Help Keep NC Homeowners Insurance Rates Down

NC Homeowners Alliance

The NC Homeowners Alliance works to protect the interests of property owners in the NC General Assembly, while increasing awareness of issues and potential legislation that directly affect consumers’ most important and often most valuable investment: their home.

The Alliance supports common-sense measures that are geared to improving the everyday lives of all North Carolinians. In order to increase the state economy and defend the rights of its citizens, the General Assembly should support legislation that will protect the rights of the millions on NC property owners and encourage more home-ownership, while keep home and property insurance rates fair and affordable.

If you’d like to help take part in our grassroots efforts to protect the rights of property owners, join the Alliance here. You won’t get spammed, as the Alliance is committed to sending information strictly deemed relevant and interesting. We’ll keep you up to date on legislation that will affect your bottom line, such as new rules for insurance rates, your mortgage interest deduction, and local development initiatives. They’ll also let you know about opportunities for to meet with legislators, advocate on their behalf, and make your voice heard in regards to your home and its insurance costs.

Action Needed!

With help from the NC Homeowners Alliance last year, we were able to convince Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to block an unreasonable homeowners insurance rate hike. The increase would’ve brought the proposed average to over 18%. The Comission heard the outcry and responded to only a 4% increase for most homeowners. We need your help to do it again!

The latest proposal from insurance companies would increase rates by an average of 17.4 percent, but for some consumers the increase could exceed 30 PERCENT!

Please let your voice be heard and tell Commissioner Causey to SAY NO to the insurance companies’ request. You can easily send an email to Commissioner Causey by following this link. You’ll just need to input your information, and a pre-drafted E-mail will send in just a few seconds. If you’d prefer to craft your own message, you can send it over via E-mail to or drop a letter in the mail to:

NC Department of Insurance

Commissioner’s Office

1201Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-1201

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