Spring Front Porch Glow-Up

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Swing into Spring with your Spring Front Porch Glow-Up!

Are you ready to kick the Winter blues and get your front porch ready to greet the Spring? We sure are!

We’ve come up with a list of things you can do to kick your porch up a notch and show your neighborhood that you are ready for warmer weather. Most of these tips can be applied to your patio or stoop if you don’t have a porch. Heck, if you don’t want to swing your whole porch into Spring or are looking for a smaller project, apply these tips to something as small as your front door.

Spring front porch makeover

Spring Front Porch Glow-Up Tips

Tip 1: Spring Front Porch Clean Up –

You want to start with a blank canvas before you can spruce up anything on your front porch. Putting a few stems on a dirty, worn-out surface will barely help you reach your vision. 

I recommend you clear any furniture or large debris off your porch, stoop, or patio and give your space a good power washing. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can buy one (they’re relatively inexpensive). Not in the budget? Borrow from a neighbor, browse Facebook Marketplace to get one second-hand, or see about renting one from your local hardware store.

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Tip 2: Add Seating and Personality –

Now that your porch is a clean slate, you can start adding things (but not too many) to make it the Spring front porch of your dreams! Let’s talk outdoor furniture: I am a sucker for a good porch swing. I find that they give your space such a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, you can swing into spring with one of these beauties.

Porch swings can be inviting and cozy nooks to sip your morning coffee and check out the morning dew as you begin a beautiful Spring day! They are also a great spot to capture photos of the kids and make beautiful and everlasting springtime memories! Throw some bright and colorful pillows on there, and the charm is endless!

If swinging into Spring isn’t what you had in mind, you can also get these crisp and cool spring vibes with a small table and chairs, a cute little bench, or maybe even an outdoor sectional… it depends on your style and how much space you are working with.

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If you already have furniture out there, even better! Then, all you’ll need to do is get ready to decorate and celebrate Spring!

Porch swings

Tip 3: Add All The Flowers –

BLOOMS, BLOOMS, and did we mention… BLOOMS? When I think of springtime, I think about all the beautiful and colorful flowers I know and love. I can’t get through the first week of spring without bringing bouquets of daffodils and tulips into my home! The porch is no exception. I love decorating with fun window boxes and adding my favorite seasonal blooms! Between your favorite florals and maybe a tiny herb garden (my favorites are basil, parsley, and cilantro), you’ll be greeting spring with all of its beautiful staples. Lastly, throw a few of your favorite flowers in a small vase on a table or sill.

Get your porch ready for spring

Tip 4: Finishing Touches –

It is time for the finishing touches to your Spring front porch! This includes a layered welcome mat; I love throwing a colorful rug under my regular mat to make it pop a little bit. This also consists of a wreath on the door; it can be anything from a wreath of your favorite blooms to a DIY project you create with the kids to a personal touch like a monogram.

I like to finish off my spring front porch with a couple of hummingbird feeders – I love watching those tiny beauties visit to get their afternoon snack! Having them around makes me feel like I have achieved my vision of swinging into springtime! Not a hummingbird fan? Any bird feeder will do to welcome our beautiful avian friends back from wherever they vacationed for the cold winter months! Another option is a wind chime that can be strummed by the pleasant breezes to remind you that… Spring has arrived.

The most important thing about your Spring front porch is that it inspires you to embrace the warming weather. If you adore the beauty you’ve created on your porch, you will want to spend your Springtime taking it in, and you have ultimately swung into Spring and completed your Spring front porch glow-up! 

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’ve implemented these tips, share what you have created with us on Twitter. We can’t wait to see your springtime visions BLOOM.



Spruce up your front porch this spring


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