Create a Cozy Front Porch This Winter

Decorating your front porch for winter

Create a Cozy Front Porch This Winter 

Looking for a few fresh ideas to create a cozy front porch this Winter? We’re sharing some tips you’ll enjoy as you transition your front porch from Fall to Winter. 

Enjoying the outdoors is half the fun of living on the North Carolina coast. Although with the temperatures dropping and cooler weather on its way, you might not want to venture outdoors as much as you would in the warmer months. When you don’t want to face the cold head-on but still want some fresh air, a cozy front porch is perfect for hanging out with friends and family – or just relaxing with a good book! With a little preparation, you can make your front porch the coziest spot in the neighborhood. Whether you’re hosting family and friends or just enjoying your morning coffee, your cozy front porch will be the place to be this Winter season.  

Choose a Color Scheme for Your Cozy Front Porch

Before you design your cozy front porch, you’ll want to choose a color scheme. Of course, can always go with colors that match your home’s theme, but if you decide to go with a Winter theme, you could consider adding string lights to add a little sparkle or paint some snowflakes to match! Hanging curtains is also a wonderful way to cut down on drafts or include a cozy outdoor heater for those chillier nights. The possibilities are endless when it comes to assorted color palettes and décor options. The fun part about it all is making it your own unique space.   

Add Some Cozy Pillows and Blankets 

The next step, arguably the most important, especially for the colder months, is incorporating relaxed items such as pillows, candles, and a blanket (and many as your heart desires because blankets are just essential). What’s a cozy front porch without some cozy and comfortable necessities? If you have a larger space on your porch, you can lay down an area rug for warmth or even include a blanket warmer. You could also layer rugs to create a unique and trendy space! These items add that cozy feeling that makes you and any guests you may be hosting feel right at home. There are plenty of other items, such as outdoor lanterns, greenery, and small portable firepits, to double up on that warmth and style.  

Don’t Forget a few Cozy Front Porch Accessories  

Lastly, the fun part. ACCESSORIES!! Adding a cute wreath, doormat, cushioned chairs, and more will always help add extra comfort to the space. Accessories can spice up your space so let’s not leave that front porch high and dry. Adding these little touches can make all the difference. (Pro Tip: Get staple neutral pieces that you can repurpose for multiple seasons) The most important part of all this, though, is to have fun and create a space that doesn’t just feel cozy and comfortable but reflects your style.  

Need a little inspiration? We created a Pinterest board to help get your creative juices flowing! We hope these tips will help you to enjoy the outdoors or make your investment property an extra special place this Winter! Happy decorating! 

What are some of your favorite ways to make your front porch cozy during Winter? What would you add to this post? Let us know in the comments!