Carteret Big Sweep Weekend Cleanups

You Can Help Clean Up The Crystal Coast This Weekend

The Carteret County Government is committed to doing their part to help make a difference in the eradication of litter in our communities. Through the Carteret Big Sweep initiative, they’re also going to be educating the public on the negative impacts of litter in our communities and what citizens can do to prevent the problem from growing out of control. It’s no surprise that roadside trash and debris makes its way into our local waterways and can harm humans and wildlife alike. This weekend, Carteret County Towns are taking a stand and organizing community cleanups to help keep our communities as naturally beautiful as possible. See the photo below to figure out which event you’ll plan to attend. These cleanups are open to all ages. Participants shouldn’t need to bring anything but are encouraged to dress appropriately. It looks like some nice weather is in the forecast, but temperatures will be climbing into the lower 80’s so be mindful of the heat and be sure to apply sunscreen throughout the day.

We want to make sure our beaches are clean and our oceans are healthy!

Take the steps to help cleanup the Crystal Coast the next time you’re out in nature.

If you’re free this Saturday- please consider stopping by one of these cleanup efforts. The more we do as a group, the bigger difference we will make!

Emerald Isle & Sufrider Bogue Banks Chapter Teaming Up

The Bogue Banks Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will coordinate the cleanup efforts for the Emerald Isle area this Saturday. Everyone interested in being involved can meet at the parking lot in Emerald Isle Woods at 9:30 AM. The local non-profit organization cleans the beaches once a month, and organizes other various events to help spread the word of reducing, reusing and recycling.