Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch While School’s Closed for COVID-19

Carteret County Schools Deliver Meals

While Carteret County schools have been closed due to the worldwide concern of COVID-19, school cafeterias have not closed. Carteret County Schools are delivering meals, wellbalanced breakfast and lunch for county kids. In an initiative to ensure all schoolaged kids are provided their school meals each day – elementary schools across Carteret County are providing meals and meal deliveries.

Meals have been served and will continue to be served at Beaufort Middle, Bogue Sound Elementary, Morehead Primary, Newport Elementary, Smyrna Elementary, and White Oak Elementary from 11 AM to 1 PM on weekdays.

In addition to the meals being served at the schools, they are enlisting the elementary buses to deliver 2 meals on weekdays and 6 meals on Fridays. The elementary buses will be driving their normal routes delivering both lunch and breakfast at each stop on weekdays.

Parents are encouraged to use the “Here Comes the Bus” app to view the bus schedule and know when the bus will be arriving to their neighborhood stop for meal delivery. Parents of Middle and High School students will need to partner with an elementary neighbor to learn the bus delivery time as the “Here Come the Bus” app will only report to the elementary routes.

The Carteret County public schools announced they they served over 4,800 meals on Friday, March 20, 2020.

A special thanks to all those teachers, bus drivers and Child Nutrition Staff for all your hard work to reach these children, some of them who rely on their school provided lunch each day. This is an incredible thing for our kids to look forward to each day!

The Carteret County Public Schools System will continue to monitor and adjust plans accordingly to continue in improving the process. Carteret County schools have been providing meals while the schools are closed. Schools are not plan to open until mid May at this time. 
Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch While School's Closed

Here comes the bus app

Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch
here comes the bus app