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Color Combos That Will Rock Your Room

Color combos change with the seasons; some are classic and will always be in style while others are more bold and tend to come and go with the current trends. 2016 has been a bright year so here are the combos that will be the star of any room!

Shades of Gray

Gray is the new beige. Gray can be used in anything from your wall color, to your kitchen cabinets, floors, to back splash! This neutral tone can be combined with just about any other color and still be appealing. If you are in the living room try using curtains or pillows to bring in accent colors. Yellow and gray have been a popular theme for 2016. Blues, pinks/corals, and greens will add a nice contrast as well.

If you are looking to add some color in the kitchen with those gray cabinets try adding a back splash that will spice things up. Keep things classy with white subway tiles, go vintage with the black and white scheme, get funky with a chevron pattern or color the room with blue/green glass tiles across the back.

Add Stripes

Stripes can add excitement or serenity to a room. Depending upon the color palate you choose and whether or not you decide to do an accent wall or the entire room may depend on how bold of a statement you make. If you just want to add pattern and draw the eye in one direction then choose an accent wall. This is much less overpowering; try using a silver or light gold for an elegant feel. To make it even more refined use thick stripes in the middle and a thinner edge at the top and bottom of the wall. If you are heading in the exciting direction and want the bold feel add stripes all around! This may be a fun technique for a child’s room or even an office space.

Bold Primaries

Primary colors can be great to use, when used wisely, and paired with other colors and tones which compliment them. White often tones down the boldness of these colors and allows them to enhance and not overpower a room. Try a white table with colorful chairs to make a statement or paint a room in a toned down primary and use white furnishings to help draw the eye elsewhere.

Written by Laina Collins

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