5 Tips for Renting with Your Dog

Tips for Renting with Your Dog

5 Tips for Renting with Your Dog

Planning a trip with your favorite four-legged friend? Enjoying a vacation rental property on the Crystal Coast with your dog is a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. Here are five essential tips for renting with your dog.

1. Use a Vacation Rental Company

One way to make renting with your dog less stressful is to use a trustworthy vacation rental company that offers quality pet-friendly rentals. Bluewater makes it extremely easy to find a vacation rental that fits your budget and the needs of you and your furry friend. When you book with us, you’ll save yourself time and stress finding a dog-friendly rental. We have over 200 pet-friendly vacation properties where you won’t have to pay additional pet fees.

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2. Follow The Rules when Renting with your Dog

As simple as it sounds, be sure to abide by the rules when renting with your dog. You don’t want your peaceful vacation to turn into a nightmare. Make sure to keep your dog out of places they aren’t allowed to go. Above all, if you plan to rent with your dog, make sure your rental is pet-friendly. Never bring a pet into a rental that doesn’t allow them, as you could face fines and potential eviction.

3. Clean Up After Your Dog

As the saying goes, “leave it better than you found it!” This is as true for renting with your dog as for anything else. Make sure you do a thorough cleaning of your rental at the end of your stay. This includes:

  1. Cleaning up dog hair
  2. Cleaning any spilled food or water
  3. Disposing of pee pads and waste bags

Accidents happen! If your four-legged friend has a potty-related incident in your vacation rental, clean it up immediately. There are plenty of great dog cleaning and potty supplies for accidents that you can bring along with you.

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4. Prepare for Medical Emergencies while Renting with your Dog

You never know what medical emergencies could arise with your furry friend while on vacation, so search for veterinary centers in the area before selecting your dream vacation rental. Just like you brought cleaning supplies for potential accidents, consider packing health essentials like any medications or ear drops your pup may need for minor injuries. 

If your dog gets stressed easily while away from home, you should consider getting pet insurance before your trip. Researching how to use pet insurance will show you that your dog will be protected for planned and unplanned vet visits. Pet insurance will give you extra peace of mind, so you and your dog can focus on relaxing on the Crystal Coast.

5. Never Leave Your Dog Alone

No matter how well-behaved your dog is, you shouldn’t leave them unattended when you go out unless they’re crated. When they’re overwhelmed, and in an unfamiliar place, they could break things, injure themself, have accidents, etc. If you want to explore without your dog, consider hiring a dog sitter or bringing them to doggy daycare. There are plenty of options in our area.

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Renting with your dog doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Following the tips above will ensure that you and your dog will have the best experience when staying in a rental property. To plan a vacation with your dog, search all our pet-friendly vacation rentals, and check out our vacation rentals, where dogs stay free, too!  We also have annual rentals as well.

Are you planning to bring your dog with you on vacation? Which tip was the most helpful? Was there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.



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