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EI mini-libraries 2022

Emerald Isle Mini-Libraries

Created as a project through the Friends of Western Carteret Public Library, ten Emerald Isle mini-libraries were installed across the island in 2022. Each structure is uniquely designed and donated by a local resident and maintained by a personal volunteer. These volunteers ensure the libraries are always clean and stocked with books. The Town of Emerald Isle installed the posts and mounted the boxes. The mini-libraries are free and open to residents and visitors alike. 

What are Mini-Libraries?

Mini-libraries are a new trend happening in communities all across the country to promote neighborhood book exchanges. They are small structures resembling a library, each with its own unique design. Mini-libraries function on a “take a book, leave a book” trust system where anyone can borrow a book at any time with the intent to return it or donate one of their own back to a mini-library in the community. These neighborhood libraries are an excellent way to improve book access and engage the community thoughtfully.

Get a Look at the Ten Emerald Isle Mini Libraries Below:

  • Coast Guard Road/Channel Drive
  • Ocean Oaks/Ocean Drive
  • Ocean Oaks Park
  • Holiday Trav-L Park Resort
  • Western Ocean Regional Access
  • Crystal Coast Visitor Center
  • The Town’s Administrative Offices
  • Jean Preston Park
  • Eastern Ocean Regional Access
  • 3rd Street Park 

The popularity of free little libraries is growing in towns all across the country, with more than 150,000 known mini-libraries. This trend is referred to as the “world’s largest book-sharing movement.”  In some locations, you will find various media and art sources such as DVDs, CDs, and even paintings in addition to traditional books. Now, Emerald Isle is playing an active role in contributing to the movement. 

Let’s Hear From You

Have you been to one of the Emerald Isle mini libraries yet? Which location has your favorite design, and why? Do you have any mini-libraries in your community? Drop a comment to be entered into our giveaway for a chance to win some of our brand-new swag! 

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