2017 NC Seafood Festival

NC Seafood Festival 2017

2017 NC Seafood Festival

It’s time for our 2017 NC Seafood Festival recap. Good food, good friends, and good fun! We somehow manage to make it to the NC Seafood Festival every year; each year is better than the last.

2017 southern salt menu

About the NC Seafood Festival 

The North Carolina Seafood Festival is a not-for-profit organization of Carteret County citizens and businesses in Morehead City. Recognizing the importance of seafood to eastern North Carolina, Seafood Festival, Inc. organized to develop and conduct a festival every year. This festival is held every year on the first weekend of October to promote the seafood industry’s positive social and economic impact on our community.

Our Experience

It honestly surprises me how we did this with two little boys. I thought there was no way we would manage this, but we did. We even went with a pair of friends who have a 1-month-old! I know! Two strollers deep, we waded through the masses and actually enjoyed ourselves. The Morehead City waterfront is more than capable of holding the growing numbers of visitors to the NC Seafood Festival each year comfortably, and I really appreciate that.

We have found our way to the NC Seafood Festival every year since I met my husband in 2012. We were actually not planning on making it this year, but after a slight (not really) twist of my arm, we decided to go on opening night, even though we were headed to the Asheboro Zoo at 7 AM the following morning.

Festival veteran 2-year-old Jettson

nc seafood festival prizes

We had a blast, ate good food, and learned that our nearly 2-year-old Jettson has a mean left arm when it comes to ring toss. I think in his mind, he won all the stuffed toys in the carnival from his “good” throws. – Guest post by Bluewater’s Marketing Coordinator, Jay White

Let’s Hear From You!

Have you ever been to the NC Seafood Festival? If so, what year did you attend, and what was your favorite part? Don’t miss our monthly Crystal Coast calendar of events for more local festivals and fresh events.