Creative Valentines Day Date Ideas

Have you and your partner been together for a while now? Sometimes Valentine’s Day can fall under the radar when you have been dating someone for a while. We want to give you some fresh ideas for Valentine’s Day that might light a spark in your relationship and that is COVID safe.

Mixology Class-Instead of going out for a cocktail why not take a virtual cocktail class? There are plenty of virtual cocktail classes that will make your valentines day special. Just start by doing a Google search for mixology classes or events.

Picnic– Have a picnic from the comfort of your home! Bring a basket, blanket, your favorite snacks, wine, or even make a charcuterie board and host a romantic picnic!

Take-Out Tour– Most couples go to one restaurant for their Valentine’s Day date. That seems like old news to us! Why not go on a take-out tour and choose different dishes from different restaurants for take-out. Go out on a limb and try a cuisine that you would have never tasted otherwise.

Cooking Class– You could pick out a meal together and try to make it or you could take a virtual cooking class! Opt for a chocolate-making class. This activity will be sure to make strengthen your bond as a couple.

Plan your next tripYou can always come to Emerald Isle or the Crystal Coast for your next trip. Take time this Valentine’s Day away from these stressful times and plan something exciting!

Board Games– Break out those board games and prepare to see another side of your partner! If you haven’t played board games with your partner now is a great time.

Scavenger Hunt– Plan a scavenger hunt for your partner! The scavenger hunt can have things in it like (Find a $1 gift in 1 Minute) and things they have to do during the day and be completed by the end of the night! You’ll both end up with some pretty awesome memories.