COVID-19 Update #12 – 3.28.20

Town of Pine Knoll Shores – Supplemental Emergency Order Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Whereas, on March 13, 2020, I as Mayor of the Town of Pine Knoll Shores, declared a state of emergency within the city limits of the town as a result of the threat to the health, safety and welfare of the community from the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic; and

Whereas, subsequently, public health authorities at the local, state and national levels have urged citizens to stay home as a means of slowing or thwarting the spread of the virus; and

Whereas, the Town of Pine Knoll Shores is a resort community attractive to many visitors, and to accommodate such visitors, hotels motels and some owners of dwellings provide accommodations to transient visitors; and

Whereas, transient visitors may come from areas in the state or nation with high infection rates and their travel to, and presence in, the town could enhance the spread of the virus; and

Whereas, Carteret County has asked visitors to stay away from the county until the threat from the virus has passed; and

Whereas, while all demographic groups are at risk from the virus, Pine Knoll Shores is home to a disproportionate number of elderly residents who are at higher risk for complications from the virus than younger demographic groups; and

Whereas, while travel to the town by transient visitors has slowed, it has not stopped; and

Whereas, the Board of Commissioners has urged me to issue restrictions on accommodations for transient visitors as a means to better protect our population from infection;

NOW THERFORE, pursuant to N.C. General Statutes §§166A-19.22 and 166A-19.31 and Chapter 18 of the Pine Knoll Shores Town Code, the Declaration of State of Emergency I issued on March 13, 2020 is amended to include the following:

1. Findings.

a. Travel is spreading coronavirus.

b. Vacations and other short-term visits to the town during this emergency are unnecessary.

c. Pine Knoll Shores has a relatively high percentage of residents exceeding 65 years of age who are particularly vulnerable to complications from the virus.

d. Prohibiting rental of hotel rooms, vacation rentals and other short-term rentals is a reasonable means of slowing the spread of the virus and protecting the public health in our town.

2. Prohibitions. Effective commencing at 5:00 PM on Monday. March 30, 2020 the following are prohibited:

a. The rental or occupation of a hotel or motel room.

b. The rental of a dwelling house, including a condominium unit, for less than thirty consecutive days.

3. Expiration of Existing Rentals. Notwithstanding the prohibition in Section 2 above, current guests in a hotel or motel and renters in vacation rentals or other short term rentals may remain in occupation of their quarters for the duration of their existing rental agreements as long as they do not leave their quarters to travel back to their homes and then return to complete their rentals.

4. Exemptions.

a. In the event first responders, including medical professionals, need temporary quarters while combating the virus in the course and scope of their work, they are permitted to enter short term rental agreements with hotel or motel operators or owners of vacation rentals or other short term rentals. This privilege is limited to first responders and no one else.

b. Employees of contractors working on the Town’s beach nourishment project may remain in their current quarters in hotels or motels or vacation rentals or other short term rentals until the project is complete.

c. Hotel and motel operators and owners of vacation rental dwellings and other short term rental dwellings may take reservations for periods of occupation to commence 30 days from when this order goes into effect, subject, however, to the possibility that this supplemental emergency order will be extended to a time after the 30 days and the occupation prohibited.

5. Duration. This Supplemental Emergency Order shall remain in effect for 30 days subject to rescission, modification, and extension.

6. Notice. As soon as practical, the Town Manager will cause notice of this Supplemental Emergency Order to be communicated to the hotel and motel operators in town, to the principal real estate companies who manage vacation rentals in town, to any owners of vacation rental properties the Town Manager is able to identify, and to the news media regularly covering the town.