10 Housekeeping Hacks for Spring Cleaning

10 Housekeeping Hacks for Spring Cleaning

Here are 10 Housekeeping Hacks that you never knew. Plus you have everything you need already in your home to make it spotless.


A a great idea for keeping faucets clean:  Rubbing a faucet with waxed paper prevents water spots and finger prints.


Apartment Therapy shows us 6 easy ways to clean baseboards.  Find them out here.


DIY Home Sweet Home shows us an EASY way to keep those showers clean!  Find out how here.


Ask Anna gives detailed instructions (with photos) on how to thoroughly clean windows.


CleanMama.net shows us how to clean baseboards 3 different ways.  Find out how here.


Hometalk.com shows us in great detail the easy way to clean blinds.


Got carpet stains?  Try one of these carpet stain solutions from Real Simple.

Ceiling Fans

Glamour shows you how to clean your ceiling fans while keeping your hair dust-free in the process.


Using Coke to clean a toilet?  Find out how it’s done here.

Stove Burners

The VSpotBlog.com shows us the no-scrub way to clean your stove burners.