” As the morning goes, there will be a holiday scavenger hunt and a late morning warm-up of hot chocolate, treats, and a short ” Elf on the Shelf” movie!

NC Coast December Events

December 7th:

Christmas Night Market 3 PM-

Start your holiday shopping locally with this festive Christmas Night Market! Pair your holiday shopping with live music and the crisp, cool coastal air for a holiday shopping experience you won’t forget!


December 8th-10th:

11th Annual Crystal Coast Hospice House Gingerbread Festival-

Come experience a gingerland of holiday sights, sounds, and smells at the 11th annual Gingerbread Festival! This weekend of festive family fun will feature Santa visits, kids activities, Gingerbread Cafe and Sweet Shop, and so much more.

NC Coast December Events

December 9th:

Santa by the Sea@ The Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium-

Santa is bringing his holiday magic to all the fish and critters of the North Carolina Aquarium of Pine Knoll Shores on December 9th! Enjoy holiday crafts, treats, and fun games while exploring the decorated corridors of the Aquarium!


December 13th:

CORNER COLLAB: Holiday Extravaganza 4 PM-

Calling all movers, shakers, and makers for a holiday night market extravaganza at The Periwinkle in Beaufort, NC! Festivities include a food truck, live music, decoration swaps, and more! 


December 15th:

Astronomy Night at Fort Macon 3 PM-

Join the Crystal Coast Stargazers as they discuss the night sky with telescopes set up for guests to view the enchanting vastness of space! This event will be held in the parking lot of Fort Macon, the perfect Crystal Coast location to gaze upon the stars!

NC Coast December Events

December 16th:

Beaufort Claus Crawl 2 PM-

Get ready to spread some holiday cheer at the 2023 Beaufort Claus Crawl presented by Connect Carteret – A Young Professionals Network. The Claus Crawl is taking over downtown Beaufort this year, and you won’t want to miss it! Put on your best holiday costumes and get excited for exclusive food and drink specials at each participating establishment. Don’t forget to cast your vote for the best Claus Crawl restaurant/bar of the year. 


December 29th:

Smoke on the Water Bonfire Atlantic Beach, NC 6 PM-

Warm yourself with a roaring fire and enjoy live music by Robert Mcduffy. Plus, the Town of Atlantic Beach will sell the quintessential s’mores supplies to warm your bellies! *ADMISSION IS FREE*


New Year Celebrations on the NC Coast-

Buccaneers’ New Year’s Eve- Capt. Shack Walks the Plank December 31st-

I’m sure you’ve heard of the NYC ball drop for New Year’s Eve, but have you heard of the Beaufort New Year’s Eve Pirate Drop? Grab your lawn chairs, gather around the fire pit, and enjoy some delicious s’mores and hot cocoa while you count down to Capt. Shack’s icy walk the plank dive into Taylor’s Creek!

NC Coast December Events

New Year’s Eve Cannon Blast December 31st-

Bring in the new year with the big guns of Fort Macon! Live entertainment will kick off at 6 PM, and the cannons will boom promptly at 7 PM. (Don’t be late as the roads are closed for safety at 6:45 PM.) Feel Free to make your evening comfortable with folding chairs and picnic supplies!


Downtown Countdown @ Big Rock Landing December 31st-

It’s that time of the year again! Join the Town of Morehead City for their Downtown Countdown and NYE festivities! There will be games, music, face painting, and so much more at 5 PM at the Big Rock Landing! This event is family-friendly, with a crab pot drop at 6 PM!


 The evening continues with downtown festivities, shopping, and dining, culminating in a grand finale of fireworks and a large brightly lit crab pot drop to bring in the new year!


holidays on the coast

Have You Found Your Ideal Experience on the NC Coast for December?

The holidays are a time for family and friends, and Bluewater is here to help bring all your loved ones together to celebrate each other with a Bluewater Beach Vacation. Let us help you craft your stress-free holiday vacation today!

Pin Your Way to Fun: Save These NC Coast December 2023 Events for Later

Events on the NC coast December

Vacationing in North Carolina Beaches

Why Vacationing in North Carolina Beaches is the Best Escape

We are ready to spill the sandy details on why vacationing in North Carolina beaches is the best getaway. More specifically, we’re sharing the best North Carolina beach area, the Southern Outer Banks: the Crystal Coast in North Carolina. 

Buckle up for a virtual journey to Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Salter Path, Pine Knoll Shores, and the surrounding towns you cannot miss. By the end of this read, there will be no doubt that this slice of heaven should be your next vacation spot. 

The Crystal Coast is the Best for Vacationing in North Carolina Beaches 

Move over Myrtle Beach and Wrightsville Beach – the Crystal Coast is where coastal dreams come true! Why? Because here, it’s not just about the beach; it’s a lifestyle.  

Picture pristine stretches of sandy beaches without the tourist frenzy, where you can truly unwind without dodging crowds. The Southern Outer Banks vibe is authentic and unspoiled, offering a laid-back charm that’s hard to find elsewhere. While Myrtle Beach might be bustling, and Wrightsville Beach lively, the Crystal Coast is a sweet spot of tranquility, striking the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.  

From the emerald magic of Emerald Isle to the seafood haven of Salter Path, each spot is a unique gem waiting to be discovered. So, if you’re after a coastal escape that’s not just a vacation but a way of life, the Crystal Coast is your unbeatable ticket to beach bliss!  

vacationing in north carolina beaches

Award-Winning Beaches and Beach Towns 

The Crystal Coast beaches have garnered their fair share of accolades. Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, and Salter Path, have received recognition for their pristine beauty and outstanding coastal experiences. The area consistently ranks among the top beach destinations in various travel and lifestyle publications. From being praised for their clean shores to earning accolades for family-friendly atmospheres, these beaches have left a lasting impression on both locals and visitors alike.  

So, if you’re seeking award-winning coastal charm, the Crystal Coast is definitely the place to take your coastal vacation! 

vacationing in north carolina beaches

Spending Time on Bogue Banks is a Unique Experience 

Stretching for about 26 miles along the Southern Outer Banks, Bogue Banks is a barrier island that adds a touch of magic to the North Carolina coast. What sets Bogue Banks apart is the harmonious blend of coastal charm and natural wonders. It’s not just a destination; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re into water activities, beachcombing, or simply soaking in the breathtaking sunsets, Bogue Banks has it all, including the best beaches. 

Picture this – a picturesque inlet where the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Sound meet. The Bogue Inlet provides not just a scenic view but also excellent opportunities for fishing and bird watching. Check out the top fishing hot spots on the Crystal Coast.

vacationing in nc beaches

Emerald Isle 

Sitting at the top of the western tip of Bogue Banks, Emerald Isle lives up to its name with stunning, crystal clear waters and pristine beaches. It’s not just a beach; it’s a haven for water enthusiasts and those seeking a slice of tranquility. It’s a promise of lush greenery and breathtaking scenery.  

Stroll through maritime forests, explore nature trails, and let the vibrant surroundings paint a picture of tranquility. It’s not just a beach; it’s a canvas waiting for your adventure brushstroke. 

Atlantic Beach 

Positioned at the eastern end, Atlantic Beach is a hub of activity. It’s not only a sunbather’s paradise but also a gateway to adventures like water sports, fishing, and exploring the historic Fort Macon State Park. Atlantic Beach isn’t just about the beach bum life; it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Water sports, fishing excursions, or just a lazy day on the pier – there’s something for every adventurer. Get ready to make a splash, quite literally! Need more fun while you are in Atlantic Beach? Read the Top Ten Things to Do in Atlantic Beach.

Pine Knoll Shores

Pine Knoll Shores, part of the allure of the Crystal Coast, is a serene escape waiting to be explored. This coastal haven offers more than just breathtaking views; it’s a retreat for those seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and natural beauty.

vacationing in north carolina beaches

Beyond the shoreline, the town exudes a laid-back charm with its maritime forests and nature preserves, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re exploring the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, taking a leisurely stroll along the Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area, or simply enjoying the coastal breeze, Pine Knoll Shores is a haven for those who appreciate the quieter side of coastal living.

Indian Beach and Salter Path 

 These quieter gems in the middle of Bogue Banks offer a more serene coastal experience. Perfect for those who want to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. 

Prepare your taste buds for a seafood fiesta!  

Salter Path is a seafood lover’s haven. Dive into the local seafood joints for a gastronomic adventure. Fresh catches, coastal vibes, and unforgettable flavors – it’s a seafood safari you won’t want to end. Indian Beach is the sweet spot where relaxation and recreation shake hands. Whether you’re craving a laid-back day by the ocean or seeking water adventures, this coastal gem has your back.  

The Beach Towns 

The charm doesn’t end with the beaches; it’s woven into the fabric of surrounding beach towns like Beaufort, where history whispers through centuries-old homes, Morehead City, a bustling hub of maritime energy, and Swansboro, a quaint village exuding Southern charm. While vacationing on the Crystal Coast, be sure to visit the closest beach town. They are all a short drive from the island. 

vacationing in north carolina beaches

Beach Therapy: Sand, Sun, and Serenity 

Forget the hustle and bustle; the Southern Outer Banks is where serenity meets the shoreline. The beaches are more than just sandy stretches; they’re your personal zen zones. Imagine basking under the sun, toes in the sand, with the rhythmic sound of waves as your playlist. Blissful, right? The Crystal Coast is the home of the best North Carolina beaches. It truly is the perfect place to have a respite from the hustle and bustle.  

Whether you are taking a family vacation, a romantic respite, or a friends getaway, the east coast of North Carolina is a great place to do so. Don’t forget, we can help you find the perfect beach getaway at one of our Bluewater Vacation Rentals. 

The Crystal Coast is not just a destination; it’s a mood. So, pack your flip-flops, toss your worries to the wind, and let the Southern Outer Banks work its magic. Your escape to Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, and Salter Path awaits. where every day is a beach day! Vacationing in the North Carolina beaches is the perfect escape! 

If you are looking for the best things to do, a good place to start is our Area Guide. There, you can find the best outdoor activities, the most popular destination in each area, and even live music around the Crystal Coast. 

vacationing in north carolina beaches

Looking for a place to stay while you are visiting, check out Bluewater Vacation Rentals where you can find the perfect vacation home.

Make Your Home Here

Have you vacationed in the North Carolina beaches and considering living here? We can help you find your forever home here on the Southern Outer Banks. Not only is Bluewater the leading vacation rental company, but our award-winning agents are the leading in real estate across the nation.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit the Crystal Coast?

The spring and fall seasons are ideal for pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Summer is popular for beachgoers, but you can also enjoy the coast’s beauty during the quieter winter months. The answer is, anytime is a great time to visit the Crystal Coast!

Are there kid-friendly activities on the Crystal Coast?

Absolutely! The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is a hit with families, offering an interactive marine experience. Fort Macon State Park and the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort are also great for a family day out. There are also a plethora of kid-friendly activities for kids under 5.

What water activities are popular on the Crystal Coast?

The Crystal Coast is a water lover’s paradise. You can indulge in activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing charters, and even try your hand at the best surfing on the east coast.

small business saturday

Why Small Business Saturday is Important on the Crystal Coast

Move over, Black Friday. Step aside, Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday is the most important shopping day on the Crystal Coast.

Small Business Saturday plays a crucial role in sustaining the economic vitality, local culture, and community well-being of the Crystal Coast, North Carolina, making it an essential event for the region’s growth and prosperity.

small business saturday
Local coffee shops like Historic Grounds in Beaufort benefit from communities that patronize them year-round.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is an annual event dedicated to supporting local businesses and encouraging consumers to shop small. But what makes it so special? Well, grab a cup of coffee from AB Coffee, and let us tell you all about it.

Small Business Saturday is a shopping holiday held annually in the United States, typically the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This event encourages consumers to shop at small, independently-owned stores, both online and in-person, to boost local economies, foster community connections, and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of small businesses.

It serves as a reminder to prioritize shopping at smaller shops, cafes, boutiques, and local enterprises to help them thrive and compete with larger retailers during the holiday season.

Why is it so important to the Crystal Coast? Let’s dive in!

small business saturday
Boutiques such as Style the Day Boutique in Emerald Isle offer great gift options.

It Supports Local Communities

When you shop at a small business, you’re not just supporting an individual or a family, you’re supporting an entire community. Small businesses employ local workers, pay local taxes, and often give back to the community in the form of charitable donations or volunteer work. By shopping small on Small Business Saturday, you’re not just getting a unique and personalized shopping experience, you’re also doing your part to support the place you call home. For us, it is the Crystal Coast.

It’s Personalized and Unique

Small businesses are often founded by individuals or small groups of people with a passion for what they do. This means that they’re able to offer a level of personalized service and a unique selection of products that you won’t find at your typical chain store. Whether you’re shopping for locally-made crafts, homemade baked goods, or one-of-a-kind jewelry, you’re sure to find something special on Small Business Saturday.

small business saturday
Small Business Saturday contributes to the broader support and visibility of local businesses, including those in the agricultural sector, like Island Produce in Atlantic Beach.

It Helps Boost the Local Economy

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a small business, $68 stays in the local economy? This money is spent on things like local suppliers, vendors, and service providers. It helps to create a ripple effect of economic growth throughout the community. By shopping small on Small Business Saturday, you’re not just supporting the individual business you’re buying from. You’re helping to boost the local economy as a whole.

It Encourages Sustainability

Small businesses often have more control over their supply chain. They are able to source materials and products in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. They’re also less likely to contribute to the kind of mass consumerism that pervades larger chain stores. By shopping small on Small Business Saturday, you’re not just getting a unique and sustainable product. You’re also doing your part to reduce waste and promote ethical consumerism.

small business saturday

It’s Fun!

Let’s be real, shopping is always more fun when it’s done in a unique and personalized setting. Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to get out and explore your local community, discover new businesses and products, and connect with the people working behind the scenes. It’s a chance to make new memories and create new traditions, all while supporting the things you care about.

small business saturday

So there you have it, folks. Small Business Saturday is more than just a marketing gimmick. It’s a movement that’s helping to create a more sustainable, vibrant, and connected local community. So this year, skip the long lines and impersonal shopping experiences and opt for a more meaningful and personal experience by shopping small. We guarantee it will be the best day of your shopping year.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any sales on Small Business Saturday like they are on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Many businesses offer special discounts, promotions, or unique deals to encourage shoppers to buy locally on this day.

How can I get my community involved in supporting Small Business Saturday?

Communities can organize events, spread awareness through local media, provide incentives for shopping locally, and create a supportive atmosphere for the day.

What type of businesses can get involved in Small Business Saturday?

Any independently-owned businesses, ranging from retail shops, restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, and art galleries, to service-based establishments like spas, salons, and local service providers.