Strolling along Bogue Inlet Pier

Strolling along the Pier

The storm has come and gone in our area with some in North Carolina still struggling to regain power or even worse. After spending the better half of a week preparing for the impending hurricane, I decided to take the opportunity to venture out of the office in search of blue skies and a calm ocean. The damage from the storm was minimal at best along our beachfront communities. People are taking advantage of the cool temperatures that were ushered in by clearing yards of debris. Thankfully, most island residents and visitors have power, water and wifi restored and minimal storm damage.

I decided on the Bogue Inlet Pier and was pleasantly surprised to discover the shop and pier were fully operational. The water, calm, the skies blue and the catch plenty! Temperatures started in the mid-50’s this morning and aren’t supposed to be higher than mid to upper 60’s by the afternoon. A little windy but nothing a light jacket couldn’t fix. Strolling along and hanging from time to time off the side to snap pictures of people shelling, surf fishing, walking their dogs, I could see that many folks were just as happy as me to be outside enjoying this beautiful fall day. I strolled along watching people casting out their lines and reeling in mostly Bluefish and Puppy Drum and loading their coolers with their fresh catch. A guy that passed by alerted me that there were dolphin swimming near the pier as well. What a great day to be outside! There were probably 10 dolphin scattered about the area. I walked all the way to the end and up to the crows nest for a better view and just sat and marveled. Here are the pictures from my outing, enjoy!