Simple Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

A Simple Gingerbread Cookie Recipe with a Coastal Twist

Hello, fellow cookie enthusiasts! We are here, bringing you a delightful coastal spin on the classic gingerbread men with a simple gingerbread cookie recipe. Let’s dive into this easy, yet oh-so-flavorful recipe that’ll add a touch of seaside charm to your holiday festivities. ‘Tis the season to welcome the sweet symphony of Christmas cookie delights, […]

Thanksgiving on the Coast

Thanksgiving on the Coast

Looking for something to do on Thanksgiving? We’re here to help you find the many happenings on the Crystal Coast!

A mother dropping off her daughter at school.

Mom’s Guide Back To School

On the first day of school, there’s one common question that almost every single teacher will ask their students: What did you do this summer? Well, how about we give our kids something fun and exciting to talk about?

Welcome to Mom’s Guide Back To School, where we know by now that you’re probably swimming in an endless list of school supplies, back-to-school specials, and organization tips trying to prepare for a better school year ahead.

things to do Atlantic beach

Top Ten Things to Do Atlantic Beach NC

Welcome to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, a coastal paradise renowned for its pristine beaches, azure waters, and an abundance of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a beach lover, a nature enthusiast, or a history buff, the Atlantic Beach area offers a wide array of experiences to captivate your senses. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten must-do activities that will make your visit to Atlantic Beach an unforgettable journey.

surfing on the east coast

Surfing on the East Coast: Catch Some Waves in Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach, NC

Experience the thrill of surfing on the East Coast! Discover the hidden gems of Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach, NC, where consistent waves and stunning beaches await. Unleash your inner surfer and find out why the North Carolina Coast is a must-visit destination for wave riders of all levels. Dive in to learn more about the exhilarating world of East Coast surfing and book your stay with Bluewater Vacation Rentals for the ultimate surfers’ getaway.

Carolina Kite Festival in Atlantic Beach

The Carolina Kite Festival, held in Atlantic Beach each year, is hosted over several days, with nighttime events on Saturday. This is a perfect “lazy day” event, where you can pack a lunch and a blanket and picnic in the sand with floating entertainment, music, and children’s events, like building your own kite.

Atlantic Beach Seafood Restaurants

5 of the Best Atlantic Beach Seafood Restaurants

Whether you consider dining a cornerstone of every vacation or just want something convenient and delicious, local cuisine offers a valuable travel experience. Like many coastal communities, the Crystal Coast’s Atlantic Beach has a stunning assortment of seafood restaurants showcasing fresh, local fare you simply can’t find inland. Today, we’re sharing five of the best Atlantic Beach seafood restaurants you must try.

North Carolina Historical Sites

A History Lover’s Guide to North Carolina Historical Sites

The Crystal Coast may be known for beach getaways and epic fishing adventures, but the coast also boasts a fascinating history. Visit these North Carolina historical sites during your Crystal Coast vacation and travel back in time.