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Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment

Emerald Isle Beach Re-nourishment Project

Beach Nourishment Project

Hurricane Florence Beach Replenishment Project (2019)

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company was awarded the dredging contract for Winter/Spring 2019 along Bogue Banks. The contract focuses mainly on the central parts of the island (Indian Beach & Eastern Emerald Isle). Accordingly, the beach will be closed to beach driving beyond the Ocean Drive “Dog Leg” ramp for the duration of the project. Check back for updates to this project. All information is courtesy of the Carteret County Shore Protection Office

4/10/19 – BOTH HOPPER DREDGES IN OPERATION.  As scheduled, the Ellis Island arrived on Monday (4/8/19) and delivered her first load of sand at about 6 pm that evening and has been working steadily ever since.  She (Ellis Island) is pumping sand via a submerged pipeline landing at 18th Street and is progressing westward towards Emerald Isle’s Eastern Regional Access. The Liberty Island meanwhile continues to pump sand via a pipeline landing at 8th Street and is also progressing west from this point – currently at 12th Street (SEE 4/10/19 PROGRESS MAP).  The “dredging – sail to beach – pump-out – sail back to the borrow area” cycle is different for each dredge – every now and then both will coincide with a beach pump-out (see figure below).   We could run into rough seas this weekend, but weather and mechanical shutdowns are always built into the schedule.
4/8/19 – PIPE FLIPPED TO THE WEST, ELLIS ISLAND ON THE WAY.   Great Lakes Dredge & Dock finished working eastward from the submerged pipeline landing at 8th Street on Saturday (4/6/19), and is now working westward from 8th Street (at 10th Street this morning – SEE 4/8/19 PROGRESS MAP).  The beachfill connecting Reach 1 in Emerald Isle to Reach 2 in Indian Beach have now been merged, the pipes have been removed from the beach, etc.
The dredge, Ellis Island is on her way from Charleston as this update is being prepared (she’s on the north side of Cape Fear @ ~9 am) and should begin dredging/pumping later today.   The Ellis Island will be pumping sand to the beach near 18th street in Emerald Isle and will proceed west towards the Towns Eastern Regional Access.  The Liberty Island will continue pumping from the submerged pipeline at 8th Street and work west.
The dredges Liberty Island has a maximum capacity of 6,540 cubic yards and the Ellis Island 14,800 cubic yards under optimal conditions.  The Ellis Island has been in operation since December 2017 and is the largest hopper dredge in the U.S.   This will be one of her first beach nourishment template jobs (i.e., not just disposal, but meeting a prescribed nourishment template – see cross section).  We’re glad to see her here!

4/5/19 – The Ellis Island (the “big dredge”) is all set to arrive and start dredging/pumping on April 8th.  All the vessel inspections are scheduled, the second trawler is ready to start and relocate endangered/threatened species away from the borrow source and dredge, etc.   Once the Ellis Island arrives on the 8th, it will be pumping sand to the beach near 18th street in Emerald Isle and will proceed west towards the Towns Eastern Regional Access, then flipped towards the east from 18th Street.  The Liberty Island in the meantime has been pumping sand to the beach from 8th Street and is progressing east back towards the completed section of Indian Beach – they were at 2nd Street this afternoon (SEE 4/5/19 PROGRESS MAP).    Great Lakes Dredge & Dock should be done going east over the weekend and will begin pumping towards the west of 8th Street.   Ideally, the Liberty Island pumping to the west will meet the Ellis Island pumping to the east somewhere between the 8th and 18th street pipeline landings on the beach.  Please note that with the second dredge on-site, there will be lots more activity on the beach – more surveying, more pipe, more heavy equipment, etc.
Also earlier today, the project sponsors, engineers, and contractor had a meeting with the dune plant subcontractor (Coastal Transplants).   We discussed our planting grid, watering methods, fertilizers to be used during installation, etc.  Coastal Transplants will likely start planting the dune crest and dune slope towards the latter stages of next week – starting in Reach 3, then Reach 2, and Reach 1 (basically “east to west” – in the same order as the nourishment project has been completed).  The dune grasses (mostly sea oats and some bitter panicum) are sensitive to their new environment when first planted – they are going from a controlled greenhouse environment to the salt air and wind that dominate the beach.  There will be tens of thousands of plants installed as part of this project and they need to be disrupted as little as possible so they can successfully grow and survive.   Thus, please stay off the vegetated part of the dunes – stay in the bare sand pathways that will be created at each walkway.   Please pass along this friendly reminder to your friends or visitors you may see as well.   Thank you.

4/3/19 – Quick, mid-week update.  The Liberty Island continues to utilize “Pipeline Landing #4” at 8th Street and is working eastward from this point towards the Emerald Isle/Indian Beach Town Boundary, and pumping is currently near the 3rd Street Park (SEE 4/3/19 PROGRESS MAP).  The schedule for second dredge, the Ellis Island is still on track for arrival on April 8th and will service the “3rd Pipeline Landing” located near 18th Street and will first work westward from this point towards the Eastern Regional Access.  And lastly, dune planting activities could commence towards the latter part of next week, first starting in “Reach 3” (“east Indian Beach).   See Greenhouse and Root photos – these are the actual plants ready for delivery and installation.

4/1/19 – We’re on to Reach 1 (East Emerald Isle) and beach nourishment activities are currently moving east from the submerged pipeline landing near 8th Street back towards the completed Indian Beach section (SEE 4/1/19 PROGRESS MAP).   That submerged line (“subline”) was not fully ready on Friday afternoon and roughly two hopper loads were placed off the subline already in place near 18th Street (see 4th and 3rd Pipeline Landing in progress map).  Photos from today’s activities and dune plants from the greenhouse are below.

3/29/19 – REACH 2 COMPLETED, VEGETATION NOTE, ELLIS ISLAND ARRIVING ON THE 8th – Today is somewhat of a transition day.   For one Great Lakes Dredge & Dock have completed pumping to Reach 2 (SEE 3/29/19 PROGRESS MAP), which therefore concurrently signifies the start of Reach 1 – East Emerald Isle (roughly 65% of the project volume wise).  To this end, the submerged pipeline (subline) that serviced the dredge Liberty Island in Reach 2 is being moved today to East Emerald Isle near 7th Street.  The Liberty Island is using this time to refuel and will likely start using the “new” subline at 7th Street later this afternoon/early evening or the subline already installed near 16th Street (see 4th and 3rd pipeline landing, respectively in the REACH 1 MAP).
Also there has been a change in schedule for the second dredge, the Ellis Island to arrive, which is now planned for April 8th – not the 2nd as reported earlier this week.  This does not hamper the overall completion schedule for the project – April 8th was the approximate date the Ellis Island was originally slated to arrive when the schedule was first presented by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock months ago.
And lastly, some initial discussions with respect to the dune planting phase of the project have taken place and planting of the dune crest and slope (see cross-section) in Reach 3 could begin in a couple/few weeks.  We are using Sea Oats and Bitter Panicum, which are native plants to this area.

3/27/19 – FLIPPED THE PIPE IN REACH 2 – The eastern reach off the 2nd pipe landing was completed yesterday and we are working westward now to complete Indian Beach and therefore Reach 2 (SEE 3/27/19 PROGRESS MAP).  Next week will likely mark a shift in the project in a couple of ways.  (1) We will be starting or will have started Reach 1 (eastern Emerald Isle).  (2) The dredge Ellis Island is scheduled to begin dredging/pumping on April 2nd and will service the “3rd pipeline landing” located near 16th Street in Emerald Isle and will progress west towards the Eastern Regional Access first, then flipped towards the east.  And (3) in all likelihood, the pipeline currently being used in Reach 2 will be moved near 7th Street in Emerald Isle, representing the “4th pipeline landing”.  The Liberty Island will be utilizing this pipeline landing and will first work back east towards the Town line shared with Indian Beach, then flip to the east to meet up with the Ellis Island pipeline/nourishment (See PROGRESS MAP).

3/25/19 – Beach nourishment activities were paused during the latter part of last week because of weather/sea conditions.   However, nourishment resumed early Saturday morning (3/23/19) and has progressed nicely since.  The dredge Liberty Island is using the pump-out station/submerged line in Reach 2 and nourishment activities are advancing eastward from this point – past the Ocean Club, and now past SummerWinds (SEE 3/25/19 PROGRESS MAP).

3/20/19 – Beach nourishment continues to progress eastward towards SummerWinds from the active submerged pipe landing (see March 20, 2019 PROGRESS MAP).   The dredge Liberty Island is now going to be accompanied by the second dredge (Ellis Island) a little earlier than first scheduled and should arrive the 1st week of April.   Both dredges will work in tandem to complete Reach 1 (East Emerald Isle – SEE MAP).

3/18/19 – REACH 3 COMPLETE – Reach 3 (“east” Indian Beach and Salter Path) was completed yesterday (3/17/19), and subsequently the first load of sand was delivered to Reach 2 – SEE 3/18/19 PROGRESS MAP.  Beach nourishment activities are now progressing eastward from the 2nd submerged pipeline landing, and will be “flipped” westward once the eastward run is completed.  Also, the submerged line for Reach 1 in Emerald Isle has been installed near 16th Street (see MAP).

3/15/19 – Strong productivity continues and Reach 3 (Indian Beach/Salter Path) could be completed this weekend (see 3/15/19 Progress Map).  If so, dredging/pump-out operations will move to Reach 2 in Indian Beach where nourishment will progress eastward off the 2nd pipeline landing.

3/13/19 – Productivity/progress remains strong.  Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) has completed ~3,000 linear feet of the project in less than 5 days and the eastward leg from the first subline landing in Reach 3 (Indian Beach/Salter Path)  is complete – see photos below.  GLDD begun progressing west from the subline landing this morning (SEE 3/13/19 PROGRESS MAP).

3/10/19 – Great Lakes Dredge & Dock has made some nice progress in less than 48 hours of starting the project (pictures below), and have completed ~1,000 linear feet of beach thus far (see 3/10/19 UPDATE).  The sand quality is excellent visually speaking.   We have received a lot of questions regarding how the dune feature will be constructed and tied into the existing, scarped dune that characterized Bogue Banks after hurricane Florence.  Hopefully this schematic next to an actual constructed portion will provide a good mental image = dune construction image.
3/8/19 (PROJECT START) – Right on schedule.   The dredge Liberty Island arrived earlier this morning from Charleston, S.C., underwent a series of mandatory inspections, and subsequently excavated, sailed, and delivered the first hopper load of sand to Reach 3 at roughly 4:15 pm  (pictures below).  Note that beach nourishment will first be progressing eastward off the 1st subline landing (depicted here).  Also, the second subline has been installed today at Reach 2 (see “Station 514+00” here).

3/6/19 (tentative start date is Friday, 3/8/19) – The dredge Liberty Island is presently docked in Charleston, S.C. and will be transiting to Morehead City Harbor over the course of the next day(s) with dredging/pumping activities scheduled to initiate Friday afternoon/early evening (3/8/19) subsequent to mandatory vessel inspections – again in Reach 3, Indian Beach (see updates below).

Other dredging work in the area – It is also noteworthy to mention the hopper dredges Dodge Island and Padre Island started dredging maintenance work for the Morehead City Harbor Federal Navigation Project on February 26th and will likely conclude at the end of March.  Shoal material will be dredged predominantly from Range A and placed in the new nearshore berm east offshore disposal site (see image).  This scope of work is part of a regional hopper approach for the Brunswick, Savannah, Wilmington, and Morehead City Harbors  (~700,000 cubic yards for Morehead City – bid abstract).

Also a second federal contract for Morehead City Harbor maintenance, which represents a carryover project from the previous fiscal year was also awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock utilizing a pipeline dredge (bid abstract).  The dredging ranges include both the Cutoff and Range A utilizing either the nearshore berm east or west disposal sites (see image), and will likely start sometime in April (~1,600,000 cubic yards).

And lastly the Corps of Engineers’ small hopper dredge, the Murden should be arriving to the area in the middle of March and will service both Morgan Creek (~6 days of dredging and ~7,500 cubic yards) in Range 1  (map)  and Bulkhead Channel (~4 days of dredging and ~ 3,596 cubic yards) in Range 1 (map).   Offshore disposal at the nearshore berm west.

2/26/19 – The first submerged pipeline (“sub-line”) landing was transited to and installed earlier today at Reach 3 in Indian Beach at Station 695+50 (pictures below) as land based pipe continues to be delivered to the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp.

2/25/19 – Land-based piping has begun arriving at the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp is actively being staged along the beachfront (pictures below).

2/20/19 – Both the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp and Dog Leg 4WD Drive Access will be used to transfer land-based dredge pipe arriving via flatbed trucks to the beach.  Front-end loaders and other ancillary equipment should arrive at the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp early next week.  Some sub-line (water-based piping), derricks, barges, etc. have arrived and are holding tight in Bogue Sound, situated just north of Ft. Macon.   Otherwise, there are no schedule changes to report as the dredge Liberty Island is planned to initiate dredging/nourishment the first week of March in Indian Beach (Reach 3) and will be accompanied by the Ellis Island several weeks later – the temporary sub-line pipe landing locations from offshore as depicted for Indian Beach/Salter Path and East Emerald Isle remain the same.

2/14/19 – No schedule changes to report.  The dredge Liberty Island is planned to initiate dredging/nourishment the first week of March in Indian Beach (Reach 3) and will be accompanied by the Ellis Island several weeks later – the temporary pipe landings from offshore as depicted for Indian Beach/Salter Path and East Emerald Isle remain the same.  Mobilization of dredge pipe, ancillary vessels, and equipment to the area should be more pronounced in the weeks ahead.

1/30/19 – There will be three temporary pipeline landings that will serve the dredges Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  In general the sand will be pumped ashore from the hopper dredge and progress east or west, then reversed as generally depicted in the new updated maps for Reach 2 and 3 (see – Indian Beach/Salter Path) and Reach 1 (see – East Emerald Isle).  The Liberty Island will arrive on site likely the first week of March followed by the Ellis Island.

1/22/19 – Great Lakes Dredge & Dock should begin mobilizing land- and water-based pipe, heavy equipment, personnel, etc. towards the latter parts of February and although the schedule is tentative, dredging/pumping could begin the first week of March.

Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment

Atlantic Beach Causeway Corrider Master Plan

Atlantic Beach, NC Causeway Potential Changes Coming

Atlantic Beach, NC Causeway – The Town of Atlantic Beach is working  to improve the Causeway. The Town of Atlantic Beach is working with Alta Planning & Design to create the Causeway Corridor Master Plan. The plan is to provide guidance for improvements to the Atlantic Beach Causeway. The Town of Atlantic Beach seeks to make better use of the wide 200ft right-of-way along the Atlantic Beach Causeway. Other goals the town of Atlantic Beach has are to:

  • Maintain or increase the number of parking spaces for Atlantic Beach Causeway businesses
  • Eliminate unnecessary curb cuts
  • Improve bike/pedestrian/golf cart flow along the Atlantic Beach Causeway
  • Update the appearance and improve the landscaping
  • Increase visibility for Causeway businesses through way finding or other means

Atlantic Beach, NC Causeway Public Input meeting on

Friday, April 5, 2019 from 4:00- 6:00 PM

in the Boardroom behind Town Hall at 125 W Fort Macon Road

The public is invited to attend and participate.

For those with questions and comments that will not be able to attend or need greater depth of information, please email Michelle Eitner at, call at (252)726-4456, or visit Town Hall during business hours.

Sea Turtle Protection Along the Crystal Coast

Join your local Sea Turtle Protection Crew!

Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Patrol

The Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Patrol group has played an active role in protecting Turtle hatchlings along our coast for many years. The EI Sea Turtle Patrol is made up of around 250 volunteers, all working in specific capacities to help ensure that baby turtles make it down to the water safely at birth. They cover 13 miles of beach, split into 1 mile zones. During nesting season, walkers in each zone are out at dawn to look for tracks left by nesting mothers. When a nest is discovered, other members come out to stake it off. If it is in a precarious location, volunteers will move the nest, but only if it is absolutely necessary. The goal is always to keep things as natural as possible. Once a nest is close to hatching, also known as a boil- nest sitters keep a vigil through the night to ensure that the hatchlings make it out to the water. During the summer, the sitters often have plenty of company; visitors pull up their beach chairs and settle in to watch the nest and ask questions, this draws in more people, and before you know it, it’s a turtle party. The fall boils tend to be more quiet, intimate affairs with just the sitters and hatchlings. A few days after a boil, the patrol excavates the nest and takes an inventory, which gets turned over to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

For more information about the EI Sea Turtle Patrol, or if you have any questions- please reach out to Program Coordinator Dale Baquer at

The Annual EI Sea Turtle Patrol Meeting will be held

Saturday, April 6th from 10 AM-1 PM

at the Emerald Isle Rec Center (7500 Emerald Drive)

Come out to learn more about the program, meet the zone coordinators,

and sign up to become part of the Sea Turtle Patrol team!

Atlantic Beach Sea Turtle Program

Each summer in Atlantic Beach, and all along Bogue Banks, Sea Turtle Nesting season is from May 1 through October. Of the seven sea turtle species, five are found in NC waters and loggerheads are the most common turtle nesting on NC beaches. These amazing animals need to be protected.

To help protect these endangered animals, NC Wildlife Resources Commission has volunteers that walk the beaches every morning looking for sea turtle crawls that indicate a nest has been laid. The nest is then roped off until it hatches, 50-60 days later. Before the nests hatch, volunteers watch the nests in the evening to help ensure the hatchlings make it to the ocean.

Help protect sea turtle nests by volunteering with the North Carolina Sea Turtle Project. Contact the Atlantic Beach Sea Turtle Volunteer Coordinator: Michele Lamping 

For more information about the EI Sea Turtle Patrol, or if you have any questions- please reach out to Program Coordinator Dale Baquer at

Even if you’re not living full-time along The Crystal Coast, here are some ways to help promote sustainable sea turtle nests!

  • Turn off or shield bright oceanside lights during nesting season so turtles don’t get confused when trying to reach the ocean.
  • When walking the beach at night, use flashlights with a red filter. The red light will not distract or deter the turtles.
  • Take care of your trash and pick up litter so sea turtles and other animals don’t choke or become entangled.
  • Remove all chairs, umbrellas, cabanas and other obstacles overnight to help provide safe movement for and prevent obstructions to, nesting sea turtles during Summer-Fall nesting season. They may block nesting females and new hatchlings.
  • Fill in any holes you find dug on the beach. People and nesting females can fall into holes and injure themselves.
  • Keep your pets and children away from designated nest sites on the beach.
  • Report any nesting activity or injured and dead turtles you encounter to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, 252-247-4003.

Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Fest and Swansboro Rotary Oyster Roast

28th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Saturday, March 16th | 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Get ready for a great time at the Emerald Plantation Shopping Center for the Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival! The annual event includes a great lineup of live music, an impressive amount of local arts and crafts vendors, plus a wide variety of food and drinks the whole family can enjoy. The little ones will especially enjoy the amusement rides setup in the parking lot behind Ace Hardware. The always popular Beer Garden will be open from 10 AM- 5 PM, and will host the Gold Stage under a large tent. The final band of the night, Spare Change is always a crowdpleaser and will take the stage at 4 in the afternoon. Make sure to bring your ID’s if you plan on entering the tent area. Parking diagonally along Hwy 58 is permitted for the town-sponsored festival and any other questions regarding the event should be directed to EI Parks & Recreation department at (252) 354-6350.

Be sure to bring the family over to our Emerald Isle office at the corner of Mangrove Drive & Hwy 58

& pose for a photo-op in your festive outfits on our Big Green Beach Chair!

We will have an Agent on Duty all day, if you have any questions Real Estate related questions.

Swansboro Rotary Club 40th Annual Oyster Roast & Pig Out

For those folks who want to keep the party going throughout the evening, the Swansboro Rotary Club is cookin’ up quite the festival of their own. The 40th Annual Oyster Roast & Pig Out will start up around 5:00 PM, although some folks do gather ’round before to try and make their way to the front of the line. The cost to enter is $60 at the door, or $50 if you buy a ticket before. Rotary members have tickets available for purchase, and they can be found at participating local businesses. A ticket to the event includes all the oysters you can eat, plenty of barbeque, fried fish and sides, plus free beer to wash it all down. Chances are they’ll have your favorite college basketball team on the big screen and the band will play a few tunes you know. There’s always a good crowd so have fun & be safe getting home!

Property Damage Relief Workshop Recap

Hurricane Florence Property Damage Relief- Recap

We just want to give a Huge THANK YOU to all of the vendors we had speak at our Property Damage Relief Workshop on Saturday, February 23rd. We appreciate all of your support, and are grateful for the opportunity to organize such an impactful event for our community. To all of the attendees who took time out of their schedules to learn with us- We wish you all the best of luck, and encourage you to reach out to us, or any of the speakers for more advice as you continue to recover. For those that couldn’t make it, see the list of those local resources below and reach out if you are ever in need of their services.

Lynn Anderson & Linda Rice – Stearns Lending
Jonathan Hughes – East Coast Restoration
Ron Hicks – Public Adjuster
Mike Hancock, Insurance agent, Farm Bureau in Beaufort
Maven Construction
Infinity Roofing and Siding
Terry Jones – Cedar Point Flooring & Bayside Chem Dri
Hope 4NC

We are considering facilitating more events like this in the near future. If you are interested in speaking, or attending- Please reach out and let us know. We will keep you posted on the day/time of any further events.

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Crystal Coast Home and Garden Show

31st Annual Coastal Home & Garden Show

March 2nd and 3rd- Crystal Coast Civic Center

With a sense of Spring finally hitting the air in Carteret County, now is a great time to start thinking about an improvement to your property. There’s no better place to gather ideas and information than the Crystal Coast Home & Garden Show. The event features dozens of local vendors- including pool builders, landscaping professionals, interior designers, and much more. You’ll be able to speak directly with representatives from these companies and ask any questions that can directly relate to your situation. The cost of admission ($5 per person, kids 12 and under free) is well worth it for such a wide variety of helpful resources. You can sign up to win prizes throughout the day, and even schedule a further consultation with a company you’re looking to work with. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to improve your property value, and get more out of your Crystal Coast Home!

CCAR Awards Luncheon

Carteret County Association of REALTORS® Annual Awards Luncheon

Valentine’s Day was a full day of celebrations as members of Real Estate Organizations across Carteret County gathered to celebrate their accomplishments from 2018. We are proud to have multiple agents, teams, and both of our offices recognized with production awards.

Platinum Office Awards

Bluewater Real Estate- Atlantic Beach
Bluewater Real Estate- Emerald Isle

We are so excited to announce that both of our office locations have secured the top-production award from the Carteret County Association of REALTORS®. This is a testament to our hardworking agents, and their knowledge of the Crystal Coast Real Estate Market. The prestigious Platinum Award is given to those offices that surpass 170 transaction sides, or are responsible for over $40 Million in Total Sales Volume.

Kitch Ayre


This is my 20th year selling in Emerald Isle, and I love it!  I meet people from all over and help them buy and sell their vacation homes, investment properties, and full time residences.  I also have quite a few military customers with the close proximity to two bases.  I take my job very seriously and make myself available to my customers almost anytime.  I know that their transactions are very important to them, and I want them to be able to contact me whenever they need me.  I also feel that I need to know as much as possible about this market and to give the best customer service possible–even long after the sale!

I have been honored as Bluewater’s Top Producer every year since 1999 as well as Carteret County’s Top Producer for six years. In today’s challenging Emerald Isle real estate market, selecting the right real estate agent to represent you is crucial.  It can make all of the difference in the world.  Whether you’re planning on buying or selling or just have a question, please feel free to call me!  Let me put my enthusiasm, integrity, and attention to detail to work for you!

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The Star Team- Coastal Property Specialists in Atlantic Beach Logo


The Star Team

Real Estate Team

When you work with the Star Team, you’ll get expert guidance from professionals with an outstanding reputation for excellence in real estate transactions on the Crystal Coast.

We are long-time residents and know the area intimately. We have the education and the experience to take all of the pieces of a home buying or selling puzzle and put them together to achieve a seamless closing. We’re committed to serving the community with honesty and integrity, and to building relationships, not just adding up home sales.

Copeland & Bernauer Real Estate Team Logo

Allison Bernauer- Broker/Realtor with Copeland & Bernauer team at Bluewater Real Estate in Atlantic Beach, NC

Copeland & Bernauer

Real Estate Team

With over 40 combined years of Crystal Coast Real Estate experience, The Copeland & Bernauer Real Estate Team takes pride in providing a smooth and enjoyable transaction for all of their clients. Alison Bernauer, Pat Copeland, and Eleanor Copeland have decided to combine their industry and local knowledge to form the C & B team. The Silver Production Award is a testament to their hardwork and dedication to their clients and community.

Lorna Riggs


I relocated to Emerald Isle on the beautiful Crystal Coast with my husband in 1989, leaving my 1st career as a Physician Assistant in Winston-Salem, NC. We pursued our entrepreneurial dream of creating and operating a specialty outdoor retail business in a place we love.  Island Rigs Kayak and Clothing Company was born, grew and thrived for 16 years.  At the store vacationing customers, enthralled by the area, were often as interested in my local knowledge of the coastal neighborhoods, as they were about our products and services.

I became a licensed Real Estate Broker in 2005. Since then, I have familiarized myself with communities throughout Carteret and Onslow Counties.  I obtained the GRI (Graduate of Realtor Institute); SFR (Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource); CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) & RSPS (Resort & Second-home Property Specialist) designations to better serve my clients.  I look forward to working with you in buying or selling your full time residence, vacation home or investment property.  Your satisfaction is my goal.  It will be a privilege to use my professional skills, knowledge of current market conditions, and attention to detail in helping you, your friends and family.

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Ron Webb


I have lived in Carteret County for twenty one years, thirteen of them on the Bogue Sound in Emerald Isle.  My background includes experience in healthcare and as a business owner in healthcare professional recruitment.  I have lived mostly in Kentucky and Texas before moving to North Carolina in 1996.  When I am not busy with church activities, I golf and explore the outer banks and mountains of North Carolina.  I enjoy helping people find the property that makes them happy.  I am excited about telling people the benefits of living here along the Crystal Coast.  Call me at 252-622-1505 or email me at  I would be happy to come look at your property or help you find your next (or second) home.

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