Hurricane Recovery FAQ: Guests and Homeowners

Hurricane Recovery FAQ: Guests and Homeowners

Bluewater Staff and the Town are working hard to recover our island and answer any questions you may have regarding Hurricane Recovery.

To our Guests and Homeowners: Please see below the list of Frequently Asked Questions following Hurricane Florence.

1. When will your offices be open?

Our offices are now open at this time, 8:30am to 5pm daily

2. When will the curfew be lifted?

There is no curfew at this time

3. How can I file a claim with Travel Insurance?

If you purchased Travel Insurance for your stay – you may contact RedSky about your travel insurance claim at (866) 889-7409 or visit

4. Why will no one answer the phone?

Our phone lines are extremely busy during this time. Our staff is working very hard to answer all calls and return messages. Thanks for your patience!

5. When will we be updated about our vacation?

Bluewater will continue to communicate with you via email and the website to keep you updated.

6. Why does the link to my rental property say “not rentable”?

If the status of your rental property says “not rentable” – it could be due to damages, flooding, or power outages preventing access to the property.

7. Are there restaurants and groceries stores open?

The main grocery stores, Publix and Food Lion are open and fully stocked. There are limited restaurants open at this time and only serving limited menus. Please be aware some businesses are only accepting cash at this time due to power and internet outages.

8. Are gas stations open and gas readily available?

The majority of gas stations are open with gas readily available. Please be aware that some gas stations suffered damages on the island and are are closed until further notice.

9. How are the beach accesses?

You are able to reach the beach; however, there has been erosion from the ocean during Hurricane Florence. Please note that some public and private walkways to the beach have suffered damage. Be cautious while using beach accesses.

10. If the property rented does not have beach access, does this make it non-rentable and can I be moved or refunded?

If the dwelling itself is safe and uninhabitable, but the beach access is not available, this does not warrant the property as being uninhabitable. No refund or move is provided. Guests will be asked to sign a waiver that they agree not to use that access and will use the a nearby public access.

11. If I don’t have travel insurance and the property cannot be rented, do I get a refund?

If the property is deemed uninhabitable, Bluewater will need to process a full refund and block the property from rentals until repairs are completed and the property is cleared as safe and habitable. We will be working with the individual property owners to coordinate these refunds.

12. What documentation will be needed to file with Red Sky Insurance?

An email was sent out to guest with travel insurance with information on material needed for filing a claim based on your period of stays.

13. Are roads in North Carolina closed?

For roads closures and updates please visit