What you need at the Beach with your Baby

Baby Hands in the Sand

The thing about going to the beach with your baby is, you have to think like we locals do. Minimize the wagon, cooler, or dump truck full of things you want to bring and just consider the basics. As long as your little one is happy, the day will go wonderfully. What’s nice about the beaches on the Crystal Coast is there will ALWAYS be a breeze. Thank goodness. So be prepared for a little cooler temperatures, especially if you have an outdoor living room set up like we did ;). But remember, cooler does not by any means, mean cold. It is still North Carolina Hot.

We make our beach trips rather short because of the temperature. This day we stayed for about 2 hours with only brief stents of shear sun with the little man. Be sure to hydrate yourself and your little person. Jettson now LOVES water, the colder the better, so we made sure to take 1 or 2 breaks to water him down. Besides that, he was completely happy with his crackers, a fake phone, and an empty wipes package…he likes how it sounds.

Image result for sandy toes

We also discovered that Jettson loves how the sand feels. So this meant plenty of baby wipes were necessary to keep his sandy appendages away from those big pretty eyes.

What to bring

  • Sunblock & Hat

  • Water or Milk

  • Snacks

  • Their Favorite Toy

  • Cooling Device | Umbrella

  • Appropriate Undergarments i.e. swimming pampers

We like to bring our Sunbrella with us to the beach if at all possible. It is simple to set up and anchors into the sand.

TIP: If it is a windy day make sure to open the vents on the side to keep it from flying away.

We pack muled our way down to the sandy shore but did decide we needed to add a wagon to our Amazon shopping cart.

So learn from our mistakes and make your load a little lighter 🙂