Hurricane Isaias: Update #6

Town of Pine Knoll Shores – Hurricane Isaias: Update #1

Please find Mayor Brodman’s State of Emergency declaration for Hurricane Isaias here. This declaration applies only to this hurricane event; it is separate from the declaration related to COVID-19 and does not affect any provisions of that declaration.
Due to a very high risk of rip currents, the beaches remain double red flagged with NO SWIMMING until further notice.
The Town has placed stormwater pumps around town in preparation for heavy rainfalls. There will be hoses placed across Pine Knoll Boulevard, Yaupon Road and Juniper Road. Only residents of these areas should be using these roads for travel. Everyone else shall use an alternate route to your destination. Private pumping that directly or indirectly causes damage to property is strictly prohibited.
All lawn furniture and outside equipment must be properly secured. If you are not currently in town please contact a neighbor or friend to do this for you before the end of day Sunday.
The yard waste lot near the Public Safety Building will be closed at 4:30pm on Monday, August 3rd until further notice. Once a post storm assessment is conducted a decision will be made on how to dispose of vegetative debris. At no time should yard waste/vegetative debris be placed on a property other than your own right of way.
Following is the link to the National Weather Service website where you can find the latest updates on Hurricane Isaias: .
Stay tuned for further updates.
Thank you,
Julie Anderson
Assistant Town Manager/Finance Director