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What to Think About When Buying a Second Home

It goes without saying that the prospect of buying a second home gives you a lot to ponder. Whether the new property will be for recreation, investing, or both, many long-term obligations come with the turf. Renting regulations, taxes, and other crucial considerations can feel overwhelming. Still, a firm understanding of what you’re getting into will help you navigate such an exciting endeavor.

Enjoy a Winter Vacation on the Crystal Coast

Shorter days can sometimes lead to a bout of cabin fever, and that can go double for anyone living in a cold-weather region. Thankfully, the Crystal Coast offers the unique blend of a laid-back atmosphere amid sprawling ocean shores. Whether you’re drawn to uncrowded beaches or local off-season discounts, a winter vacation on the Crystal Coast may be your ticket to a more vibrant winter.

Things to Know About Staging Your Home Before Selling

No matter how much money you spend on a photographer or time editing pictures, staging your home before putting it on the market will go a long way in delivering your desired outcome. We’re sharing a few worthwhile tips to consider while you start planning.

4 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Small Town

As remote work becomes more common, many people contemplate moving away from the cities and suburbs to quieter locales. Although living in densely populated areas has advantages, there are plenty of perks to residing in a small town, like more space, knowing your neighbors, and being in a laid-back atmosphere. If you’ve found yourself wondering what moving to a small town would be like, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

5 of the Best Atlantic Beach Seafood Restaurants

Whether you consider dining a cornerstone of every vacation or just want something convenient and delicious, local cuisine offers a valuable travel experience. Like many coastal communities, the Crystal Coast’s Atlantic Beach has a stunning assortment of seafood restaurants showcasing fresh, local fare you simply can’t find inland. Today, we’re sharing five of the best Atlantic Beach seafood restaurants you must try.

What to Know About Home Inspections

With so many costs associated with buying and selling homes, it’s understandable that some people may want to forgo their home inspection. Still, most real estate professionals will tell you that having a home inspection is well worth the investment, and most lenders will require it. We’ll cover a few things you can expect regarding home inspections.

Family Reunions on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

We may be a little biased, but the Crystal Coast is an excellent place for a family reunion. The gorgeous sprawling beaches, comfortable year-round weather, and historic communities are just a few of the perks of choosing our beautiful coastal region. Moreover, having your reunion at a vacation rental has many advantages!