School Shopping in NC

School Shopping…I Mean House Shopping

The millennial generation is looking for homes to expand in. (millennials being individuals born between 1980-2000). Over 60% of home buyers overall will consider schools in their home hunt. So let’s just refer to it as school shopping. 90% of which are willing to exclude specific wish list amenities in return for living in the desired school zoning. Buyers will pay upwards of 20% more than budgeted to achieve ideal placement as well. Websites like and Zillow are now including school rating on their home search results. If you or someone you know falls in this vast category, make sure they know how to acquire the necessary information.

Interview local residents in the area:

Ask them about their school experiences

What programs are available at the schools

How is transportation (bus routes)

Are there after school programs

Private or Public

How are the sports programs

Carteret County Schools

If you are looking to relocate to Carteret County, visit the Carteret County Public School site here. There are a total of 17 public schools from Pre K to High School. Carteret County Public Schools has a total of 8,587 students enrolled spending $8,884 each year per student.  Annual EOGs have shown that students enrolled at Carteret County Schools score higher in math, science and reading than the North Carolina average. gave this district an 8 out of 10 rating.  

Onslow County Schools

If your home search is within Swansboro, Jacksonville or other towns in Onslow County – you have a total of 37 public schools. For more information about Onslow County Public Schools, visit their website here Over 25,000 students are enrolled in the Onslow County School System. Annual EOGs have shown that students enrolled at Onslow County Schools score slightly higher in math, science and reading than the North Carolina average. rated this district a 6 out of 10.