Hurricane Matthew Information Update #2

Hurricane Matthew Update #2 Wednesday, October 5, 2016 8:00PM

Current Position – Southern Bahamas, 850 miles away

Hurricane Matthew is currently a Category 3 hurricane, and the center is located approximately 850 miles due south of Emerald Isle, in the southern Bahamas.  The storm is currently moving northwest at 12 mph, with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph.  It is expected to brush the east coast of Florida sometime Friday.

Center of Matthew Currently Projected to Stay ~ 120 miles Offshore of Emerald Isle; 

Emerald Isle Impacts Expected on Saturday

The latest forecast track projects that the center of Matthew will pass approximately 120 miles due south of Emerald Isle around 8 am on Sunday morning as a Category 1 hurricane.  Emerald Isle is expected to begin to feel rain and wind impacts from Matthew sometime on Saturday afternoon into Sunday.  If Matthew follows this track, Emerald Isle would likely only experience 30 – 50 mph winds for several hours overnight Saturday into Sunday.

The current forecast track is more favorable for Emerald Isle, however, there is still a possibility of more significant hurricane impacts with even minor changes in the forecast track.  Town officials continue to monitor Matthew closely, and are anxious to see how the storm progresses and the forecast track changes over the next 24 – 36 hours.  The Town expects to have a much better handle on Matthew by mid-day Friday, and will adjust our guidance to our residents, property owners, and visitors as appropriate.

No State of Emergency, Evacuation, Curfew Decisions Yet

The Town has not yet made any decisions pertaining to Hurricane Matthew, and we remain hopeful that there will ultimately be no need for a State of Emergency, evacuation order, or curfew. As noted above, we expect to closely monitor the track and computer models over the next 24 – 36 hours, and expect to announce any decisions sometime on Friday, if necessary.

Prepare Appropriately and Make Sure You Have Your Hurricane Re-Entry Pass 

The Town’s website includes hurricane preparedness information, including re-rentry pass information, at .

Additionally, if you don’t have your previously issued hurricane re-entry pass, please visit the Town Administration Building during normal business hours to secure your pass.  Please don’t wait until the last minute, as there will likely be longer lines.  Additionally, it may be necessary to close the Town Administration Building at some point due to storm impacts.

Status of Emerald Isle Bridge, Re-Entry

The Emerald Isle bridge does NOT close at any set wind speed.  The bridge will only close if the Mayor declares a State of Emergency, issues an evacuation order, and imposes a curfew.  Any State of Emergency, evacuation order, and/or curfew will be posted on the Town’s various digital platforms as soon as it is issued.

A hurricane re-entry pass will be used to allow entry back into Emerald Isle if the Town re-opens to residents and property owners ONLY, but continues to exclude non-residents, non-property owners, and visitors.  Depending on the degree of damage and current conditions, the Town’s first goal is always to allow EVERYONE back in to Emerald Isle at the same time without a re-entry pass.  The re-entry pass is ONLY utilized if the damage is more significant and the Town needs to limit access to residents and property owners only.

Please reference these websites for the most up to date information

National Hurricane Center

Town of Emerald Isle Website:

Town of Atlantic Beach Website:

Bluewater Facebook Page: