Baby sea turtles on the Crystal Coast

2017 Sea Turtle Season

Loggerhead Season Comes To A Close

Sea Turtle season runs from May 1st to October 31st each year. With that being said the 2017 season has ended and we have the final counts for Emerald Isle and Atlantic beach. We hope you enjoy learning about these beautiful animals as much as we do. Here is the data in numbers for you and some great places to learn more. Check back next year for a 2018 season update!

Emerald Isle

19 Nest

8 False Crawls

1881 Estimated Eggs to Date

1394 Hatched Eggs

19 Eggs Lost

1120 Emerged Hatchlings

57.5 Days: Mean Incubation Duration

73.8%: Mean Hatch Success

58.6%: Mean Emergence Success

Atlantic Beach

9 Nest

6 False Crawls

975 Estimated Eggs to Date

915 Hatched Eggs

9 Eggs Lost

799 Emerged Hatchlings

61.1 Days: Mean Incubation Duration

93.9%: Mean Hatch Success

81.7%: Mean Emergence Success

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