Crystal Coast's Salter Path

Salter Path

The history of Salter Path, North Carolina is an interesting one. Late in the 18th century, one of the largest communities on the Shackleford Banks was Diamond City, called such because of the diamond pattern of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse located a short distance to the west. These were whalers and fishermen but interestingly enough, within twenty years or so this community had virtually disappeared by people moving. We don’t know why this community migrated but we do know that in August of 1899 a strong hurricane came in and the area was severely flooded and there was much Destruction. People actually tore down their stores and houses board by board and loaded them by ferry or other means carried them to different areas. Other buildings were later destroyed by storms or torn down so that there is practically no indication a town ever existed in this area before Salter Path was formed.

The waters here were abundant with shrimp and fish and so it was natural that fisherman would settle here. Salter Path was home to a fisherman by the name of Tom Salter. He would anchor his boat on the sound side of the island and walk to the oceanfront. Legend has it that the walkway he made between the sound and the oceanfront became known as Salter Path, hence the name of the town.

Today, Salter Path is home to many beautiful beach vacation rentals and is a prime vacation area on the Crystal Coast. Shrimping and fishing here are still lucrative professions and you can see the boats off the coast with their nets low in the water bringing in fresh fruit of the sea. As a vacationer, Salter Path is quiet area with white sandy beaches and emerald green waters. If you are a little adventurous, you can also try windsurfing, kayaking or jet skiing. For a quiet peaceful vacation, Salter Path is a great place to choose for your next trip to the North Carolina Beaches.

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