First Visit to the Crystal Coast

Our vacationers recall their first visit to the Crystal Coast…

Here at Bluewater, we strive to provide family getaways that will create memories you and your family will never forget.

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After nearly 30 years going to North Myrtle Beach, I have returned to the Crystal Coast. My first visit to Atlantic Beach was nearly 75 years ago, so it’s like home. As a kid, we could not afford a hotel, but that didn’t stop two mothers who loaded up their sons, headed to Atlantic Beach, spent the night in the car, and provided us a day at the beach. They were two determined mothers.

-David Pittman

My first time vacationing at Emerald Isle was in 1988 when I was 1 year old. We have vacationed at Emerald Isle every year since then and I am now 31. I continued the tradition with my kids who are 12, 10, and 3. So many traditions and memories made. We absolutely love the Carolina coast – doesn’t get much better!

-Jessica Wilson

After traveling 12 hours from Southern Indiana, the Kelly Family first visited the Crystal Coast in May of 2018 when tagging along with in-laws to visit family. During their stay, they explored our coast and beaches spending lots of time at The Point. The Kellys had “such an amazing and relaxing vacation,” but realized “7 days was just not enough time and we will be returning again this year!”

-The Kelly Family

The first time I came to the beautiful coast was in 1973. When we started seeing the beautiful white, fluffy clouds, we were so excited. Loved hearing the ocean waves and seeing the beautiful sun rise up over the ocean is something I will never forget.

-Helen Snyder