Ways to Be Safe on Vacation on the Crystal Coast

Ways to be safe on your crystal coast vacation

Ways to be Safe on Vacation on the Crystal Coast

The state of North Carolina is currently operating under a three-stage phase to lift the restrictions across our state to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Like other towns and cities across the nation, restaurants, bars, and non-essential shops are not open for normal business. Restaurants are offering curbside pick-up and delivery and some non-essential shops are offering pickup for online and Facebook purchases. In the past 30+ days, Bluewater has worked very hard to adjust our business practices to best protect our guests, our owners, and our staff.

How this Vacation Might be Different

Our local stores are experiencing shortages just like other stores nationwide.
It would be best to bring the following items with you:
  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
  • Cleaning supplies you might need during your stay
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Non-perishable food from home you would like to enjoy on vacation like pasta noodles, pasta sauce, rice, etc.
If you would feel more comfortable with your own personal bedding, we invite you to bring your personal comforters, blankets, and pillows.

Ways to Maximize Your Crystal Coast Vacation

Bring plenty of games and toys for extra entertainment such as: 

  • Board Games, Deck of Cards, Arts and Crafts
  • Video Games and Movies
  • A new book or an old favorite
  • Yoga Mats, tennis shoes & workout gear for online classes 
  • Become an amateur photographer by packing a camera! 
  • Fishing Rods 
  • Binoculars for some dolphin spotting
  • Download Tik Tok & go viral 

Get as much exercise and Vitamin D while on vacation. Don’t forget, when setting up at the beach, ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from the people around you. We suggest 20 feet apart from each other to allow yourself plenty of space.

We have provided you with a list of 200 ways to enjoy your Crystal Coast vacation while social distancing

You can still enjoy the coastal fare! Here are local restaurants that are offering curbside pick-up and or delivery. 

Host an indoor Scavenger Hunt from your vacation rental! Participate in our Coloring Contest and email your submissions!

How Bluewater is Helping Stop the Spread

We have made adjustments to the operations of our business to protect our most valuable assets – our guests, our owners, and our staff.

To eliminate the foot traffic in our offices, we have made some changes to our check-in and check-out procedures. We are offering keyed check-ins pickup outside of our offices. You will not need to leave your car when picking up your key packet. When you are departing, we have drop boxes at each office to drop your key packets off. Keyless check-ins will continue directly to your vacation rental property and bypass the office. Keyless check-ins will continue directly to your vacation rental and use your keyless code to access your vacation rental property beginning at your check-in time.

We are continuing to provide bed linens and bath towels that have been laundered in our linen facility and our staff is continuing to follow CDC guidelines.

Our housekeeping staff is taking extra precautions by assuring that each property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by using top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and following strict protocols to ensure all rental units are safe and clean. We are ensuring our staff is staying well-informed and updated with any changes, and following all CDC guidelines.

How You Can Help Stop the Spread

Try to stay in your vacation rental home, enjoy the beach, partake in outdoor activities, ride bikes on the bike path, pick up food from the local restaurants all while avoiding the public and practicing social distance. 

Order your groceries ahead of time and choose pickup instead of going inside the grocery store. These local grocery stores are offering grocery pickup: Walmart in Swansboro and Morehead City, Harris Teeter in Morehead City, and Lowes Foods in Cape Carteret.

If you have any questions or concerns during your stay – please contact our offices by phone, email, and/or text. While our offices remain open, we are asking everyone to not physically come into our offices so that our employees and other guests can remain healthy. 

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