Dogs Dig the Crystal Coast

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Dogs Dig the Crystal Coast

Our beautiful Crystal Coast is a pet-friendly beach paradise. We’re sharing a few reasons dogs dig the Crystal Coast, and we have no doubt your dog will too! 

Dogs Dig the Crystal Coast and Emerald  Isle

Nearly every dog that crosses the bridge ends up loving the beach just as much as their humans do. They can run, play, and roll to their heart’s content in the sand. They can watch gulls and pelicans, and sandpipers skirt the shoreline for hours. They will probably con you into more table scraps than usual since it’s their vacation, too much like children asking for ice cream for breakfast and open-ended bedtimes. They can run, jump and splash into the water or laze in the umbrella’s shade while you soak up the rays.

We love your dogs so much that we even have a whole category in our annual photo contest dedicated to dogs. We get so many photos every year, and without fail, some of our most favorite shots are those that feature furry family members. They seem to embody fun, adventure, and the idea of the “entire family” coming on vacation together.

The Crystal Coast is Welcoming to Dogs

The Crystal Coast itself is more than happy to host your pups. Just make sure they stay on a leash (just in case those gulls look a little too tasty, or that terrier a few towels down gets extra friendly) and always clean up after any …ahem, evidence… they might leave on the sand.

dog on the beach chasing a seagull

Of course, always remember that what is HOT to you is even hotter to them, so take them back inside for breaks in the air conditioning as often as you can. (Hey, you get a cool break, too!)

keep your pets cool on the beach

Bring a bowl and stick some water bottles in the cooler to be sure you always have fresh cold water available. From experience, I only pour out what my little baby behemoth is going to drink because it inevitably gets sand in the bowl about 3 seconds after it’s poured out, and the diva can only drink clean water. She’s a little spoiled. Shocking, I know.

A Vast Array of Pet-Friendly Places to Dine on the Crystal Coast

Another reason dogs dig the Crystal Coast is the wide variety of places that are pet-friendly. For example, take your pup out on the town to the dog-friendly Backstreet Pub for a cold drink.

The Backstreet Pub has been called the friendliest, funkiest little bar from Maine to Venezuela. Housed in a century-old former bakery, it is famous among sailors who course the intercoastal waterways and who have covered the walls with nautical memorabilia. But the Backstreet is also a local hangout. For fishermen and writers, waitresses and tugboat captains, retired spies, deep sea divers, and just about anyone looking for a cold beer, fine wine and some decent conversation. And, perhaps, a game of cribbage.

You can also bring your dog to The Dockhouse in Beaufort for dinner on the patio.

The Dock House Restaurant was established in 1978. The Dock House, as the locals call it, has been serving the folks in Beaufort, North Carolina on the beautiful waterfront overlooking Taylor’s Creek for over 30 years. The Dock House is a well-known spot for listening to live music in Carteret County. Check out our music calendar for events on our boardwalk or in our newly renovated upstairs lounge. If you are looking for a cool place to eat you’ve found the spot. Dine inside or out on our patio overlooking the wild ponies on Carrot Island and the Rachel Carlson Reserve across Taylor’s Creek.

There are plenty more places to enjoy with your dog.  See all our Pet-Friendly related posts to plan your adventures.

Pet-friendly Homemade Beach Treats 

I like to give my dog a cool treat when we plan a day at the beach – either freezing a water/broth mixture or some homemade pup cream. Sometimes even though I know she’s hot, she’s too excited to drink. This way, I know she’s getting something cool to beat the heat. The heat here is real, and when its hot outside and the humidity is high, you can never have enough cool drinks and treats for everyone in your party, two or four-legged.

homemade dog treats for the beach

You’ll need: Dixie cups, bone-shaped treats, 32 oz. plain yogurt, 1 cup of peanut butter, and 2 ripe bananas (plus any special add-ins you’d like, such as blueberries, bacon, or shredded cheese)

Directions: Blend yogurt, peanut butter, and bananas in a food processor or mixer. Place dixie cups on a cookie sheet and fill half full with yogurt mixture. Stick a bone in the middle, leave enough hanging out to be a “handle,” and freeze until solid. Just pop the paper off, and you’ve got a pup-sicle!

You can also spoon this into a KONG toy and freeze it to take to the beach as a toy to keep your dog busy and cool. – Authored by Clarissa, Bluewater Marketing Coordinator

Dogs on the Crystal Coast

Bring your dog to the beach for a barking good time. Beach vacations are meant to be enjoyed by everyone in the family when you vacation Crystal Coast-style! Explore our dog-friendly, dog-stay-free vacation rentals and book your next Crystal Coast beach vacation today! 

While you’re here, snap a picture and share it on social media by tagging us with #BluewaterNC. We love seeing happy pups on the beach!