Turtle nests on Emerald Isle

Turtle Nesting on Emerald Isle

Each year along the Crystal Coast, hundreds of turtles return home to nest. Read on for tips on how you can help protect the turtles on the Crystal Coast.

Scuba Diving on the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast has been named one of the top dive destinations in the world, and for good reason.

Bluewater 2020 Graduation

2020 Graduates

Bluewater would like to congratulate the 2020 Graduates! Many students have missed school functions, proms graduate ceremonies, and the highlights of their end of the year. Let’s not let their hard work go unnoticed!

Fourth of July

Fireworks on the Crystal Coast!

Celebrate Independence Day on the Crystal Coast! We encouraged guests to watch fireworks from their car, boat or reasonable distance.

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Our Newest Blue Pearl Home: Chateau of the Isle

Our Newest Blue Pearl Home: Chateau of the Isle This one-of-a-kind contemporary estate is nestled in a secluded oceanfront bluff in the Sea Isle Plantation subdivision located in Indian Beach. Surrounded by an inviting series of terraces with unobstructed views overlooking the ocean, this wedding and event-friendly home spans approximately 9,100 square feet of living […]

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Vacationing with Your Dog on The Crystal Coast

Our beaches welcome your dogs year-round, so whether you’re hitting the waves with your champion swimmer or coasting the sound with your paddleboard-loving puppy – make sure you’re well-equipped for their vacation!

Hurricane info on the crystal coast, Hurricanes and the coast,

Crystal Coast Hurricane Information

Hurricane season extends from June to November. When a hurricane approaches, the Town officials will issue either a mandatory or a voluntary evacuation. During a mandatory Crystal Coast Hurricane evacuation, everyone must leave the island and go further inland. This includes both vacationers and permanent residents.

Our Local Restaurants Are Open

We’re sharing a list of our local restaurants that are open and operating during this difficult time. We hope you’ll show them your support.

Shackleford-banks-wild-horses, Shackleford-banks-wild-ponies

The Wild Shackleford Banks Ponies

The Shackleford Banks Ponies aren’t just wild, they’re a historical legacy of the Crystal Coast. The earliest roots of the Shackleford Banks wild horses are still technically unknown, but historians believe that the horses, or “Banker Ponies,” are descendants from Spanish shipwrecks in the 1500s. At least eight shipwrecks that were noted in the area […]