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Hungrytown Bike Tour

Hungrytown Bike Tour

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in Beaufort WAY before modernization? Well my husband & I were pondering this very thought when we decided let’s find out up close and in person. So to assist this adventure we reached out to Hungrytown Tours in Beaufort and signed up for a history bike tour.

After getting familiar with our new modes of transportation, beach cruisers all affectionately named after a spice (they have a couple of foodie tours also available), we set out on Saffron and Sage to explore Beaufort, NC.

Let me start by saying, our tour guide, who is part of a husband wife owner team, is AWESOME! She knew all the extra tid-bits you can’t find in a book or on the internet. All the good stuff is on this tour guys!

During your tour you will learn things like:

  • Why so many houses have blue under the top porches
  • Who is buried in the burial grounds
  • How does one acquire a historic home
  • What happened in this, this, this, or this house
  • What is the purpose for the very top porches
  • And of course about BLACKBEARD

For those of you who may be wondering how arduous going on a tour like this is, in this video I am 6 months PREGNANT!

So you can do it. And if you seriously think you cannot, they now offer walking tours 😉

  • Hidden Beaufort Tour (the one we took)
  • Legends & Lore of the Sea
  • Early Morning Risers Tour
  • A Ride to Remember
  • Culinary Tours like lunch, oyster themed, shrimp themed and brunch!
  • Bridal parties even take their turn touring Beaufort

And we’re off, with our intimate party of about 6 we were able to clearly hear all the stories Betsy had to tell as well as keep up with her bright orange flag

One of the first stops was a house not far from Hungrytown’s home base.

You would never guess this used to be a general store!

Breaks were frequent and always included story time.

Here we are talking about a lady spy! #whorunstheworld

Schedule your tour today by visiting Hungrytown Guided Tours or calling 252-648-1011