Atlantic Beach splash pad

Atlantic Beach Splash Pad

Atlantic Beach Splash Pad

A Saturday with Jett

When your husband is out of town and you are left with two littles you MUST be creative to pass the time. So I packed up the boys and decided to venture for the first time to the Atlantic Beach Splash Pad. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

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I was concerned at first that there was no way I could keep a 3 month old and a nearly 2 year old (2 in December) occupied and well cared for alone. But the Splash pad is well away from the parking area and surrounded by a mini golf entrance and THREE, that’s right three playground areas. It was like kiddie heaven.

Daschel slept in his baby back pack, what I lovingly call the kangaroo pouch with 8 million buckles, the entire time. Thank goodness. And Jettson was pretty shy for all of about 2 minutes, after the initial shock of cold water splashing in his face. But on a nice partly cloudy day on the beach, any kind of water is good water.

The Splash pad is for ages 12 and under and the entire time I was there dozens of children cycled through for various time frames. Some from out of town who make it a point to visit and lots of locals. There are benches around the circumference of the pad for parents to enjoy a break. I kid you not, if your child is not a darter you can literally take a seat and watch them enjoy themselves, as many parents opted to do.

So please take some time to enjoy it! You and your kids won’t be disappointed.