Fishing on the NC Shoreline

Fishing on the NC Shoreline

Surf Casting


Typically surf fishers will use larger poles, around 12 Feet. This is so the pole follows through the entire cast for distance. A 12′ pole uses 25 pounds line Keep the rod and reel out of the sand when threading it. A double hook set up with a swivel at the end and a snap next to the weight. Try to use a 4oz weight. which is called a pompano rig. This set up is pretty standard and all purpose. You can catch Whiting, Sheeps Head, Mackerel, Pompano and many other kinds of fish.

Support your fishing using a angled end PVC pipe or sand spike. Insert this into the ground by working it back and forth until it is sturdy in the sand. Slightly angle your sand spike towards the surf.

Drop the weigh 4′-5′ away from the tip of the rod when holding the pole horizontally to your body. Move the bail around reel and place your trigger finger on a loose section of line to secure your line. Use a two handed casting technique to cast the lure. To cast further you can use your entire body, step and come over your shoulder. Hands should be at your shoulder height when doing this.

Let go of cast when you round to about 45 degrees. When your trigger finger points towards your desired direction.


Cut a piece of wood of your choice, make sure it fits your hand well. Then and carve out a notch so you can wind with heavy line. All you need now is a hook and a sinker. All you need to do is mimic the action you would normally take when fishing with a pole, cast your line out by giving it a good toss and wait for your catch. You can catch anything from small bait fish, crab and even larger fish like tuna when you think of professional or extreme handliners.

Cast Net

Cast Net

This technique is used to catch smaller bait fish or even blue crab. You should first coil up the line and keep the weights nice and neat. Take time to straighten the line if need be. Grab the horn (plastic circle at the top of net) and place a nice size chunk in the hand that is holding the coiled up line. (this should all start to look like a hose wrapped up.

Throw two handfuls of net over your leg, grab it then, throw it over your shoulder. (this is a whole body technique guys) Grab about half of the rest of the net with your other hand and prepare to toss the entire net into the water at a wide disbursement.

Hard to explain, but you can watch this video to learn more: HOW TO THROW A CAST NET