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Farm-to-Table Fresh Summer Deliveries

Get farm-to-table, fresh summer deliveries when you book with Bluewater Vacation Rentals. Many of our guests enjoy the abundant farm-fresh food while vacationing with us.

Why Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Why Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Bluewater’s Emerald Isle vacation rentals are perfect for summer if you have a wide range of interests, or looking to find an ideal location in our regional summer paradise.

crystal coast vacation promos and discounts

Hot New Vacation Specials and Promotions

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, that need for a getaway keeps getting stronger and stronger. Here at Bluewater, we understand your need and have budget-friendly offers.

How to Spend Your 93 Days of Summer on the Crystal Coast

Summer on the Crystal Coast is finally here and it is time to celebrate – from the various water sports in Emerald Isle, to conquering Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach the things to do are limitless!

Live music fills the salt air this summer

Live Music Fills The Salt Air This Summer

Start planning your summertime evenings now! Live music fills the salt air this summer, read more for more information.

4th of July on the Crystal Coast

4th of July: 2018

There’s nothing like 4th of July on the Crystal Coast. Read on to learn about all of the exciting Independence Day events on the Crystal Coast.

2021 crystal coast fireworks

Memorial Weekend 2016

It’s Memorial Day on the Crystal Coast! Visitors from all around will be heading to the coast to celebrate and honor those who have served the great US of A. In a community so rich in history, there are countless ways to observe Memorial Day.

Summer Snacks At The Pool

Easy Summer Snacks Poolside

Check out these quick pool snacks to keep you fueled all summer long. While spending time by the water these light recipes are refreshing and filling to hold you over until your next meal.

Fort Macon Summer Concerts

Fort Macon summer concerts are a great way to enjoy some local music while exploring a piece of history. Every Friday during the summer you can find local bands performing in the fort.