When living on the coast half of the fun of it is enjoying the outdoors. With fall here and winter on its way it can be hard with the cooler weather to stay outside for a long period of time. We are here to tell you with a little time a preparation you can make your outdoor porch a cozy spot to spend time with your morning coffee.

Start by incorporating cozy items such as pillows, candles and a blanket.  There are also items such as a tabletop TIKI torches, portable electric heaters and small portable firepits. If you have a larger space such as the porch on 5510 Emerald Drive you can do as they did and lay down an area rug to keep the warmth in. This porch is the perfect example! For fall décor on your porch don’t be scared to use things like shells you have collected along with pumpkins or gourds. If there is a color scheme you wish to stick to you can always paint the pumpkins to match! Hanging curtains is also a great way to keep a draft out! The porch at 2221 Lennoxville Rd already has screens, but adding that extra layer would add a nice decorative touch and make the space even more comfy than it already is. Adding dangling lights  and cushioned chairs will always help add extra comfort to the space. Both 101 Carrot Island  and 256 Gatsey Lane have porches that are beautiful blank canvases with great views perfect for decorating and drinking coffee over. We have created a Pinterest board to help get your creative juices flowing! We hope these tips will help you to enjoy the outdoors more this fall!