We get it. Living with an unorganized kitchen space can be extremely stressful! So we have put together 10 tips to start turning your kitchen into the pinterest-perfect organization oasis of your dreams!

1. Making a mess is part of the process.

It seems like an unconventional way to organize, but the best thing you can do is take EVERYTHING out before you get started. This will allow you to treat your kitchen as a truly blank canvas. Don’t be afraid to empty your cabinets, drawers, and containers FIRST. 

Making a mess is a wonderful way to see all of the things you are working with and decide what you are keeping and what you never want to deal with again.

2. Prioritize Purpose

Determine what you use most often. Even if you don’t like the way it looks, you’re going to want to have it easily accessible so that you don’t have to tear everything out when you need something. You can always make your functional favorites look ten times better by adding a personal touch (we’ll talk about that later, don’t worry).

DON’T FORGET: Not every drawer needs to be beautiful!

3. Throw away along the way.

Don’t get caught up in decluttering your stash of kitchen items before you organize. Chances are you’ll get closer to your goals if you toss things while you are organizing! You’ll be way more inspired to purge when you are trying to figure out your new system.

4. Coordinate containers

Matching containers will give your kitchen items a crisp and clean look. A quick search on Amazon or a quick trip to your local Home Goods store will get you corresponding containers that give your spice collection, cabinets, pantry, etc. a uniform look that you just can’t achieve with a variety of packages, jars, and boxes! This doesn’t have to be an expensive feat either – matching jars can be found in all budgetary restraints.

5. Specialty stations.

Do you love coffee? GREAT! Make a station for all of your roast related items that will give your kitchen a pretty AND functional attraction. Cocktails more your speed? AWESOME! Design a cart with your favorite liquors, mixers, and more to show off your delectable favorites.

6. Personalize your pantry

Design a pantry that is both pleasing to the eye and unique to your needs! You can find bins that fit your pantry space like a glove to sort your snacks and hide away items you dread looking at!

7. Labels labels labels.

Matching labels in the kitchen add a magical touch! You can personalize your labels to your taste in a number of ways from writing on your jars to designing your own labels and even to buying labels online or in the store. There are so many fonts and styles to choose from and they help you find exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all!

8. Pretty protection for your drawers.

Crumbs and gunk getting into your drawers from constantly taking things out and putting things in? You don’t need to buy ugly liners or protective films. Take a trip to your local craft store and get a bunch of scrapbook or wrapping paper that inspires you. It’ll do the trick, look FABULOUS, and be easy to replace if one gets dirty or messed up. 

Rifle Paper makes some personal favorites like this!

9. Buy more than you need.

Sometimes organizing the kitchen will seem like an endless task, especially when you don’t know what exactly you need. When it comes to shopping for your organizing supplies like jars, bins, or liners, get TOO MUCH rather than not enough. You can always take back what you don’t need after your organizing dreams have been reached. You’ll be more eager to finish your project if you’re not constantly needing to run back and forth to stores.


10. Structured similar storage.

Group like with like and keep your similar items together! This will make sure that you can seamlessly find things you need and effortlessly find a home for new items!

Use these tips and say goodbye to your old messy kitchen. Out with the old, in with the neat and tidy kitchen space you’ve only ever dreamed of!