Hurricane Matthew Update #5

Hurricane Matthew Update #5

Friday, October 7, 2016 2:30pm

As of 12 noon, a State of Emergency Declared for Emerald Isle


The latest model is now projecting tropical storm winds and flooding beginning around noon Saturday on the Crystal Coast and lasting thru Sunday morning. The Town of Emerald Isle is Advising Residence to Stay Indoors Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning; Avoid Travel To / From / In Emerald Isle. The latest forecast could affect our business hours both Saturday and Sunday.

We will post those changes on our website, Facebook Page and in an email to the email address on file for your reservation.

Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach Check-ins: If you arrive and our office is closed, you will be able to get your keys by accessing our lock-box.

If you arrive at a property that has been prepped for the hurricane, please know that a note will be left on the kitchen counter notifying you that we will be returning to un-prep the home after check-in.

For guest Checking out:

For guest Checking Out, please follow the check-out procedures as normal.

  • Wash all Dishes, Cookware, Utensils, etc
  • Empty the Dishwasher and return all items to their proper place
  • Remove all food from Refrigerator; please ensure that there is no food left in the case that power is lost during the storm.
  • Return all indoor Furniture to original location. If at all possible, please bring any outdoor furniture inside.
  • Put all Trash in plastic bags and place in outside Trash Container.
  • Check Closets, Dresser Drawers and under Beds for personal belongings
  • Turn off all Lights, set Thermostat at 78
  • Most importantly: Close and lock all Windows and Doors
  • Return all Keys and Passes to the Bluewater Office and report any Damages or Maintenance Needs.

For guest Checking In this weekend:

  • Please stay vigilant and watch the weather. Please adhere to any recommendations by town officials. Please be aware that we will follow the town official recommendations for the safety of our employees.
  • Our offices may not operate under normal hours. Please check our website and Facebook page for any updates and changes to our hours.
  • If you arrive to check-in and our offices are closed, your keys will be left in the lock-box outside the front door.
  • Our housekeeping and maintenance crews will have limited access to the island based on town official recommendations, possible curfews and possible evacuation notices. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we will work on cleaning each property prior to your arrival, however it might be delayed.
  • RedSky Travel insurance will be in effect only if a mandatory evacuation is set by the town officials.


For information please refer to the following website:

Bluewater Website

Bluewater Facebook Page:

National Hurricane Center

Town of Emerald Isle Website:

Town of Atlantic Beach Website:



Town Of Emerald Isle’s latest update Friday, October 7 – 1 pm

Matthew Now Expected to Come Closer to Emerald Isle -Center Forecast to Pass Within 75 Miles Overnight Saturday Into Sunday

Tropical Storm Force Winds and Significant Rain Expected

Residents Advised to Stay Indoors Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning; Avoid Travel To / From / In Emerald Isle 



Current Position – Just Off Daytona Beach, FL, 400 miles away

Hurricane Matthew is currently a Category 3 hurricane, and the center is located approximately 400 miles south-southwest of Emerald Isle, just off Daytona Beach, FL.  The storm is currently moving north-northwest at 12 mph, with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph.


Center of Matthew Forecast to Pass ~ 75 Miles South of Emerald Isle; 

Emerald Isle Now Under Hurricane Watch; Town Officials Continue to Monitor

The latest forecast track projects that the center of Matthew will pass approximately 75 miles due south of Emerald Isle around 2 am on Sunday morning as a Category 1 hurricane (projected 75 mph winds at the center of Matthew at that time).  Emerald Isle is expected to experience tropical storm force winds in the 35 – 60 mph range, with lesser tropical storm force winds expected to begin around 11 am on Saturday and continue through around 8 am Sunday.

Rain associated with Matthew is expected to begin overnight tonight.  A total of 6 – 12 inches of rainfall is now forecast for Emerald Isle, which will likely result in street flooding in low areas of Emerald Isle.

The latest forecast track brings the center of Matthew closer to Emerald Isle, and Town officials continue to monitor Matthew closely.  Additional movement in the forecast track to the north will result in stronger winds and likely additional rain in Emerald Isle.  Because the track may change again, the Town is currently under a Hurricane Watch.  


State of Emergency Declared

As of 12 noon, Mayor Barber has declared a State of Emergency in Emerald Isle.  At this time, the Town urges all residents to be cautious, avoid travel, and remain indoors from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.  Any additional restrictions, if ultimately necessary, will be announced later on Friday or Saturday.

Most of eastern North Carolina is expected to receive significant rainfall, and significant river / creek flooding is possible along routes leading to and from Emerald Isle.  Please avoid travel on Saturday and Sunday.

No Evacuation, Curfew Decisions 

Based on the current forecast track and the projected weakening of Hurricane Matthew, the Town has not issued an evacuation order or curfew.  If ultimately necessary, these actions will be announced later on Friday or Saturday.

Status of Emerald Isle Bridge – CURRENTLY OPEN

The Emerald Isle bridge is currently open, and we remain hopeful that it will not close as a result of Hurricane Matthew.  The Emerald Isle bridge does NOT close at any set wind speed.  The bridge will only close if the Mayor issues an evacuation order and/or imposes a curfew.  Any evacuation order and/or curfew will be posted on the Town’s various digital platforms as soon as it is issued.


Beach Driving Closes at 6 pm Friday, Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice

Due to storm surge and wave action associated with Hurricane Matthew, the beach will be closed to all vehicles as of 6 pm Friday.  The beach will reopen to vehicles after the impacts associated with Matthew have subsided.


Prepare Appropriately and Make Sure You Have Your Hurricane Re-Entry Pass 

The Town’s website includes hurricane preparedness information, including re-rentry pass information, at .

Additionally, if you don’t have your previously issued hurricane re-entry pass, please visit the Town Administration Building during normal business hours before 5 pm today to secure your pass.

A hurricane re-entry pass will be used to allow entry back into Emerald Isle if the Town re-opens to residents and property owners ONLY, but continues to exclude non-residents, non-property owners, and visitors.  Depending on the degree of damage and current conditions, the Town’s first goal is always to allow EVERYONE back in to Emerald Isle at the same time without a re-entry pass.  The re-entry pass is ONLY utilized if the damage is more significant and the Town needs to limit access to residents and property owners only.