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Crystal Coast Monthly Rentals

Bluewater Real Estate offers a collection of premier Crystal Coast Monthly Rentals which can be rented and enjoyed throughout the year.

The Southern Outer Banks is beautiful in the off-season-Fall, Winter, and Spring! Many homes and condos that rent weekly during the summer are available for extended stays from September 1st – April 30th. Monthly rentals are perfect for the career-minded vacationer looking to work remotely while enjoying the beautiful surroundings the Crystal Coast has to offer. The fish are running, beaches are quiet and monthly rentals are affordable. The off-season is the perfect time to plan your fishing trip you’ve dreamed of all year long. Best of all, many of the local restaurants, businesses, shops, and services stay open well after the end of summer, ensuring that off-season vacationers will have everything they need to enjoy a long and relaxing extended stay along the Crystal Coast.

These fully furnished Crystal Coast Monthly Rentals normally rent weekly and provide most of the comforts of home. Please note that based on your length of stay, a credit check and addendum to the standard NC Vacation Rental Agreement may be required.

If the monthly rental you are interested in allows pets, please note that a nonrefundable pet deposit is due. Our monthly rentals do not qualify in our “Pets Stay Free” promotion – this is exclusive to vacation rentals. Advertised Military discounts can not be applied to monthly rentals.

Please Note: Oceanfront properties (with the exception of condominiums) cannot be booked solely for the month of September until after August 1st in an attempt to obtain weekly bookings. However, if a Tenant is willing to confirm at least 90 days, September will be booked prior to August 1st. All other properties will be booked on a monthly basis anytime during the year for September 1st unless noted otherwise.

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