Preparing Your Home for the Winter

Are You & Your Home Ready for the Winter Season?

Take a look at some of these great tips to help prepare for the cold months that are to come.

We all depend on our heating systems to keep us warm and comfortable when the temperature drops.  There are some things you can do to help your home stay nice and toasty when you need it!

Do you have a fireplace?  Whether it’s a gas or wood burning fireplace it is important to get it checked out.  Hiring a professional to check the chimney on your wood burning fireplace for any critters that may have made a home, that the damper is functioning properly and also for any cracks or crumbling masonry will get a jump on any repairs that may be needed.  This will help to ensure any issues are addressed immediately to prevent future problems.  Gas burning fireplaces should be checked as well to make sure they will function properly before use to identify serious problems such as checking the lines for any carbon monoxide leaks, cleaning the blower and checking the pilot light.

This beautiful gas-log fireplace warms the room in more ways than one. Whether you plan on using your fireplace throughout the winter, or are just closing it up for the season- it’s crucial for the safety and protection of your home to have a professional check to make sure it’s in working condition.

The following winter maintenance schedule (Provided by Old Republic Home Protection) can help you prepare your home for winter weather and keep your home systems and appliances in tip-top shape!

  • Plumbing
    • Close and drain hose bibs
    • Inspect Water Heater temperature pressure relief valve for signs of leaks or discharge
  • Electrical
    • Ensure flashlights have fresh batteries in case of a power outage
  • Heating & Cooling
    • Have fireplaces and flues inspected and cleaned; repair as needed
    • Schedule heating system tune-up and cleaning
  • Exterior
    • Check paint, siding, or masonry for deterioration (detereriorated paint can lead to widespread rot)
      • One topcoat of paint sohuld last four or five years, but coats can last twice as long
    • Trim foundation plantings to leave a foot of clear space between plants and home
    • Rake debris away from house and other structures
    • Clean gutters and downspouts; repair as needed
    • Check roof and roof penetrations for leaks
    • Check exterior house siding for signs of rot
    • Trim any tree branches near or touching roof or gutters
    • Check all exterior caulk; repair as needed
    • Insulate for winter
      • On a windy day, feel around the edges of doors, windows, and fireplaces for any air leaks
      • Look for dust piles as clues to leaks
      • Caulk and repair weather stripping as needed
    • Clear debris from storm window weep holes
    • Clean out under decks and porches, as well as the space between deck boards
    • Clean out basement window wells

The contents of this blog was prepared by:

Jane Burger


Jane Burger- Broker/REALTOR with Bluewater Real Estate in Emerald Isle, NC

Fall Styling With Pumpkins

Make your home cozy, festive, and stylish this holiday season with this collection of fall inspiration!

Welcome fall with open arms using pumpkins in your entryway, porch, fireplace, or as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner! This is a simple and affordable way to decorate in a modern way.


Take a peek inside the beautiful 5 bedroom, oceanfront home located at 173 Atlantic Boulevard Atlantic Beach, NC – the backdrop of our fall shoot!

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Fall Festivals Along the Crystal Coast

There’s Nothing Quite Like an Eastern NC Festival

Check out some of our favorite upcoming festivals and things to do around The Crystal Coast this Fall!

NC Seafood Festival

Downtown Morehead City
1st Weekend in October

Consistently one of the largest festivals in North Carolina, the NC Seafood Festival in Morehead City offers fun activities, unique vendors, and you got it- delicious seafood for the whole family to enjoy. Nearly 20 local bands will hit multiple stages throughout the weekend, and a few other events including the ‘Port of Pours’ beer tasting, a Sunday Sailing Regatta, Thursday night Low Country Boil, and unlimited access to rides with the purchase of an Armband on Friday night will keep the fun circling around the clock. Make sure to test your skills at the ‘Flounder Fling’ contest where you try and toss a flounder into a cast iron skillet, and take some time to visit the chef demonstration tent to boost your seafood cooking techniques with the help of some of the area’s most prominent chefs.

The ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ is one of the most heralded traditions the Seafood Festival offers. It is a small but important gesture to the many men and women who work hard every day so that we can enjoy such quality seafood at events like this. Without the dedication of these individuals, the seafood industry in North Carolina and beyond would be severely impacted. The Festival works hard to make sure that food vendors support local fishermen and that visitors know how important the industry is to our coastal communities. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy some of the freshest seafood on the East Coast at the NC Seafood Festival, and probably run into someone who caught it not all that long ago.

    Swansboro Mullet Festival

    Downtown Swansboro
    2nd Weekend in October

    The Swansboro Mullet Festival is always a highlight weekend of the small town and its vibrant display of shops and restaurants.  This year marks the festival’s 65th Anniversary, making it one of the oldest traditions along The Crystal Coast. If you’re not familiar with the area, we know what you might be thinking- ‘I can’t believe they have a whole weekend festival dedicated to that wacky haircut’. It’s an easy mistake to make, but the Mullet Festival actually celebrates the success of the fishing industry and the mullet has always been a popular catch along the small Eastern NC community. It’s a small, bony whitefish that was once hauled in from nets attached to tractors along the beaches. The process is still used to this day along some parts of Bogue Banks, and is truly a unique site to see.

    Fun for the whole family starts on Saturday morning with the Mullet Parade through the streets along Hwy 24. Once all of the floats have passed by, the crowd quickly heads toward the historic downtown district where craft vendors, food trucks and live music are easy to find. There is a designated play area for the kids at First Citizen’s Bank, and plenty of games and prizes to win. Parking can be a bit tricky this weekend in the ‘Boro’, but a shuttle service will be running from Ward Farm off Hammock’s Beach Road.

    Be sure to stop by and grab one of the popular festival T-Shirts and enjoy a heaping plate of fried mullet at the Rotary fish fry!

    Diamond City Gala- Art & Music Festival

    Martin Luther King Jr. Park- Morehead City
    October 19th

    As a non-profit organization, the Diamond City Gala is committed to celebrating local history, art and music while raising money to support The Crystal Coast community. This year’s First Annual Gala’s goal is to help restore and rebuild the Carteret Community Theatre that was unfortunately damaged during Fall 2018’s Hurricane Florence. The lineup for the event this year will include a Local Art Expo and Live Competition, Food, Drinks, Live Music and a Family Fun Zone. The main event of the evening, the Founders Dinner & Art Benefit, will include a partnership from Parrot’s on Eleventh and Promise Land Market with some delectable wine and food pairings. Local artists will also be on-hand to auction off some of their work for donations.  Tickets for the Founder’s Dinner are $100 and available for purchase from the link below.

    32nd Annual Carolina Kite Festival

    Sands Villas- Atlantic Beach
    October 26th

    Kites Unlimited- located in the Atlantic Station Shopping Center in Atlantic Beach, will host their annual Kite Festival at Sands Villas Resort. Admission is totally free, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own kite and a camera for photo opportunities. It’s one of the most unique sights along The Crystal Coast every year to see hundreds of kites flying high with the Carolina Blue skies showing off in the background. Most of the action will take place from 10 AM- 4 PM, but there will also be a night-fly starting at 6 PM. Stop by Kites Unlimited to get more details and pick out a new kite so that you can enjoy the fun!

    Garner’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

    Garner Farms
    5878 Arendell Street, Newport
    Saturday, September 28th- Saturday, November 2nd

    Garner’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is a partnership of Garner Farms, Garner’s Landscaping & The Plant Stand. The maze was unfortunately closed last year due to damage from Hurricane Florence, but is planning to be back this year and better than ever! The goal of the partnership is to continue to provide the community with more fun-filled fall activities and a place for families and schools to come together and enjoy the changing of the seasons and holidays. If you get the chance, bring your loved ones out to enjoy the Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, and Activity Center throughout the autumn months. More information and an update on special events and promotions can be found by clicking the button below!

    Take a Kid Fishing Recap

    Take a Kid Fishing 2019

    Every summer, hundreds of volunteers gather up along The Crystal Coast for Take a Kid Fishing Day. This year, a handful of our Real Estate Agents teamed up alongside other Real Estate Professionals within the County to partake in the day of fun in the sun.

    Sharon Salmon, who has been an active supporter of the program said, “The agents came together and worked as a team.  Captain Stacy was wonderful to try to assure that fish would be caught.  They pulled up anchor many times to move to another spot. Lots of different species were caught and the children were so excited.  Just to see the smiles and happiness this event produced can hardly be described.  It was truly heart warming! I’m proud to help with such a great cause!”

    “This was my first year helping out and what a success! Kids were all so well mannered and so excited to catch anything- whether it was small pin fish, small sharks and even crabs that latched onto the baits! Captain Stacy did an awesome job!” – Kathy Furtner

    To learn more about this great organization, and how to get involved for next year- Please click the button below to be directed to the Take a Kid Fishing Website.

    A Few New Food Options in Emerald Isle

    Get To Know Some of The Newest Hotspots Around Emerald Isle

    As expected, there’s lots of fresh seafood- but all prepared and served in a variety of ways.


    A healthy alternative to those good vibe mornings, and a lunch fix that will last all day.

    A chef driven spin on your everyday Juice Bar. Brandon & Elizabeth Shepeard, owners of Nourish, set out to bring an elevated juice bar to the Island with fresh eats to go along with it (and they did just that!). It’s evident that they take pride in working with small local businesses in the area to bring a great experience and strive to include the freshest, local ingredients into every serving.

    With a wide variety of menu items including, Avocado Toast, Acai Bowls, Poke Bowls, and hand-crafted juice, lemonade and canned kombucha- there’s something for everyone. If you’re palate isn’t particularly familiar with some of these unique items, we’re not judging- this is truly a new and exciting experience for most on the island. One thing’s for sure- you’re letting yourself (and your taste buds) down if you don’t give it a try.

    Nourish is located at 129 Bogue Inlet Drive. On occasion, the Urban Street Eats Food Truck will be on site, which is also owned and operated by Brandon & Elizabeth. Stop by to welcome these fine folks to the island, and keep an eye out for new menu items popping up all summer!

    *Worth Noting: This is the spot just before the Bogue Inlet Pier that the famous Flip Flops Donut Shop occupied for the last few years. Flip Flops hasn’t gone far, and if you’re craving your doughnut fix- they moved in with Polish Water Ice at 7702 Emerald Drive (Next to Circle Pizza).

    The best mode of transportation to check out Nourish might be by bicycle. There’s limited parking, and you’ll be juiced up for a nice ride around town after a tasty smoothie!

    Fish Hut Grill coming through with fresh seafood, cold beer, and island vibes. Tough to beat!

    Fish Hut Grill

    A fun & fresh, open-air grill serving up some tasty local seafood, cold beer, and drinks made-to-order.

    This new buzz-worthy, no frills grill & bar is floating around town and is conveniently located right across from our EI office, in the K & V Plaza. In the spot formerly known as The Emerald Grill, now stands The Fish Hut Grill, the island’s new home for relaxation and refreshment! The menu offers a variety of local seafood, burgers, wings, tacos. Fresh fish can be grilled or fried, and served on a bun or in a salad- whichever you prefer.

    Walk-through the front door and you’ll most likely see a line at the counter. Have no worries, there’s likely a cooler within arms reach with plenty of cold beer that you can enjoy while you wait. (Don’t forget to grab a koozie from the bucket to prevent beverage sweat!) Once you drool over the menu, and narrow it down (and agree to swap some with the rest of your party), you’ll place your order at the counter, give them your name, and try to find a seat. There’s a casual bar area to the right, family-style seating to the left, and a few shaded picnic tables out on the side. They’ll come find you when your food is ready, and you come find them if you need another beverage. Once all is said-and-done and everyone has proclaimed their fat-and-happy status, you’ll make your way back to the counter to pay and thank them for the wonderful experience. Walk-it-off along the bike path back home, or hop in the car and head down to top it off with some ice cream at one of the many fine frozen-dairy establishments around town.

    Parking is probably going to be a little tricky, once this place really gets going. If you’re nice and come ask to use our parking lot, we’ll most likely return the favor and allow it.

    The Village (Oriental?) Market

    Sushi & Hibachi- A match-made in heaven, now being served at one of our favorite local spots, The Village Market.

    Undoubtedly one of the most popular daytime spots in Emerald Isle, the Village Market is primed to ‘Come Alive in the Nighttime’. Owner Josh Sawyer has teamed up with Aaron Cruz for an Asian-inspired menu starting at 5 PM. Featuring over 15 unique rolls of fresh sushi & tempura, plus chicken, shrimp and steak hibachi plates- you’re surely going to be stuffed to the gills by the time you’re ready to leave. The portions are huge, so you can bring a friend to mix and match, or choose to be a little glutenous and take some home to save for later. The Yum-Yum sauce has an interesting blend of tangy spices mixed in, which you’ll be scraping every last bit out of the container, unless you’ve already gone back to get more.

    If the raw fish or grilled rice isn’t technically your thing, definitely stop by The Village Market in the morning or afternoon for a delicious breakfast or cup of coffee or at lunch for a sandwich or salad before you hit the beach. *Pro-tip: If you call your order in and tell them you’re headed out on the boat or on your way to the beach, they’ll wrap it up nicely so you won’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of trash around for the rest of the day. The Village Market is located at 7802 Emerald Drive – directly next to The Reel Outdoors, your one-stop shop for everything fishing related.

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    Who said Brooklyn style bagels can’t be found on the beach?

    Brooklyn Style Bagels on the Island

    Jackie’s American Grill has teamed up with Giovanni’s Brooklyn Bagels for a breakfast treat the whole family can enjoy!

    For the folks down Coast Guard Rd. who don’t want to head ‘into town’ for a quick breakfast, check out Giovanni’s Brooklyn Bagels at Jackie’s American Grille. The menu includes a wide variety of homemade items the whole family is sure to enjoy. Bagel types include: plain, cheddar, everything, asiago, salt, cinnamon, sundried tomato, spinach dip, seasame, and poppy seed. You can get almost any of these style bagels topped with a variety of homemade cream cheeses, or as a sandwich with bacon or ham, egg and cheese. Be sure to ask for the daily special, and fuel up for a big day out on the beach. Giovanni’s bagels are also available at some other locations around town including, the Emerald Isle Wine Market and the Cedar Point Market.

    Live Music Fills The Salt Air This Summer

    Start Planning Your Summertime Evenings Now!

    Town of Atlantic Beach ‘Sounds Like Summer at the Park’ Free Concert Series will kick of June 20th from 7-9 PM at the Town Park, located at 915 W Fort Macon Road. The park also offers a wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy. There is a concession stand with snacks and drinks, and attendees are encouraged to bring a pop-up chair or blanket. Considering there is no covered shelter, all events are weather permitting, so let’s hope that late afternoon summer showers stay on the mainland! The special July 4th concert will take place at The Circle with local favorite, Robert McDuffy. Ride a bike, or walk if you can, but plenty of parking is available at the site.

    While you’re enjoying the tunes at the AB Park Complex, be sure to stop for a quick photo-op at this awesome mural. This wall was painted by our very own, Stephanie Ross!

    Fort Macon Summer Concerts

    (Will be moved inside Visitor’s Center in the event it rains)

    FRIDAYS – 6:30 to 8 PM

    May 31     The Sunshine Band, Show & Pop Tunes, Contemporary Mix
    Jun 14      Unknown Tongues, Zydeco
    Jun 28     Telluride, Beach, Bluegrass, Country
    Jul 12       Saltwater Gold, Favorite dance music
    Jul 26       Fab – The Band, Beach, Classic Motown
    Aug  2       Wild Honey, Country Rock & Blues

    SATURDAYS at 1:00 PM

    Jun 8        Caffeinated Soul Boogie, Funk Jazz, Am. Blues
    Jun 22      The Mad Fiddler, Feel Good Fiddling
    Aug 10      Morehead Brass Consortium, Pop & Classic Tunes

    Guests to Fort Macon Concerts are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on, and coolers with drinks and snacks.

    Alcohol and pets are prohibited from within the park.

    It’s pretty tough to top a music venue inside a preserved Civil War Fort! Definitely worth the trip, wherever you are.

    Photo from Carteret News Times

    ALIVE AT FIVE is a free concert series during summer in Downtown Morehead City!

    Concerts take place at Jaycee Park at 807 Shepard Street, 5-8 pm. The park is located between the Bask Hotel and the waterfront. Public restrooms are available on site, with handicap ramp access.

    Bring your own blankets and chairs. Beverage concession available. No coolers or outside beverages permitted.

    This event is hosted by Downtown Morehead City, Inc. and sponsored by Sound Bank, West Town Bank and Trust, Golden Road by Adams Beverage. Special thanks to Twice the Ice and the Town of Morehead City.

    2019 SCHEDULE

    Friday, June 7….. The Soul Psychedelique Orchestra
    Friday, June 21…..Liquid Pleasure Band
    Friday, July 19….. North Tower Band
    Friday, August 16….. Bounce – Party Band
    Thursday, Sept 19….. Jim Quick & Coastline
    Thursday, October 17….. The Embers

    The Morehead City Parks and Recreation Department also sponsors a summer concert series from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend on the beautiful Morehead City Waterfront. The concerts are scheduled each Saturday evening from 7:00-8:30 PM at Jaycee Park, 807 Shepard Street in Morehead City. These performances are free and open to the public. For more information on the concert series, contact Kirk Peterson at the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Department, 726-5083 ext. 3

    THURSDAY, JULY 4TH, 2019 | THE MAIN EVENT BAND (FIREWORKS @ 9:00) | 7:00 – 10:00 P.M.

    The Seaside Arts Council provides a family-friendly way to either kickstart and/or wind down your weekend activities.

    The Thursday Emeraldfest concerts are held at the Western Regional Beach Access down Islander Drive. Free Parking is available and lawn chairs/blankets are encouraged.

    On Sunday evenings, the Town of Swansboro comes alive and gathers at ‘The Pug’, located in the heart of downtown at the intersection of Church and Front Street. You’ll love watching the sunset behind this little coastal village, and with several restaurants, bars and an ice cream/candy shop within eye sight, you’ll be toasting to another successful, fun-filled summertime weekend!

    2019 Atlantic Beach – Beach Music Festival

    6th Annual Atlantic Beach Music Festival

    Saturday, May 18th | 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    Get Ready for some Fun In The Sun

    Mark your calendars for May 18th- You sure won’t want to miss some good tunes and good food at the boardwalk at The Circle in Atlantic Beach!

    This year’s music lineup features some of the best bands in the business to make you shag the day away. Featured acts this year include:

    • The Embers
    • Jim Quick & The Coastline Band
    • Might Saints of Soul
    • Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band
    • Steve Owens & The Summertime Band

    It’s tough to find a better spot to kick back and listen to some good music!

    Bring some friends, and a volleyball for a little friendly competition in the sand!

    More Than Just Tunes

    Music isn’t the only great thing coming to Atlantic Beach that day! There will be several local food trucks, and Anheuser-Busch products will be sold to patrons over the age of 21, with alcohol sales benefiting the Atlantic Beach Volunteer Fire Department. Food Vendors include:

    • Sub Tropics: Hand Crafted Subs & Pizza
    • Roland’s Barbecue: Pulled Pork BBQ & Sides
    • Captain’s Kitchen: Fresh Seafood
    • Pop-Elato: Artisan Ice & Gelato Pops

    Hitch a Ride

    To reduce the congestion of traffic, this year’s festival will feature a Shuttle Service!

    Locations for the Shuttle are the Doubletree in Atlantic Beach, The Crow’s Nest Shopping Center in Atlantic Beach, and the Carteret Community College in Morehead City. Shuttles will be running from 9:30 AM- 6:30 PM.

    If you plan to ride in one of the shuttles please be mindful of the bus rules. Cooler limited to 32 quarts or smaller and may be inspected by the driver, please no glass. Large carry-on knapsacks or bags will be inspected by drivers. Limit of one folding chair per person. No open containers of any type of beverage will be allowed on the shuttle. Lastly, the drivers reserve the right to refuse to transport anyone who refuses or fails to follow the rules.

    Don’t drink & drive- You can always catch an Uber, Lyft, or call a cab to get you home safely.

    If you’re lucky enough to live or be staying somewhere close by, pack light & walk or ride a bike!

    There’s no need to limit your fun to just one day! The town of Atlantic Beach and various local businesses will have entertainment all week long, just be sure to pace yourself so you can still enjoy all of the bands on Saturday.

    Make A Week Out Of It

    Check out the complete list of Beach Music-filled events leading up to the day of the festival! This event keeps getting bigger and bigger, thanks to the support of the many dedicated people inspired to carry on the good vibes this genre of music brings with it.

    Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment

    Emerald Isle Beach Re-nourishment Project

    Beach Nourishment Project

    Hurricane Florence Beach Replenishment Project (2019)

    Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company was awarded the dredging contract for Winter/Spring 2019 along Bogue Banks. The contract focuses mainly on the central parts of the island (Indian Beach & Eastern Emerald Isle). Accordingly, the beach will be closed to beach driving beyond the Ocean Drive “Dog Leg” ramp for the duration of the project. Check back for updates to this project. All information is courtesy of the Carteret County Shore Protection Office

    4/10/19 – BOTH HOPPER DREDGES IN OPERATION.  As scheduled, the Ellis Island arrived on Monday (4/8/19) and delivered her first load of sand at about 6 pm that evening and has been working steadily ever since.  She (Ellis Island) is pumping sand via a submerged pipeline landing at 18th Street and is progressing westward towards Emerald Isle’s Eastern Regional Access. The Liberty Island meanwhile continues to pump sand via a pipeline landing at 8th Street and is also progressing west from this point – currently at 12th Street (SEE 4/10/19 PROGRESS MAP).  The “dredging – sail to beach – pump-out – sail back to the borrow area” cycle is different for each dredge – every now and then both will coincide with a beach pump-out (see figure below).   We could run into rough seas this weekend, but weather and mechanical shutdowns are always built into the schedule.
    4/8/19 – PIPE FLIPPED TO THE WEST, ELLIS ISLAND ON THE WAY.   Great Lakes Dredge & Dock finished working eastward from the submerged pipeline landing at 8th Street on Saturday (4/6/19), and is now working westward from 8th Street (at 10th Street this morning – SEE 4/8/19 PROGRESS MAP).  The beachfill connecting Reach 1 in Emerald Isle to Reach 2 in Indian Beach have now been merged, the pipes have been removed from the beach, etc.
    The dredge, Ellis Island is on her way from Charleston as this update is being prepared (she’s on the north side of Cape Fear @ ~9 am) and should begin dredging/pumping later today.   The Ellis Island will be pumping sand to the beach near 18th street in Emerald Isle and will proceed west towards the Towns Eastern Regional Access.  The Liberty Island will continue pumping from the submerged pipeline at 8th Street and work west.
    The dredges Liberty Island has a maximum capacity of 6,540 cubic yards and the Ellis Island 14,800 cubic yards under optimal conditions.  The Ellis Island has been in operation since December 2017 and is the largest hopper dredge in the U.S.   This will be one of her first beach nourishment template jobs (i.e., not just disposal, but meeting a prescribed nourishment template – see cross section).  We’re glad to see her here!

    4/5/19 – The Ellis Island (the “big dredge”) is all set to arrive and start dredging/pumping on April 8th.  All the vessel inspections are scheduled, the second trawler is ready to start and relocate endangered/threatened species away from the borrow source and dredge, etc.   Once the Ellis Island arrives on the 8th, it will be pumping sand to the beach near 18th street in Emerald Isle and will proceed west towards the Towns Eastern Regional Access, then flipped towards the east from 18th Street.  The Liberty Island in the meantime has been pumping sand to the beach from 8th Street and is progressing east back towards the completed section of Indian Beach – they were at 2nd Street this afternoon (SEE 4/5/19 PROGRESS MAP).    Great Lakes Dredge & Dock should be done going east over the weekend and will begin pumping towards the west of 8th Street.   Ideally, the Liberty Island pumping to the west will meet the Ellis Island pumping to the east somewhere between the 8th and 18th street pipeline landings on the beach.  Please note that with the second dredge on-site, there will be lots more activity on the beach – more surveying, more pipe, more heavy equipment, etc.
    Also earlier today, the project sponsors, engineers, and contractor had a meeting with the dune plant subcontractor (Coastal Transplants).   We discussed our planting grid, watering methods, fertilizers to be used during installation, etc.  Coastal Transplants will likely start planting the dune crest and dune slope towards the latter stages of next week – starting in Reach 3, then Reach 2, and Reach 1 (basically “east to west” – in the same order as the nourishment project has been completed).  The dune grasses (mostly sea oats and some bitter panicum) are sensitive to their new environment when first planted – they are going from a controlled greenhouse environment to the salt air and wind that dominate the beach.  There will be tens of thousands of plants installed as part of this project and they need to be disrupted as little as possible so they can successfully grow and survive.   Thus, please stay off the vegetated part of the dunes – stay in the bare sand pathways that will be created at each walkway.   Please pass along this friendly reminder to your friends or visitors you may see as well.   Thank you.

    4/3/19 – Quick, mid-week update.  The Liberty Island continues to utilize “Pipeline Landing #4” at 8th Street and is working eastward from this point towards the Emerald Isle/Indian Beach Town Boundary, and pumping is currently near the 3rd Street Park (SEE 4/3/19 PROGRESS MAP).  The schedule for second dredge, the Ellis Island is still on track for arrival on April 8th and will service the “3rd Pipeline Landing” located near 18th Street and will first work westward from this point towards the Eastern Regional Access.  And lastly, dune planting activities could commence towards the latter part of next week, first starting in “Reach 3” (“east Indian Beach).   See Greenhouse and Root photos – these are the actual plants ready for delivery and installation.

    4/1/19 – We’re on to Reach 1 (East Emerald Isle) and beach nourishment activities are currently moving east from the submerged pipeline landing near 8th Street back towards the completed Indian Beach section (SEE 4/1/19 PROGRESS MAP).   That submerged line (“subline”) was not fully ready on Friday afternoon and roughly two hopper loads were placed off the subline already in place near 18th Street (see 4th and 3rd Pipeline Landing in progress map).  Photos from today’s activities and dune plants from the greenhouse are below.

    3/29/19 – REACH 2 COMPLETED, VEGETATION NOTE, ELLIS ISLAND ARRIVING ON THE 8th – Today is somewhat of a transition day.   For one Great Lakes Dredge & Dock have completed pumping to Reach 2 (SEE 3/29/19 PROGRESS MAP), which therefore concurrently signifies the start of Reach 1 – East Emerald Isle (roughly 65% of the project volume wise).  To this end, the submerged pipeline (subline) that serviced the dredge Liberty Island in Reach 2 is being moved today to East Emerald Isle near 7th Street.  The Liberty Island is using this time to refuel and will likely start using the “new” subline at 7th Street later this afternoon/early evening or the subline already installed near 16th Street (see 4th and 3rd pipeline landing, respectively in the REACH 1 MAP).
    Also there has been a change in schedule for the second dredge, the Ellis Island to arrive, which is now planned for April 8th – not the 2nd as reported earlier this week.  This does not hamper the overall completion schedule for the project – April 8th was the approximate date the Ellis Island was originally slated to arrive when the schedule was first presented by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock months ago.
    And lastly, some initial discussions with respect to the dune planting phase of the project have taken place and planting of the dune crest and slope (see cross-section) in Reach 3 could begin in a couple/few weeks.  We are using Sea Oats and Bitter Panicum, which are native plants to this area.

    3/27/19 – FLIPPED THE PIPE IN REACH 2 – The eastern reach off the 2nd pipe landing was completed yesterday and we are working westward now to complete Indian Beach and therefore Reach 2 (SEE 3/27/19 PROGRESS MAP).  Next week will likely mark a shift in the project in a couple of ways.  (1) We will be starting or will have started Reach 1 (eastern Emerald Isle).  (2) The dredge Ellis Island is scheduled to begin dredging/pumping on April 2nd and will service the “3rd pipeline landing” located near 16th Street in Emerald Isle and will progress west towards the Eastern Regional Access first, then flipped towards the east.  And (3) in all likelihood, the pipeline currently being used in Reach 2 will be moved near 7th Street in Emerald Isle, representing the “4th pipeline landing”.  The Liberty Island will be utilizing this pipeline landing and will first work back east towards the Town line shared with Indian Beach, then flip to the east to meet up with the Ellis Island pipeline/nourishment (See PROGRESS MAP).

    3/25/19 – Beach nourishment activities were paused during the latter part of last week because of weather/sea conditions.   However, nourishment resumed early Saturday morning (3/23/19) and has progressed nicely since.  The dredge Liberty Island is using the pump-out station/submerged line in Reach 2 and nourishment activities are advancing eastward from this point – past the Ocean Club, and now past SummerWinds (SEE 3/25/19 PROGRESS MAP).

    3/20/19 – Beach nourishment continues to progress eastward towards SummerWinds from the active submerged pipe landing (see March 20, 2019 PROGRESS MAP).   The dredge Liberty Island is now going to be accompanied by the second dredge (Ellis Island) a little earlier than first scheduled and should arrive the 1st week of April.   Both dredges will work in tandem to complete Reach 1 (East Emerald Isle – SEE MAP).

    3/18/19 – REACH 3 COMPLETE – Reach 3 (“east” Indian Beach and Salter Path) was completed yesterday (3/17/19), and subsequently the first load of sand was delivered to Reach 2 – SEE 3/18/19 PROGRESS MAP.  Beach nourishment activities are now progressing eastward from the 2nd submerged pipeline landing, and will be “flipped” westward once the eastward run is completed.  Also, the submerged line for Reach 1 in Emerald Isle has been installed near 16th Street (see MAP).

    3/15/19 – Strong productivity continues and Reach 3 (Indian Beach/Salter Path) could be completed this weekend (see 3/15/19 Progress Map).  If so, dredging/pump-out operations will move to Reach 2 in Indian Beach where nourishment will progress eastward off the 2nd pipeline landing.

    3/13/19 – Productivity/progress remains strong.  Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) has completed ~3,000 linear feet of the project in less than 5 days and the eastward leg from the first subline landing in Reach 3 (Indian Beach/Salter Path)  is complete – see photos below.  GLDD begun progressing west from the subline landing this morning (SEE 3/13/19 PROGRESS MAP).

    3/10/19 – Great Lakes Dredge & Dock has made some nice progress in less than 48 hours of starting the project (pictures below), and have completed ~1,000 linear feet of beach thus far (see 3/10/19 UPDATE).  The sand quality is excellent visually speaking.   We have received a lot of questions regarding how the dune feature will be constructed and tied into the existing, scarped dune that characterized Bogue Banks after hurricane Florence.  Hopefully this schematic next to an actual constructed portion will provide a good mental image = dune construction image.
    3/8/19 (PROJECT START) – Right on schedule.   The dredge Liberty Island arrived earlier this morning from Charleston, S.C., underwent a series of mandatory inspections, and subsequently excavated, sailed, and delivered the first hopper load of sand to Reach 3 at roughly 4:15 pm  (pictures below).  Note that beach nourishment will first be progressing eastward off the 1st subline landing (depicted here).  Also, the second subline has been installed today at Reach 2 (see “Station 514+00” here).

    3/6/19 (tentative start date is Friday, 3/8/19) – The dredge Liberty Island is presently docked in Charleston, S.C. and will be transiting to Morehead City Harbor over the course of the next day(s) with dredging/pumping activities scheduled to initiate Friday afternoon/early evening (3/8/19) subsequent to mandatory vessel inspections – again in Reach 3, Indian Beach (see updates below).

    Other dredging work in the area – It is also noteworthy to mention the hopper dredges Dodge Island and Padre Island started dredging maintenance work for the Morehead City Harbor Federal Navigation Project on February 26th and will likely conclude at the end of March.  Shoal material will be dredged predominantly from Range A and placed in the new nearshore berm east offshore disposal site (see image).  This scope of work is part of a regional hopper approach for the Brunswick, Savannah, Wilmington, and Morehead City Harbors  (~700,000 cubic yards for Morehead City – bid abstract).

    Also a second federal contract for Morehead City Harbor maintenance, which represents a carryover project from the previous fiscal year was also awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock utilizing a pipeline dredge (bid abstract).  The dredging ranges include both the Cutoff and Range A utilizing either the nearshore berm east or west disposal sites (see image), and will likely start sometime in April (~1,600,000 cubic yards).

    And lastly the Corps of Engineers’ small hopper dredge, the Murden should be arriving to the area in the middle of March and will service both Morgan Creek (~6 days of dredging and ~7,500 cubic yards) in Range 1  (map)  and Bulkhead Channel (~4 days of dredging and ~ 3,596 cubic yards) in Range 1 (map).   Offshore disposal at the nearshore berm west.

    2/26/19 – The first submerged pipeline (“sub-line”) landing was transited to and installed earlier today at Reach 3 in Indian Beach at Station 695+50 (pictures below) as land based pipe continues to be delivered to the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp.

    2/25/19 – Land-based piping has begun arriving at the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp is actively being staged along the beachfront (pictures below).

    2/20/19 – Both the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp and Dog Leg 4WD Drive Access will be used to transfer land-based dredge pipe arriving via flatbed trucks to the beach.  Front-end loaders and other ancillary equipment should arrive at the Indian Beach 4WD Ramp early next week.  Some sub-line (water-based piping), derricks, barges, etc. have arrived and are holding tight in Bogue Sound, situated just north of Ft. Macon.   Otherwise, there are no schedule changes to report as the dredge Liberty Island is planned to initiate dredging/nourishment the first week of March in Indian Beach (Reach 3) and will be accompanied by the Ellis Island several weeks later – the temporary sub-line pipe landing locations from offshore as depicted for Indian Beach/Salter Path and East Emerald Isle remain the same.

    2/14/19 – No schedule changes to report.  The dredge Liberty Island is planned to initiate dredging/nourishment the first week of March in Indian Beach (Reach 3) and will be accompanied by the Ellis Island several weeks later – the temporary pipe landings from offshore as depicted for Indian Beach/Salter Path and East Emerald Isle remain the same.  Mobilization of dredge pipe, ancillary vessels, and equipment to the area should be more pronounced in the weeks ahead.

    1/30/19 – There will be three temporary pipeline landings that will serve the dredges Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  In general the sand will be pumped ashore from the hopper dredge and progress east or west, then reversed as generally depicted in the new updated maps for Reach 2 and 3 (see – Indian Beach/Salter Path) and Reach 1 (see – East Emerald Isle).  The Liberty Island will arrive on site likely the first week of March followed by the Ellis Island.

    1/22/19 – Great Lakes Dredge & Dock should begin mobilizing land- and water-based pipe, heavy equipment, personnel, etc. towards the latter parts of February and although the schedule is tentative, dredging/pumping could begin the first week of March.

    Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment